Thomas & Friends Talk To You 5/8 – Mystery Coming Through

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“Friends talk to you bust. My buffers you made it we can finally talk to to each other so here s how we re going to use a special orange. When it s your turn to talk the orange button will show up hold it down with your finger talk to me. Then after you re done talking let go like this.

When you see the orange button. Hold it down. And say. Hello thomas pen.

When you re done talking let go so i can talk just like a walkie talkie. Hello thomas well hello to you too you did it now it s your turn give it a try when you see the orange button. Hold it down. And say.

Hello. Thomas then when you re done. Talking let go. So.

I can talk just like a walkie talkie well hello to you too you did it great. We re ready to start our adventures on the island of sodor mystery. Coming through the island of sodor is not an especially frightening place. But sometimes spooky.

Things do happen percy your face..

Here. All sorry mm hmm. So fast. So glad hey so big so scary.

Oh percy. What happened are you well. Who what why oh i m so confused. I don t even know what questions to ask you hey i bet you can help can you please ask percy about what happened.

If you ask him what happened. We can solve this mystery. Together. Okay try asking percy a question maybe who did this or what happened you choose you wait you don t think it could be one of the other engines do you now i suppose it could have been but i don t know it all happened so fast you re doing great here definitely.

The detective here go on ask another question well i stopped here because one of the male sex had fallen out and there was some cold stood on the track. Then the next thing. I knew whoosh something big and fast went right by me on the main line and that suit got all over my face here a really useful detective let s see if you can find out anything else ask another one i wish i d seen what it was but just as i looked over i got a bunch of certain my eyes. All i saw was the color blue that s it something big and blue and scary.

Oh. There there hmm. I m starting to think. This was another engine percy did you see a number on the side of the engine that scared you oh.

Now that you mention it..

I think i did see a number yes. It was the number four here. I ll never look at it number four the same way again. It s okay percy now.

I think you d better go get cleaned up my friend and i will figure it out from here thomas is unhappy that percy has been scared so badly by this mysterious engine. So thomas has brought you to knapford station to help him figure out this mystery. Okay let s go over everything we learned from percy. We know whoever did it was on the mainline track so there s that we know whatever scared percy was blue hmm wait.

I remember we know that it was the number four engine okay time to solve the mystery. Who do you think scared percy gordon bust. My buffers that s hit it has to be i remember now he s the number four blue engine. Oh it all makes sense now mm hmm.

He s big blue and he ll do anything to be on time. I think we ve solved this but oh we don t have any proof. Besides what percy said coming through whoa. Okay yeah.

I d say we have our proof now you and thomas have solved. The mystery. Personally i was on the edge of my seat later on at tidmouth sheds gordon. The big blue number four engine got an unexpected visitor.

Doh thomas what are you doing here that isn t your birth hello gordon the number four blue engine..

The biggest fastest expressive steamie on sodor that is you isn t it oh why yes. That s me obviously okay here we go gordon scared percy so can you please tell gordon what he did wrong well if some slowcoach happens to get a little dirty. That s hardly. My problem my job is to pull the express.

I must go quickly oh. But that doesn t mean. It s okay to scare. Percy and blow soot in his face stop right.

There thomas. I m not going to listen to this from a silly. Little tank engine. Like you oh yeah.

Then maybe you ll listen to my friend here. Oh go on i ll let garden have it give gordon a talking to for scaring percy. You go i m sorry sometimes i have trouble hearing you over all the noise on the railway. But i m doing my best.

Let s back up and try again sorry. What was i saying again. Oh yeah. Go on a white cord and have it give gordon a talking to for scaring percy.


The indignity so come on gordon say you re sorry very well i m sorry for scaring percy. I ll go and tell him as fast as i can no gordon you re going to go slowly slowly. Oh. The indignity and so thanks to you and thomas gordon chugged off to apologize to percy and because he went so slowly it took quite a long time.

Engine each one comes with its own trophy track and speed booster. Full steam ahead day at the docks choose an engine to get chugging. Percy thomas. Percy and his truck jump against thomas and his speed boost three tap the green bomb as fast as you can tumbling trucks.

He wins. Percy and his truck jump against thomas and he steamed boost three faster faster. Blistering boilers thomas wins. Percy and his track john against thomas.

And his speed boost. My portal. Thomas wins. Percy and his track jump against thomas and his speed boost three pumping pistons.

He wins percy and his track jump against thomas and his speed boost three faster faster. ” ..

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