The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Story – Part 53 – The Final Trial

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“Again dammit. What s this brewing potions. No booze from potato peels. Hmm for my my welcome back feast actually more like my farewell feast haven t heard madame sorceress requested.

I fortify the phylactery with power from the circle of elements says. It s essential to lifting the curse from that monstrosity of yours realize that monstrosity as you put it might be ciri. Yeah. I heard minds showing a bit of sympathy.

I call him like i see him that s how i am irritating. You mean thought. You liked people. With bitchy streaks.

So long as they re women. Then you found the best of them enough about that the circle of elements. Awaits don t sound too thrilled about all this i m not you know the track the circles. No walk in the park in more ways than one let me go with you well might have more spring in my step with the famous white wolf at my side so you ready no reason to wait let s go meant to tell you can t get to the circle through the mountains rockslide blocked the pass last spring.

So we heard from the pond side like when we did the trial of an italian exactly remember the way not easily forgotten that he who returns with his medallion will prove himself worthy and may set off on the path beza. Mere ever here you impersonate him yeah old man can t stand it cevallos breach. Still haven t patched it up vesemir like to doesn t bother me. Though not expecting anyone to lay siege.

And this way. I got a shortcut to the pond. Shameless salamander assassins. Didn t punch a few more holes in our walls or finish the job and reduce these ruins to rubble been thinking we gonna swim across the pond no i got a boat moored there you know proficient wow.

Never took you for the fishing type. I used bombs drop them in and scoop up whatever floats to the surface that makes sense well color. Me impressed would you learn them tricks. It s an art learned it from this old master down zirconia yep save that tail for your next sorceress.

Tell me about vesemir things any better between you seems so old man s dropped. The moralizing and i tried to piss him off to working out well moderately castles pretty big easy to stay out of each other s way damnit more tit right here. I swear line must have come loose. Really here.

I thought the boat untied itself to go for a jaunt on its own damn it in this fog. We ll never there a storm before i arrived let me think yeah five days passed hmm when must have grabbed the sail took the boat off its mooring boat drifted into the bushes water hag. Great all right cave entrances. Just opposite.

See it got a sail across the pond go through the cave climb trolls head and we re there doesn t seem like such an ordeal. Now does it no still gives me the shivers though you know only two boys returned from my group. You were the ones who ran into old spear tip in the caverns right mm hmm. That s still knowing at you knowing no straight old pisses me off.


What the fuck was that trial for most who returned from the circle of elements died within a year in some swamp hunting drowners for crown 30 ahead so exactly what was the point. But i asked feza mary. Oh. I have many times believe you mean let s go jumping the boat alright.

I m taking the tiller though because cuz it s my boat not up for discussion make this boat yourself. Yeah something you don t like about it. Besides the water up to our ankles. Nothing with hueneme it ll make it across the lake provide if we don t smash into something first barely see the tip of my nose fogs.

Thick is curdled milk. Never took you for a poet. Oh. But i am one want to hear a limerick.

Sure lambert lambert what a prick not bad fall off a bit sails fluttering don t teach your grandmother suck eggs right almost there you ready for the caverns almost before we go inside oh drink a dose of cats. I know any more words of wisdom like step softly or you ll wake old spear tip shh you re prettier than yen. Oh. Don t fall in love with me let s go here that sounds like a kid you know this valleys uninhabited except for us.

It s got to be an illusion. What if it s not whatever you want to do we ll investigate just in case. You know pez amir s right you do poke the damn high almost always fine let s go hey little guy. It s alright you re safe now fine consider yourself vindicated you are right well well what do you know we can talk about that later got the fog that s to take care of now on illusion.

Who would have thunk you re not gonna let this drop anytime. Soon are you no. I will not in fact. Whole world should hear about the time the famed geralt of rivia was duped like a child.

Think we ought to get dandelion to write a ballad about it how s that sound dandelion should sing about you instead lambert. The smartass witcher. Better that than naive smart asses live longer changing subjects did i see right was that boy yeah. One of ours must have drowned during his trial.

Fog. Let s remembered his voice and appearance charming. Let s get out of here need masks me. Twice in fact i didn t even want to come here lambert enough shit.

Too damn high not if i give you a boost remember part of the trials. Oh richer is a loan hotter. But even a lone hunter can use a helping hand. Sometimes vesemir ready.

1 2. 3. You re no feather. Either come on let s go well.


Looks. A little shaky. Hard maybe. Mm.

