Top 20 Classic Isometric RPG games like Baldur s Gate PART 1

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“And welcome from eastern europe. My nname is coldbeerhd and this is part 1 of of the ultimate top 20 list of a games like baldur s ngate. Icewind dale. Edition.

Made with the same infinity engine as baldur s ngate. Icewind dale. Is more battle oriented game here you will find less side quests and less nstory than in baldur s gate. But you will enjoy an amazing atmosphere because game nis really detailed every animation and sound effect is really nailing.

It game is well known for it s beautiful landscapes. Nand eye. Catching colors icewind dale enhanced edition has very positive nreviews on steam and even bad ones are somehow not legit. In example.

There is one man complaining about nmultiplayer not working properly do any of you play icewind dale for multiplayer. Ok. Maybe you do i m not judging. And even that problem is resolved you can nsee that developers react to the comments and they take action second part.

Icewind dale. 2. Is also fairly nsimilar. But it uses third edition.

D. D. Rules. So.

It s a bit of a change. And there is no nenhanced edition. At least so far. But i made my research and it seems it may nnever happen.

Because developers have lost the original source code and to make enhanced nedition would mean that they have to create almost whole game from scratch and this is nnot a thing they would do but anyways icewind dale. 2. Is a great game nand if you re a fan of baldur s gate..


It s a must try for you you never played the second part of icewind ndale. Because it has no enhanced edition. It s a crime punishable by 7 years of gulag. So stay away from gulag.

My friend play both nparts planescape torment enhanced edition game has been updated with a 4k interface nand a remastered soundtrack. So it was reborn again with a new beautiful nface a thing. Most of us will never have but don t let the pretty paint job fool nyou. This is still a story rich tactical rpg with a massive world that will rock your socks noff world of planescape torment is filled with ninteresting creatures devils and strange beings game features 5000 pages of dialogs.

So there nis way less combat and a lot moe of exploring and reading listen to that again 5000 thousand pages of dialogs. How many pages had the last book you have nread you know what the wors part is i never learned to read see this is massive. I know several guys who prefer planescape ntorment over baldur s gate. And i can see why but i also know a guy who likes to paint flowers non his naked body while drinking vodka.

Mixed with coca cola. Who does that who drinks. Vodka with coca cola in a well known. Website.

Gamesradarcom. In na best. Games of all time section. Planescape.

Holds. 8th. Place. This is huge torment tides of numenera ngame is a modern isometric rpg released in 2016.

And it takes a lot of elements from planescape ntorment. I have to say that the game is inspired by nthis classic game. But tides of numenera doesn t share the lore of the planescape torment game has 50 different music tracks created nby mark morgan. The same guy who created music for planescape torment fallout.

1. And 2 and nbunch of other games in this game. Most encounters can be settled nwith a bit of conversation instead of fighting game consists of 90 percent reading and 10 npercent of everything else and that is great because it is really fun nto..


Create and live your own book of adventures drakensang. A wonderful rpg with lots of quests well naged graphics. Interesting crafting system and great story. What else could anyone want well stability would be great.

As i can see from comments left on steam ngame sometimes doesn t even start so if after this review. You decide that nyou wanna try this game. Read comments. Carefully don t throw your money away.

Remember that for 10 euros. You can probably nbuy bottle of vodka in your country. And vodka is not something you should trade nfor. A game that doesn t work vodka that s what they drink never water drakensang s battle system is real time.

Nbut allows players to pause and execute party orders easily drakensang has been somewhat criticized for nits. Fairly predictable story. However. Many have also complimented the game nfor its combat mechanics.

Strong voice acting and overall good production values. Most of the reviews on steam are also positive nso if you succeed to run this game. Without problems you gonna have a great adventure dungeon siege franchise ndungeon siege. Tells the tale of a once humble farmer destined to become a powerful hero.

Oh. My such an original story. Nevertheless dungeon siege. Combines immersive nelements of a role playing game with non stop action.

So it s more hack n slash kind of a ngame. But it offers good depth of character control and developement. So it definitely nbelongs to this list. There are three dungeon siege.

Games. And while npeople love first two editions third had some technical problems with the saves and nco. Op mode and other stuff by the time i created this video only 58 nof the reviews on steam were positive so for better experience try older editions..


We have a saying in eastern europe. Better ndo your shmekls with an old lady and not with a neighbors sheep. The same is with dungeon siege. The older nthe better just like the whiskey right shadowrun dragonfall.

Nthis. Time. It s a cyberpunk theme is quite rare so this game is a real ntreat. If you are looking for diversity.

And it s not very old released in 2014. Nit still has that new game feeling game s story begins in 2012. When magic returned nto our world awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend among them was the great dragon feuer fiurer fiurer shit feuerschwinge feuerschwinge. Who emerged without nwarning from the mountains of yes you guessed it right germany.

So people fought the dragon. They won and nnow. It s the year 2054 and as most cyberpunk games go we re dealing with a dystopian nsituation the line between man and machine is blurred nthanks to rampant and unchecked advances in technology. And yeah.

Elves trolls. And other nstuff live among humans game has very positive reviews and pc. Gamer neven. Said that this is one of the most memorable and complex rpg stories of the decade arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura nthis.

One is quite old and probably will remind you a bit of first two fallout games in arcanum magic. And technology. Coexist ncreating. A magical world shimmering with adventuring possibilities as with most games like baldur s gate.

This ngame adapts to every choice. The player makes including fighting style dialogue options nand alignment in game. You will meet more than 300. Unique ncharacters and monsters you can play in real time or invoke turn based combat and also nyou can enjoy day and night cycles that affect gameplay comrade why.

Don t you tell them what. s nwrong with this game . Oh right with windows..


10 you can experience huge framerate ndrops. Sometimes it goes down to 5. I never heard of anything so low. But you can find every fix on the internet.

So before you can enjoy this amazing story nwithout. Any problems you might need to work a little bit for that i worked hard for this tyranny nfrom. The narrative masterminds at obsidian entertainment. Tyranny is a classic styled nrpg with a new and original story shaped and molded by your actions.

The very layout of the world will be altered nby your decisions as you choose sides make allies and enemies and fight for your own nvision of law and order in an immersive and reactive story game is beautiful. But that s understandable nbecause. It s new and reviews on steam are very positive you nhave to scroll hard to find any bad ones. As people say this game is spiritual successor nof baldur s gate.

So you won t be disappointed. If you buy it and one more thing. The player here is not na random villager who rises to power. But an instrumental officer with considerable nresources and authority use that power to enforce the new status quo.

Nor try to make change from the inside pathfinder kingmaker nthis game was born with a help of 18 000. Kickstarter backers so it conquered minds and hearts of a players nway before its release here. You will explore the stolen lands. A nregion that has been contested territory for centuries hundreds of kingdoms have risen and fallen nin.

These lands and now it is time for you to make your mark by building your own nkingdom. Though i should mention that players are ncomplaining about loading screens. There are a lot of them so if you are not na patient. One you should consider reading the comments before buying that s it first part of top 20 classic nrpg games like baldur s gate is over my name is coldbeerhd.

And i have to ask you nif you liked what you saw please subscribe. There will be plenty more lists like that nin the future and also you might want to explore my channel nfor. More thank you for watching and have a great day ” ..


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