The Worst Batteries Ever Made Walmart Kodak Scam Batteries

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” s episode of dead tech is brought to you by target superstores. Oh. Wait nevermind. Nevermind.

However. I will be trashing walmart in this episode. Walmart has teamed up with remains of the kodak company to produce what might be the worst batteries ever made so for some background. I literally bought these batteries tonight a 20 pack of double a kodak zink batteries for three dollars and 25 cents at walmart as you can see on the receipt here.


I knew that these would be of reduced capacity. Because zink batteries are generally not well regarded. They re generally what they send to you in your remote for your tv from the factory. They don t last.

Very long. But these batteries take it to a whole new level. The first hint that there would be trouble happened when i opened up the packaging. And when i pulled out the battery.

It was the lightest double a battery..

I had ever held my hand now double a batteries are not typically inordinately heavy. But they do have a little bit of heft to them so this was concerning in and of itself. When i went to put them in my obsolete. Sony cybershot dsc p.

20. It literally lasted five seconds on battery now this is a power hungry camera it generally lasts about an hour on double a batteries. But brand new batteries should be able to last longer than five seconds in a digital camera. I also went and tested them on my multimeter and before i put them in my camera.

They read the normal voltage for a set of double a batteries..

However when they pulled them out after they died five seconds later they dropped 40 millivolts and voltage. Now i don t know much about battery voltages. But generally they shouldn t drop that much after being inside of something for five seconds from these observations and i tested this off camera with multiple pairs of these batteries. These.

Kodak batteries are a complete scam just shell out some more money the ten dollars for the fancy energizer batteries. And call. It a day you will just be asking for trouble if you buy these batteries. I have to say i am very disappointed in walmart for doing this and it also looks like that kodak is just trying to kill whatever remnants of a brand that they have by it slapping their names on this product.

It s an absolute embarrassment for everyone involved here this needs to come to a stop..

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