Hmm and the way cold spear tip. What you afraid no i just think. Before i act. My not stomping like that relax i sleep.

Oh. What something fell in my eye splinter. I hope. It wasn t from a broken mirror that it d make you even.

Nastier ha ha place reeks of mold. What do you expect scent of violets. Would have been nice so soft and sweet just sleep in there makes you want to make this moment last forever you re gonna live probably let s get out of here wait that s for voltaire you whore son voltaire. Who s that don t remember little guy scar on his chin right here.

Oh oh yeah. I remember all we can do now never made it out of here. Let s go oh good to be back above ground mmm hmm. Still trouble.

Ahead. You mean the trolls they re in for trouble. Not us donna. Who you re trying to impress tough.

Guy stuffs. Just not working on me look. Who s talking vesemir told. Me about that job you did for those nilfgaardian xin velan.

What what are you doing killing monsters just came out that way come on seeing shit and run soon as he saw us mm hmm. Never known a troll to do that which is to walk no more the startsthis not i m sorry battered. All this trouble mountain you talk to these idiots stay calm. We just want to get to the circle.

Which is this thing once a week to do things we do some time enough out of my way dimwit. Sir i ll grind you to gravel understand just do it all right congrats run for the cave. Before they stone us to death. We were close those ghosts no flower with just this understanding we understand it but we still gotta get to the circle of elements mission.

What we phones pom no to ricochet fossil rocks not the enjoying this little chat cuz. It s not getting us anywhere. I m talking fact is you know as much about negotiating as they do about grammar. We re not here to hurt you we don t want to touch your rocks.


Just let us pass wrong wrong wrong wait to see strike no back just talkie talkie richard would follow you which is his monster kills. Trolls monsters yes true is no face man oh way to go this new shop backrubs live here who s boss. No quiz. We smash all right we ll leave our swords here pick him up on the way back.

We walking no mouse king you nuts shut up and follow my lead think you might have missed your college. If i remember pes amir s lessons correctly witcher s kill monsters your memories. Shit they only kill harmful monsters. They threw stones at us geralt whine about it to escalator just a few steps.

More and we re there. No that s some serious panting out of breath out of shape nah. Just a bit on over then hitting the hooch with eskil again no been hitting it alone well. He made it no denying that damn beautiful view must be have you noticed it geralt.

Who do you take me for let me think a sourpuss huh fair enough. But save the rest of your compliments for later let s get to work remember how this circle works in a while since i activated my medallion here. It s fine old man no need to make excuses. Light.

The torches and place the phylactery on the altar. I ll handle the rest. How d it go water. Then earth alright phylacteries in place.

Then all we got to do is wait the container will absorb the power of the elements. While we catch a breather so how d you deal with the trolls. When you passed the trial of the medallion. Let me think oh yeah use daxi.

But i only had to get past. One troll. Other two were busy yeah useful sign maxie saved my life. A short while ago.

Since a good story. Coming. One of the best a couple of road robbers stopped me. One point across bo and the other started rummaging through my satchel.

And made the man with the crossbow shoot his friend. Didn t hang himself. Wow truly great story isn t it real side splitter. I think tell me you always been such a cynical bastard no.

I was adorable before bessemer brought me to care more him think. It s that bad being a witcher guess. I could have been someone worse. Just a shame.


I had no choice. It was our destiny destiny. Let me tell you about destiny. My dad was a drunk.

He d knock a few back then beat me and mom bloody. We prayed for his death every night. One day our prayers were almost answered dad lost his way coming home from the tavern. Walked smack into a nest of necker s.

But some witcher saved him nobody wanted in return give me the first thing you see when you get home my life for the life of that prick. I say fuck that kind of destiny. Didn t know i m sorry next. Time.

You wonder why i m so bitter. Well. There s your answer all right. We ve griped enough let s get out of here need to get our swords.

Which with no swords like a man without an arm. Sure thing brother. Which is his saw that club takes and loaned. Oh.

No don t worry i don t need convincing wall right. Let s get back after you sir can we talk what about nice to be together. Again wouldn t you say mm hmm. Just missing siri thanks.

For reminding. Me. I had to change. The subject.

Heard. A sentimental sob. Making its way up from your gut. Any idea.

Why she s returned a shortest version she s running from the wild hunt. Damn going gets tough and you need help you can count on me you haven t changed a lick that disappointment. I hear no surprise maybe most go gently with age seems you re growing pre clear mom always said. I was different had some other adjectives in mind.

But different will do ” ..

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