Top 10 Best Family Guy Episodes of all Time

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“The disclaimer when you think most of us tend to think n. Crowd shipoopi strider strider stewie. Where s my money man. Where s my money n.

Brian grunting in can be heard strider while i m not a huge fan of the later seasons. There have been some real gems particularly in the early to mid seasons. But i do have the same complaints as anyone else it can be pointlessly cruel and mean spirited nand can drag out a joke far too long but at. The same time there s.

This scope and gradeur to it that you just can t find in any other animated sitcom. There s nothing out there quite like it really has its own unique place in animation. Nthat isn t quite so today. We re gonna look at the n.

Number 10 briand and stewie travel across dimensions and through it we get a ton of fascinating different settings. The duo travel to the future to the bedrock universe. The disney universe disney peter it s a won der ful day for pie strider japanese universe double headed universe robot chicken universe real life universe stewie uh brian this feels weird brian hit the button strider it s basically one running joke through the whole episode of making the silliest universe that they could and it s really funny nto watch them try and top themselves refreshingly nthere is absolutely no cutaway gags in this episode. All the absurdity happens in the different universes nthey travel to this episode.

Feels like 5 minutes neven. Though it goes for 20 minutes. That s a sign of a really good episode strider. I d reccomend giving this one a watch if only to see the different art styles and settings.

They employ disney herbert. You want a nice shiny red apple nto put in that pie everyone no strider number nine both i can t go on i can t go on no more now strider. I m stretching for this one nas. It s technically a movie.

But this episode was a really intriguing watch nall the way through it focuses on stewie as he tries to fix up the life nof. His future 35 year old self who has made his share of mistakes baby stewie. So forget about sending me back. Because i m not leaving until we to a complete overhaul on this sad thing you call our life adult stewie can i still read parade baby stewie no you cannot still read parade strider.

We get to see so many interesting scenarios nin this one chris has married a very controlling unpleasant woman brian died. After eating some chocolate meg has become a transsexual and of course. Peter s still peter for the most part all the jokes are still funny in this one peter well. I kinda figured the coffee mug.

That says knight. Oh. Right right. Peter pre.

Pretty obvious strider jokes like quagmire s method of calling. 911 or stewie and brian getting drunk are clever and they make you smile. The cutaway gags. Don t drag on peter katie katie.

What peter oh well nevermind strider and the characters are still likeable at this point to top. It all off we get an adventure with brian and stewie. Which are often the highlight of the seasons. I think this movie marks the best era of it s an interesting episode movie nthat.

I walked away from chuckling. I reccomend it stewie oh oh i just thought of another one nfor. The glad game. The first scissor cut ninto a fresh piece of construction paper adult stewie oooohhh yeah strider number 8.

This one tends to fly under the radar. A lot nand..

I m not quite sure why i think the jokes in this episode are really well done. We ve got peter imitating. The redneck lifestyle carl sagan s universe editted for rednecks. Carl sagan.

Scientists have determined that the universe. Was created by a s. Voice. Not.

Sagan. s. Go. O.

O. O. O. O.

O. O. O. O.

O. Od. Sagan. Big.

Bang. Strider. And. Peter.

Siphoning. Off. Jet fuel nin order to fly a pick up truck quagmire is actually one of my favorite characters. I like that he s a crazy sexual deviant.

Yet. He s still a kind socially pleasant friend at the same time. If you ve ever been a hormonally supercharged teen. Which most of us have or are right now you can relate a little bit with quagmire quagmire.

Oh. Oh god dead kittens dead kittens uh uh old nuns uh really old nuns strider and he s passionare about his job and frankly in a society. Where more people are blase and cursing of their jobs. It s very refreshing to see this it s a hilarious set up as well nwith quagmire living with the griffins.

This episode has an unusually good spirited feel to it unfortunately as seasons went on these sort of positive episodes nwould become rarer and rarer quagmire that was too close strider number. 7. The premise for this episode is surprisingly simple. Brian gets backed over by peter.

Which in turn ngets him depressed about morality its uncertainty. But he starts singing with frank sinatra jr. Nand that begins to cheer him up. I just love the connection and chemistry nbetween.

Brian and frank sinatra jr. Their duets..

Feel very natural. All the jokes in this one are good. Meg. Joins.

A lesbian club to try and fit in that is awesome. It has a really nice ending message too. Which is again unusually good spirited for seth macfarlane. But it s nice to see definitely worth at least one watch mia farrow there you are brian mia farrow mia farrow.

What s this i hear you up all night nwith a baby and a dog frank. Oh. Leave. Me.

Alone. Mia. Farrow. Get over.

Here. Young. Man. Frank ah dammit.

All strider number. 6. This episode marks. The return of and it really is a roller coaster ride nfrom beginning to end they start with a premise that happens to any married couple after a good few years peter and lois sex life is getting a little stale so they decide to go on a vacation.

And spine things up where they break into mel gibson s private hotel room steal his alternative version of voiceover strider. Which is nso much better than the original version christ is heard screaming on the movie screen causing kyle to exclaim in great disturbance strider. This leads to massive epic chases kidnappings airplane chases and a showdown with mel gibson all in 22 minutes. Too.

There s just so many god cutaway jokes in this one jesus peter stop it stop it soldier okay jesus peter okay soldier okay strider there s very few episodes that make me chuckle as much as this one. It just felt like the writer s hearts were still in the right places. And the jokes still felt fresh give it a watch. If you haven t checked it out greased up deaf guy see ya next week.

