Top 10 Horror Based Anime

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“Science fiction fantasy and romance dominate. The anime world there are many standouts in the the realm of horror swanson here welcome to watchmojocom. And today. We re counting down picks for the top 10 horror based anime for this list.

The anime in question has to have a strong sense of horror mental distress. And fear. We also have to issue a mature content. Warning.

So prepare to see some read mister number 10. Serial experiments. Lain mmm kicking off our list is this unusual. Anime set.

In a world. Where a virtual reality. Network. Called wired has begun to evolve into a wireless system of virtual communication between everyone on earth well.

I got a little um concerns and i enjoy this wireless cloud of information sharing has begun to pick away at the wall that separates the digital from reality as the two concepts begin to merge into a new existence present day present time a very dark and disturbing series. The fear in this one comes from the ever present feeling of loneliness and the possibility of losing your mind without ever knowing it happened. Jimmy norio chinua whom tenorio sinka jimmy no an evil honto no annika nani denna no i got it ma number. 9.

Hell girl. You want someone out of your life..

And well. You know dead hell girl has you covered just simply log on to her website at midnight. And she will deliver that person straight to hell the cost. Yeah.

Just your soul. You don t need that anymore. Anyway right with a different story. Each episode.

He ll girl shows us how far people will go for revenge. While some story moments tend to repeat themselves. This is definitely a series every horror fan should watch. It said life s encounters are governed by fate within the tangled threads of destiny curse seed flowers bloom pitiful and frail lost in their anger their sorrow their tears number eight perfect blue for our next entry.

We dive into the mind of japanese animator satoshi kon in his directorial debut perfect blue tells the story of me makita goeth. One of the founding members of the j pop group jam. Who decides to leave the group and become a risque actress sonam advisor back naturally a deranged fan begins to stalk her and eventually ruins her life. As with the majority of khan s work.

The film blurs the lines between reality and fantasy descending deeper into madness. You need help staying up all night just watch this one number seven pet shop of horrors. I bid you welcome we have everything you may desire from dogs and cats to birds and insects we even have quite a large selection of exotic reptiles. If you re looking for short sweet and horrifying look no further our next entry focuses on the daily events of the mysterious count d caretaker extraordinaire of his pet shop in los angeles chinatown with only four episodes pet shop of horrors cements itself as a staple in the horror genre due to the charismatic yet equally terrifying count deep understand before i am able to give you the animal.

You must read and be prepared to follow the three terms before you sign it adopting one of his unique pets comes with a contract just read the terms and conditions. Very carefully or else..

So you ve just confessed you broke the contract. We had hey listen fact there is no contract because there is no tiger huh. What is this some kind of joke number. 6.

Cheeky. This wouldn t be much of a list if we didn t include vampires chiqui brings us the stereotypical vampire premise. A clan of vampires move into a quiet town in the countryside and surprise surprise. The locals start to mysteriously died off you want to see something cool the three corpses.

It made the paper sound simple and it is but with horrific imagery and a great lead character in natsu. Know yuki. This is an anime for anyone who s a fan of classic or feel so tired. My mother mom told.

Me that i had to go to the clinic. Sam harry. Number five boogie pop phantom. This is a series that you can watch over and over and catch.

Something new every time a series with a silly name boogie pop phantom. Tells the story of a large variety of people who are connected to a series of murders five years prior so coach otaku the series doesn t mess around as it will confuse you scare you get tug on your heart strings. At the same time antenna scenes only michigan oddity tendineae ema coup. De da de da.

Cunha. Anna..

Scott. An aikido bogie pop phantom is a difficult series to describe you have to just see it for yourself. Yeah you d be lucky me tena koe number four corpse party. Oh just do what does not still yours to july.

What kind of horror party is it without corpses set in modern day japan corpse party targets. A group of students who are attending a haunted high school and are transported to an alternate dimension. A place full of accidental death. And murder originally beginning as a series of video games.

It was eventually adapted into a short five episode series with the series lacks in character development and mystery. It makes up for in gore. Unbelievable screams and maniacal laughter that will haunt you for a while so daniel. But i say dayo number three hellsing ultimate are you a fan of badass glitter free vampires that rip you apart.

Sure you are in this original video animation series viewers follow alec are a vampire proudly serving the helsing organization and protecting great britain from everything that goes bump in the night. Including nazis. While we thought the original helsing series was great consider it just the tip for ultimate this time around. We ramp up the gore.

The action and our favorite police girl is even more outrageous than ever number two when they cry that was a horrible crime. They re still missing one of the arms aren t they who thought something so cute and comedic could disturb the living daylights out of you wow he really was buried alive. I m afraid if we re gonna get this guy out of here. We re gonna need an axe or something also known as kiku dashi when they cry the story centers on a small group of friends who live in a japanese village.

With a strange tradition annual murders initially coming off as comedic. The series takes a serious turn for the dark and wested and it will continue to screw with your mind long after it s over this entry is more relaxed on the core taking a psychological horror approach to disturb its viewers instead before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions ye..

Away any meat on you attend to you sushi. Sorry. Oh. My no me go you to larry kinkaid.

Oh. No no no honey. Otic. Randy.

No number one another take your time. Looking around i have no other customers. I could put on some tea thanks. But i ll pass on the tea if you don t mind it welcome to anime meets final destination.

They associate your name with death but not just any death a cruel with rational death that took place at this school another focus is on schoolboy who eg sakakibara who gets swept up in a series of grisly deaths stemming from the mysterious death of another child years prior it happened 26 years ago. She d been popular ever since the seventh grade. She was smart pretty and had a great personality definitely as much of a slow burning mystery as it is horror investing into this series definitely pays off my poor. Other half is waiting for me at the second baseman another gives horror fans tons of gruesome deaths creepy girls and plenty of red do you agree with our list.

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