The Witcher 3 Lambert, another Witcher who Seeks Revenge – Story and Gameplay #59 [PC

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“N t like folk wandering around. Here. Oh yeah. Well got a beast.

You need someone someone to get rid of i m here about the notice huh supervisor lund posted yeah oh beast haunts the outskirts murdering folk but scared to leave their homes after dusk i could talk to this supervisor to birdie. Don t receive petitioners. So what s he do exactly delivers relief on behalf of the city council flower and groats for the paupers meaning. He don t do it personally.

He s got mem for that he himself eber supervisors. Exactly i aim to hunt down this monster by story. Then some other bloke truly after it who took the contract. Didn t see the man who s just told some prey fooled turned up any eyewitnesses to these attacks.

No just the bodies beast appears only at night chooses isolated victims. When you find the last victim just last night hubert a beggar but a decent man. I d let you sleep in shed from time to time that one on the right eustace doesn t come for the corpse. Yet it s lying in there where i found it thanks so long not the marks of a gar cane or a flutter blood.

But not human monster was wounded bloods. All sucked out unless her vampire seems like it had lost some strength was sneaking along the shoreline tracks end here. How to look for prints on the other side rat corpses..


Not a drop of blood left in him gotta be a nickimja greetings lambert. Damn. It s good to see you wolf decide to do some hunting in novigrad. Far as i remember you never liked the city still don t thing is i got a certain matter to take care of what have you been up to any luck on the path.

A lot in fact quite the takings in lan exeter. Was asked to hunt down. A giant who turned out to be a forest troll and some bandits bandits came as a package with the troll. The matter you mentioned anything i can help with hmm maybe.

But we ll talk about that later got our reward to collect i m kinda in a hurry. Let s say you ve earned half. What the hell let s go so what do you think we did what we had to do time to pay up ye r. I ll go see the supervisor get you reward do that ourselves no reason you should abandon your post mm hmm god argue with reason go on in we dealt with the monster at the docks here for our reward witches since when do you travel in pairs.

A lot of dangers lie in wait for a lone witcher bandits for example. I advise you to change your tone. Where s yard. Keratin talk.

Ma. am bird calm down trust. Me geralt..


This is important. There s something i got to know i do not know any kheireddine take your coin for the before and bugger off before i lose my temper where s he at carried in asking you for the last time gertz to the dungeon with them oh disguise more trouble than the yaki mara carradine s disappeared ass. Where the others. I only know vn what about vn.

She drinks it the seven cats there day and night. See you can be helpful you crazy. What the hell are you doing i can explain everything more guards mental show. Soon.

Let s go meet me at the seven cats. Tell you everything there the tavern vn frequents. Yeah. See you later alright high time you explained some things why d you kill lund.

What s this all about want the short version or the long one let me hear the whole thing. I had a friend aden was his name you had a friend well he fucking larious. I met him soon after i d accepted a contract to lift the curse from the ogre of the lander aidan had been hired to kill it he was a witcher from the school of the cat far as i remember the ogre was killed in the end yeah after it gutted. My employer.

We really didn t have a choice i cut a deal with aiden. We joined forces split the reward for killing the ogre between us after that we work together a lot hands down the best man. I d ever met i mean i like you you know that still no comparison..


What happened to him some time ago aiden took on a contract to lift a curse off a dukes daughter it was a political mess from the start then there was hatred for the school of the cat to deal with they worked hard to deserve that eight basically turned hired assassins aiden wasn t like that anyway. Some of the dukes courtiers had designs weren t at all keen on the curse being lifted from the dukes firstborn. So a bandit trained assassins ambushed aiden murdered him our dear supervisor was one of them and he had keratin the assassins leader and the one to deal the mortal blow sorry about your friend don t need your sympathy just your help we have to talk to the end must have had enough to drink by now let s go the end. What do you want we want to see yacht carried in now.

Why would i help it s really important to my friend here. And what will i get out of it pay for your beer for starters. Then we ll see how valuable your information is i was part of carradine s band. But when was that i don t know where to find him i ve fallen out with a lot.

Besides. He s no longer chummy with his old mates word around town is changed keratins changed. What do you mean. He s dropped all his old connections stopped taking on petty killings.

He s hidden himself away in some home must be planning. Something big who else was in keratins band aside from me sleaze hammond and learned. But they ve sketches all over the world sleaze went to try to gore hammond to scaliger and no one s dead. Yeah.

Finally met his match hmm. Well you ve only hammond or sleaze to talk to you then what about you what s your story scor. Tell unit was decimated so i joined carradine..


I never treated me as an equal. I could hit a sparrow from a hundred paces. But i was never good enough for carradine. He always preferred that counsel ease you have a hand in the murder of the witcher aidan perhaps.

I don t remember we need information about hammond carradine s right hand man once when the band broke up he went back to fair. I won t see it come he s a pirate now even the earl s treat him with respect this sceles where can we find her she s done well for herself runs a brothel in true circle. The kind rich men. Frequent or suck information out of them then she sells it name of this brothel the black lily sillies always did have horrible taste.

Satisfied. She doesn t know anything we need to talk to hammond and solis dunk are looking for kara s in if he senses unopinionated heels. He ll kill you without passing it on we ll see as for you november tight better to leave her like this what about my coin our souls you gotta help me geralt best thing will be to split up you sailed ask elega try to squeeze something out of hammond. I ll go to try to go and meet with solis lambert.

Let s talk about this no let s not this is one of those situations. Serious situations. When you don t ask unnecessary questions and just help your friend where we meet once i m back at the know we re in all right i m off good. ” .


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