Good to be back america strider number 5. I just find something so harmonious nand beautiful about duets and this episode just makes me all fuzzy nand warm inside peter watch. Where my hands are lois look look see see where they are see no touching strider. Which is quite rare for given its usual.

We watch stewie team up with olivia. A fellow acting girl whom he is originally hostile to but once they discover how good they are as a duet their acting careers take off. But it falls apart very quickly as many acting duos have and then we sadly watch stewie s acting career burn. It s almost like a slice of life ending as stewie does try incredibly hard to keep his acting career going.

But he just doesn t have what the audience wants strangely enough this feels much more like a legitimate romance than any of brian s half hearted. One night stands nor girlfriends for some reason i reflect and laugh at this ending neven 10 years after seeing it brian. I brought. What you wanted but uh.

They wouldn t let me leave it so uh stewie hit it once please just once stewie vocalizes to the tuning fork. Oh. My god i was flat alright then help me up let s go home strider number. 4.

While i don t know about the other two. I think this is one of those episodes you can quote even years later because most of the lines are so classic..

The character choices for each n darth stewie. My god look at this mess strider peter griffin as han solo. There can be no one else. Peter han solo.

I m han solo captain of the millennium. Falcon and the only actor whose career isn t destroyed by this movie strider. I crack myself up every time. I watch this parody basically every line of the original and 95 of them are brilliant.

This is one of those parodies nyou have to see at least once if only to know what everyone is quoting all the time peter han solo. You know what stammering at first. I don t have a dangerous job nto do here. But i m takin this i m takin this couch strider number.

3 strider. You will definitely walk out of this episode with something you didn t have before they call. It an earworm in this case. It s about a bird stewie.

Brian. Don t. Peter. A well a bird bird bird ba bird strider.

A song you can t get out of your head nno matter. How hard you try it s hard not to get caught up in peter s absolutely mad love of this song. He s just enjoying the song so much you almost feel bad. When brian and stewie destroy envery known copy in the city.

And on top of that we have a great second plot. Where peter stumbles on jesus in a record store and encourages him to make a second coming and it s really interesting to watch unfold. I don t tend to laugh at peter. When he s being cruel or hurting loved ones.

But i do tend to laugh right along with him when he s just caught up in a passion and loving every minute of it this song makes me want to get up and dance as well and any episode that encourages me to smile and start dancing is right up there in my books. Peter is. The word. A ba bird bird bird.

The bird is the word a da ba bird bird bird. The bird is the word ba ba. Bird lois peter. I have a mammogram in the morning strider number 2.

This episode probably has the best intro nin. The whole series stewie and now prepare to die strider to me this intro is what light hearted. But still epic and of massive proportions in this episode. We get a fun look at peter nstarting.

His own tv network. Only to be censored by the fcc to the point where they physically place black lines over his private parts. When he s showering fcc guy. 1.

His chin looks like balls. You want me to cover that too strider they even censor out their attempts to swear in frustration n loud audio warning peter you know you re lucky you re good at horn my. Horn or i d horn lois oooh horn. Me strider this episode even received an emmy award for outstanding animated programs.

I really enjoy the censorship jokes in this one they re all really clever and instantly get the message. Seth is trying to get across the pointlessness of censorship..

Peter cuz. That s my side boob good night. Everybody. There s just too many good laughs in this one episodes like these are why i m glad.

These episodes show brief moments of brilliance nfrom. The writers that are the reason when. I still see a the fcc song is brilliant and 95 of the jokes are fantastic. This is one of those trio.

They may just be neurotic or poss ib ly psychotic they. re the fel las at the freakin fcc . And the number 1. Best.

Peter. Hey. Stewie. Who the hell is that the best adventure brian and stewie did nwas their first adventure.

It s incredible how even brian and stewie nsharing. A cheap motel allows them to pull out some of the funniest sketches brian and stewie work off each other perfectly nin this episode. It s the episode that started the continual trend of sending brian and stewie on adventures and in this case. The original is the best we jump between a season s worth nof skits on this one brian and stewie in an airport crashing a plane on the back of a truck full of mexicans in a motel stealing a car at a gas station the list just goes on this episode is incredibly clever.

We even get a nice side plot about brian trying to reconcile with his mother. There s not a single joke in this episode nthat. I didn t think was fantastic we even get jokes about peter and lois trying to fix up their sex life and strangely enough. None of them lean back on shocks to get a laugh.

It s by far my most rewatched episode of all it even finishes with a beautiful emotional moment of stewie and brian crossing through the landscape on a train through the night. Only for them to burst into a song of comraderie and just simple joy. A lot of the popular culture. We see this episode once and it cements itself as to me.

Anyway. This episode is what n brian and stewie. We re rho ode isla. An bo ound.

But also i think there s a reason despite many claiming they hate it many of fans are still waiting for those brief nmoments of brilliance that stood out from even the n. We re all waiting for seth to bring back a kind relateable brian not a pretentious jerk a devious. But still loveable. Stewie n.

Gore imagery. Warning and a loveable peter griffin. Who isn t a violent jerk. We all know he can give us something brilliant.

If he sets his mind to it and that s what we re all waiting for in and despite not seeing a good episode in years. Many of us will keep supporting him because we re waiting for that brief moment of unforgettable brilliance. Again got a favorite episode yourself. What do you think of do you still like the show let me know in the comments as always thanks for watching nand.

I ll see you next time subtitled by jadrek myers ncommissioned by phantom strider. ” ..

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