Top 10 Shows for Rick and Morty Fans

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“Sure to check out watch mojos new series the worst travel show click the link link below to see all the episodes and follow the show on facebook you wo need interdimensional cable to check out some of these welcome to watchmojocom. And today. We re counting down our picks for the top 10 shows for rick and morty fans. It s one part lame.

Advice about stuff you know nothing about and a lot of vodka before we begin we publish new videos every day. So be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list. We re looking at both animated and live action tv programs that fans of the adult swim hit rick and morty might find appealing and a source of entertainment to take the edge off. While we wait for the next season.

Number 10 south park stop south park has evolved from an animated short of base level gags to an edgy and beloved show that offers some of the most biting satire on tv who needs to meet a bunch of stupid books. When we ve got history channel due to its simple animation style. Series. Creators.

Matt stone. And trey parker. Along with their team. Can write animate and produce an episode in about a week.

Meaning. The current events. Satirized and lampooned truly are contemporary at the heart of the show. Our stan kyle cartman and kenny four boys who regularly either misunderstand the actions of the incompetent adults around them or take advantage of that incompetence through clever writing.

The show regularly pokes fun at certain systems ideas or habits. While highlighting the absurdity of modern life. Number nine big mouth. You have a really big mouth.

Thank you i think. While there are many shows that delve into the emotional changes brought on by puberty big mouth takes a long hard look at the physical changes as well and reminds us that puberty is not only awkward and embarrassing. It can be downright disgusting where are we flip youtube s uterus in a poopy right now right well it seems like just a series of dick jokes and crude humor at first the show is surprisingly sex positive and an honest reminder of how depraved that time of life can seem truly undermining the male or female characters. I was thinking we were so good as french so good right so maybe we should just be friends again.

I love that that s what this is missing right being friends..

Oh. Good. It s a smart show that is not above good old. Fashioned toilet humor.

Oh. I can t wait for you to see the next. One jesse discovers. Her vagina.

It s a very sex positive episode number eight. It s always sunny in philadelphia these people deserve each other each member of the gang is selfish lazy petty and self serving as they regularly try to screw one another over what was that that s my booty call. There is some really weird food fetish stuff as terrible as their antics are there s something just so entertaining about watching a bunch of narcissists continually manipulating one another great performances from danny devito kaitlin olson glenn howerton charlie day and others seal the deal whether they re seducing a priest considering questionable cuisine engaging in illegal activities or just pushing the limits of terrible social behavior. You ll be laughing number seven archer you are so gross.

That s what he said. But in italian. The show follows superspy sterling archer and his coworkers whose antics and talents range from incompetent to highly skilled on the surface. The series is just a debauch send up of the spy genre.

Archer is an alcoholic misogynist with some pretty serious mother issues dad shut up god okay. Now what you can unshot up. However. The more episodes watched the more moments of real character development and nuances.

The audience is treated to after eight seasons and a couple of fun shower shifts archer still manages to be entertaining and its many one liners and catchphrases have permeated modern lingo more than non viewers would ever realize are you coming nope. But i m breathing fast get ahead number six gravity falls should my gums look like a brain. While a show for children might not seem like an obvious choice. At first this.

Disney outing has frequently been regarded as a sort of rick and morty for younger viewers sun shade and point it away from where old man mcgucket lotions himself. Not that there isn t lots for adults to enjoy or that the plots are the same. But the fast paced clever writing and zany family setting feel very familiar. It also deals with interdimensional travel and weirdness paranormal.

Rather than alien mostly cropping up in every episode also as justin roiland and alec hirsch are friends there are tons of crossover easter eggs with everything from characters popping up to literal doorways between the two universes..

Yes. I d like to order one large sofa chair with extra chair please high chair number five adventure time let s go i gotta finish tuning. My viola. The regular show and steven universe both have their charms.

