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“Friends this is a watch that i have wanted for ages. What i have on on my wrist right now. And i ve been enjoying for quite. Some time is mob boy tic.

Watch pro. And they have sponsored this video. So that we can take a look at this watch and talk about its benefits. What it has going on and why you might one want to actually consider picking one up because i have absolutely loved it.

It has solved the biggest issue that i ve had with wearables in any smartwatch that i ve had which i ve had i ve run the gamut of all the smartwatches that you could picked up from first generation android ones to all the apple watches. I ve experienced them and they ve all fallen short. Except for the tick watch pro. So they sponsor this video and we re gonna be talking about it.

But i want to also preface this by saying that they are gonna be running a amazon prime sale tomorrow on july 15th. Where you can get 30 off the tick. Watch pro. So in case.

You re interested we ll leave a link in the video. Description head on over to amazon to save 30 on this beefy boy. I love it so much so let s go ahead and talk about what makes this watch so different. Because it looks like it s just a large typical smartwatch.


It has a large nylon in glass fiber body the strap is actually really interesting. Because it s made out of leather and silicone. So it has a leather look to it but then it has the sporty band silicone feel which actually works really great when it comes to just working out with this thing. It doesn t actually chafe that much and then you also have the great look of leather on the outside and then if you don t like the included watch band.

They actually do have some extra watch bands that you can pick up on their website in case. Those are more your flavor. But i actually really love the standard watch band. But let s talk about the thing that makes this watch.

Fantastic which is it s 14 inch display actually sorry it s displays yes. My friends you ve heard me write this tick watch pro has two displays to it it has a top level fs tn lcd display for displaying basic things such as the time the date the amount of steps you ve taken and the battery life so it s a basic fitness tracker in mode. But then when you want to actually use it as a smartwatch. It has a 400 by 400 pixel oled display.

Which is actually then functional as a typical where os smartwatch. So it has all of the benefits of the google play store. Which includes all of the watch faces that you could possibly want all of the google fit stuff everything that you could possibly want from the google play store you re not dealing with any proprietary os here and you get the benefit of having two displays and you might be wondering why would that matter and the biggest reason. My friends is battery life.

My typical battery usage is about five days on this smart watch. Which is a mixture of the actual oled panel for the regular smartwatch and then combining that with what mahboy calls the essential mode. Which is just basically the lcd display being on keeping track of the basic things that you want on this watch and mixing those two together. I get five days without having to charge that has been the bane of my existence for every single wearable.


I ve ever owned. I could maybe squeeze out two and a half days on most smartwatches if i was really conservative with my use because i m a power user. I d like to make sure all of the features are on i like to make sure it s connected to wi fi and bluetooth. As much as possible.

I like to make sure that it s always tracking my heart rate. I like to wear them at night for sleep tracking. I basically have this watch on 24 7. And that leads to diminish battery life.

The way that i ve been able to use this watch is by setting it to essential mode. While i m at my desk. When i know that i m gonna have access to my phone and notifications as well as at night. Where i don t need access to my phone that way it retains battery.

But then when i m actually out annabel. I convert it back to the smartwatch mode and have full usage of it but learning to mean to notifications and if you want to just use it in essential mode as just a basic fitness tracker. Other reviewers. I haven t had it this long.

Other reviewers have found that they ve gotten 28. Days of the 415 milliamp hour battery on this thing. 28 days for a single charge that is fantastic. And you still get to use it as a watch even if the battery dies.


If it dies as a smartwatch it converts over to essential mode. So you don t lose functionality of the thing on your wrist. It solves. The basic issues that i ve always had with smartwatches and then on top of that it has all of the specs that you would expect it s got gps and as an ip 68.

What our industrial although mahboy doesn t recommend that you swimming pools with it you can submerge it in a little bit of water and be fine has nfc bluetooth 42 and wi fi n. As well as a heart rate monitor which i alluded to earlier and then it s all powered by the snapdragon where 2100 on top of that it s also got two physical buttons. Which allow you to have a variety of different uses a single press on the top one gives you the app list holding the top button down then gives you access to google assistant tapping the bottom one gives you an instant access to a specific app which is by default the mahboy health app. However you can customize it to whatever you want then if you long press the bottom button you then have access to the power menu.

I briefly mentioned bob boy health. The tick watch does come included with mob boy s own health and fitness tracking software for heart rate. As well as just step counting. And everything that you could want and that front.

But then you also have access to all the google play store apps as well thanks to it being where os. But honestly the tech watch pro has actually marked all of the boxes in what i could want for a sport device a fitness tracker as well as a smartwatch and just a basic watch all together. It solves all of the needs that i ve ever had with a smartwatch and it makes sure that even if i exhaust the battery by going too hard as a power user. I then have plenty of time left over to just make sure that i have the time of day.

So as i mentioned at the beginning of the video. Tomorrow. My boy is going to be having a 30 off sale for amazon prime day you can check that out at the link of the video description. It s normally 250.


But tomorrow you get 30 off and i did want a quick mention if you would want a 4g lte. Version mahboy also has a 4g version of the tick watch pro. Which you can also check out at the link in the video description. So that s the end of this sponsored showcase of the tick.

Watch pro. Big. Thanks to mob. Boy for sending.

It over as well as sponsoring. The video again check out the link in the video description to save 30 off tomorrow on amazon prime day july 15th. I absolutely love this watch five days battery life easy peasy that means i have to charge it once or twice a week depending on how those days fall. It s it s phenomenal.

I love this thing so anyways check that out below hit the like button. If you enjoyed the video get subscribe to stay up to date on all of our tech related content. I m brett with uoft tech channel. Thank you so much for watching i ll see you smiley face again in the next video love you too.

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