Top 10: Golf Fitness Fanatics Golfing World

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“Golfers are now more than ever also elite athletes striving to make the smallest gains gains over their opponents. So we thought it was time to count down our top fitness fanatics in the game. Okay. Miguel and gayle humor net is partial to a cigar in a glass of vino.

But that famous warm up routine earns his inclusion in our list now 52 years old the spaniards incredible flexibility has helped him win 21 times on the european tour. Suzann pettersen is renowned for her athleticism. A fiery competitor. She s one of the fittest most athletic players in the women s game.

And also a serious follower of other sports in her spare. Time. Number eight on our list is natalie gulbis. A paddleboarding enthusiast.

She also spends plenty of time in the gym working on her hips and hamstrings due to the amount of hip rotation in the golf swing. She believes that s the secret to a long and successful career in at number seven is englishman tommy fleetwood golfing world has enjoyed privileged access to tommy s fitness regime and we can vouch for the fact. That he s one of the most dedicated young players on tour prepared to sweat it out with the best of them in his quest for improvement next. We picked henrik stenson.

The swede has put on plenty of muscle in the gym since he first appeared on tour as a rather skinnier youngster more than a decade ago. So strong is henrik that he makes tossing his son in the air look easy and thankfully. He catches him too another swede. Alex noren also makes our list.

He s always been a committed trainer. But a series of injury problems in 2014. Meant norns spent even more time working out the result of his dedication. A quick return to winning ways last year at the nordea masters queen of instagram lexi thompson.

Is our number for the 21 year old has made a habit of posting a photo. Almost every time she hits the gym. Which makes for quite a collection is just a small selection looking good lexi number three is rory mcilroy. Who has a wonderfully physical and athletic swing comfortably out driving most of his competitors.

He epitomizes the modern golfers physique and approach to fitness in general tiger woods. Set the bar for the current generation. He also changed the way golf was regarded by other professional sports training himself as a supreme athlete. However tigers back injuries in recent years have made some question whether he may have pushed himself too hard for too long in the gym on top of our list.

It has to be the remarkable gary player now 80 years old he knows a thing or two about staying fit..

Where the black knight turned pro lifting weights seemed absurd to most golfers and he s led the way ever since and still boasts more energy than most his top tip eat less drink water exercise often and you too will be able. nthe car guy right there. Jimmy kimmel. He nseems trustworthy anthony anderson yeah nno he but he he yeah.

N. Laughing. I don t know i don t i didn t nget his permission to show this on the air. Njimmy kimmel.

Oh. Anthony anderson. Nso. I don t know i don t know.

If he has open ncases or warrants right now. But he brought that ncar man and allowed woody and i to test drive it oh. He let woody drive. It uh yeah man and woody nwasn t in his right mind.

If you know what i mean laughing. I would not let nwoody drive this car. What was it like ndriving this car. Yeah first off ni could barely fit.

Jimmy kimmel uh huh n um. But it was great man you know woody drove nit around the lot. Jimmy kimmel uh huh and so when he brought it back nto me and allowed me to drive. I said yo can i can ni take it on the street uh huh.

Nyeah anthony anderson and nhe was like yeah. So you know nsecurity has the arm and i was like ndon t worry about it we ll drive under the arm nso. We just drove under the arm. Jimmy kimmel.

Oh wow. And i did about nuh 90. Miles. An hour and got a little nscared just because it was a straightaway on pico and nmotor in in in the city.

And we we brought nit back man what does a car nlike this cost did you..

Ask. N no i said. 35 million. N.

Oh it s 35 million n. Yeah yeah. It s it s all carbon fiber nuh. Jimmy kimmel man.

I don t ncare what it s made out of no i m just telling nyou what the dude told me ok carbon fiber and i think nthey only made 400 in the world jimmy kimmel uh huh nwell. Yeah nyeah and he sold those i can t even imagine how nervous ni would be driving a car yeah that was worth n 3. And 1 2. Million well did you are you ninterested in one of these jimmy i just told you i couldn t get in nor out of the car no n laughing.

Jimmy kimmel ok n. No we ll get you ninto something else i ll buy a yugo. Not a lambo. I ll buy a yugo.

Jimmy kimmel. As long as nit has an you ll be all right speaking of cars your ntv daughter was here marsai was here and she said that nwhen she was younger you promised her that when nshe was of driving age you would buy her a car and jimmy. I m not afraid to nsay that i lied to that girl laughing i lied. I lied.

Because she s already ngot some cars picked out yeah. Yeah. She does. But but i will nhonor that lie to her jimmy kimmel.

You nwill honor the lie. Because. She s been in npress. Talking about it.

So yeah. I i ni. Jimmy kimmel. So you nhave to get her a car.

I will ni will when she turns 16..

She ll have na little surprise from me. Jimmy kimmel ok nwhat about the other kids aren t there. Like five nother kids on the show look i lie to them nall the time too laughing. I never lied to them nabout a car.

Though she was the only one ni promised a car to and then you nhave your own kids. Which you you ncan t get a nicer car for your tv kids than your than your human kids have you have you nmet. My human kids laughing. I can laughing.

Jimmy kimmel. Which nba player to whom are you nclosest in the nba. Ah well right now ni. m going to say cp3.

Jimmy kimmel ok nchris. Paul yeah chris paul nyeah yeah nand uh. He played in your ncharity golf tournament he played in my ncharity golf tournament when you have a ntournament like that how do you decide ndo you get to decide who s in your foursome n. I do you do n.

I do i put em together. And do you do it by nwho s the best golfer or n. Yes. Jimmy there s there s no lie ni try to win my own tournament.

Jimmy kimmel. You try nto the tournament. Laughing n. Yeah.

So i i i stack my team so i had i had cp3 i had his dad i had a female lpga num uh isabella. Jimmy kimmel. Most nof em are that yeah nyeah most of the lpga nplayers are females now. But yeah yeah nright they ve come a long way isabelle.

I can t nremember her last name and she hits the ball 270 yards nice and i had doc rivers because i m trying to lure nchris paul back to the clippers. Jimmy kimmel oh wow. So i figured if i put ndoc and chris in my group. You know i can talk to chris nabout.

What the clippers want without there being any ntampering and us being fined..

Jimmy kimmel. Oh and did you discuss nthat subject with him my lips are sealed njimmy kimmel. Oh. Interesting.

But we ll see yeah we will see i guess yeah. We ll see are you a basketball nplayer yourself not anymore njimmy kimmel. No ok n yeah. Jimmy kimmel.

This movie you are getting great nreviews for this movie are you are you ncritical of yourself. When you watch nsomething like this i am and you know it s crazy this nmovie and the character that i portrayed on were the only two times that ni ve actually looked at myself and was like damn ni. m pretty good. Jimmy kimmel.

Really nthose are the only two times. Yeah. Nthose were the only two times every every every time nelse you know i sit and watch. I was like oh ok.

That s cool nall right you guys liked that that s funny. But this this character nromelo in jimmy kimmel romelo nyeah yeah nyeah i after after they screened nit for me. And i was like i m pretty good in this film. Njimmy kimmel.

You know what it would be a smart thing thank you netflix netflix needs nmy help but if i was them i d on the poster nfor the movie. I d put anthony anderson nsays. Laughing of course. I m biased nbut.

It s the truth all right when we come back. We re ngoing to find out how good you are at shooting. A basketball n. Prepare to get wet.

Jimmy kimmel. Because nwhen we come back we go in the dunk tank nto play sink it or swim anthony anderson his nmovie june 19th on netflix we ll be right back if you liked that video click nthe subscribe button. But only ” ..


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