But to leave this one out would be unacceptable like the previous entry. Any given episode of adventure time will have a decidedly more family friendly tone than anything in the chronicles adventures of morty smith and his alcoholic genius grandfather. Sorry. I saw a pearl pygmy skull in there he reminded me of you the way your eyes.

Together. Finn. The human and his adoptive brother jake a shape shifting bulldog go on crazy magical adventures that push not only the boundaries of reality. But most importantly imagination.

It s that imaginative nastase it so appealing to fans of rick and morty just like how anything can happen between infinite realities. So too does it seem that anything is possible in the land of ooo. What s up with your head trying something new number 4 futurama. But we still have one hope.

But cave of hopelessness let me know how that turns out from the creator of the simpsons. This has a similar network. Television slash adult humour vibe. Like in rick.

And morty science fiction. Is the backbone of the show with the crew of the planet express traversing all across the galaxy in order to fulfill often pointless or questionable tasks. Nothing will go wrong. If something goes wrong bring back the blood set in the future.

It sees earth cohabited by alien races as well as humans and multiple intergalactic governments and systems. Although the lead characters don t seem to mind this. As much as rick making excellent use of its setting. The show also offers some truly touching moments seriously anyone who tells you that the ending of jurassic park.

Didn t leave them a little teary is lying to you if you liked this video..

Then you probably won t hate watch mojo s newest show the worst travel show hosted by me kyle gatehouse click this link below to watch it on facebook. I can t wait to be famous number three bojack horseman say when when so you like self destructive alcoholics with high functioning depression cuz. We got the show for you following bojack a washed up actor. Who is also a horse man on the cusp of a comeback.

The show is much more thoughtful than it would first appear. We just have to solve the drug prices in america easy. We ll take them all in some ways. The anti.

Rick bojack is constantly trying to find meaning in his sad existence. But is always let down one way or another the humor in this one does not come from the characters unhappy privileged lives. But rather in spite of it hey why d you roll up your sleeves. Like that you look weird.

Oh yeah. Well i was trying out a new look who s who s a dumb idea. Number two community created produced and written by rick and morty. Co.

Creator. Dan harmon. Community plays with genre and tropes within each episode everything all right. Then btk never levine.

The series begins in an overtly cliche manner setting up certain characters to the point that it feels familiar and you think you can guess where it s all going until abed points out their tropes effectively beginning. The meta storytelling christmas wizard. I guess i can see that my season 2. There are post apocalyptic paintball wars.

Ultimate speeches. A claymation christmas. Sequence. An entire episode.

That s just d d a pbs style documentary pillow fight and an actual zombie outbreak gonna be a nerd responsible for coining the darkest timeline a phrase that s become a useful descriptor since 2016..

Community keeps you guessing thinking and laughing. Before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions got to ask yourself one question. Do i feel lucky well do ya punkk you know what why do ya hot. Damn choose tina that looks bad.

The nurse said the phone will go down a couple days. I m not really getting what you just said. I said i m not getting it number one the venture brothers hey captain i got you hope you re hungry because i m gonna feed it to you like rick and morty this incredible adult swim classic uses comedy to explore some pretty heavy themes. Dean and hank venture.

Our boy adventurers ala jonny quest are the hardy boys or at least. They want to be don t forget to call me. Hank inators. I ll do no such just like their super scientist.

Father thaddeus. Rusty venture was big league. What d you do nothing. I was just sitting here.

Watching the worst porno ever is that a head. However the grown up rusty is a mess. And his life of boy adventuring has left him a depressed antisocial narcissist. Always trying to live up to the legacy of his actually brilliant and deceased father jonas venture with bureaucratic supervillains and years between seasons.

You d think it would have lost its charm. But this hilarious send up of superheroes and adventure stories of old as fans perpetually clamoring for more. It s associated with some recent scene of yours. I wish i can t remember the last time i got lucky in that car hey.

This is kyle gatehouse. Host of watch mojo s new series the worst travel show click the link below to watch it on facebook for more great videos published every day be sure to subscribe to ” ..

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