Top 5 Budget Gaming Keyboards For $50

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“Today. We re gonna be talking about my top five budget keyboards for around 50. 50. The reason i wanted to make this video is because recently the keyboards.

I been using have been pretty expensive. This is the durga venus and this was around 140. I mean we got the vortex poker back. Here.

Which is another 140 ducky 1 2. Mecca s the mini. You re talking like a hundred two hundred and twenty and i actually just pre ordered the mecha frozen llama edition. Which is i think around a hundred and thirty five dollars.

So by no means are those budget keyboards. But i thought it d be a good idea because i think around fifty dollars is a decent price point for a lot of keyboards and i think these five keyboards are still very good especially for the money and i wasn t just putting them in my top five because they re super cheap so the first one. We re gonna be talking about is the gk 61. I have made a video about all of these keyboards before but this is the hot swappable gator on switch 60 keyboard.

Actually does have very nice rgb. Even though these are the basic key caps. No putting key caps on it you get red blue..


Brown or black switches on this and like i just said. This is hot swappable. So if you don t like the switches that you get you could actually just change them out instead of getting a brand new keyboard and you get this for as little as forty two dollars right now. He just tried to throw disrespectful man.

You just tried to throw a medkit at me how was that wow. Ruff. Oh. This is like super bad.

What thou why is this so laggy right now holy oh. This is i promise you guys. This is not the like recording that s laggy. This is the actual gameplay what i didn t hit him off bro that s so unfortunate.

What have been so much cooler so up next. We have the fecker 60 keyboard. I can t keep a straight face. When i say the company s name because it just sounds like.

But i did make a review on this keyboard and basically what i would say is that this is a even more budget and pro to copy. This thing is basically the exact same as an amp pro. Till you get several switches on this you get auto move data on and cherry mx switches..


It s got the exact same layout as the m pro 2. But you get this keyboard for as little as 55 right now which i think the cheapest. I ve ever seen an amp pro to go is about 65 and then normally they sit around 80 dollars and for something that s virtually the same and you get a lot of different switches and collars. You know comes with red blue brown and black switches.

But then like i said before you get auto mode on or cherry mx. I think this is a really good keyboard for the price is that a good need yep yes. It was hello edu. It oh i m so lucky oh.

He got super tired god that was so bad my accuracies rock. Hey you wanna play that game you can play that game. I m fine with that again and for my number three we have the wall mere k66 now i don t have the actual keyboard to show you guys because i have made several videos with that keyboard and it was very popular on my channel. So i ended up giving it away to one of you guys so now i actually don t have the keyboard anymore.

But this was the incredibly bright keyboard with the translucent bottom and the gator on switches it s honestly the brightest keyboard i ve ever seen and used it looks great on the camera looks great while you re playing and right now you get it for as little as fifty three dollars and just the same as the other keyboards gator on switches you get them in red brown blue and black switches and especially for the price point. And how unique the keyboard looks you can t really go wrong. So for the number two spot. We got the very popular rk 61.

Keyboard. If you guys have seen my other videos with the rk 61. I actually have the older version with this microusb and it s actually in the center..


Now you get the usb type c. And it s over to the side on all the updated versions. But this thing. I don t really have to talk about too much cuz.

I would say this is probably the most popular budget 60 keyboard out there. There s tons and tons of people have made videos about this very reliable. Very very good keyboard especially for the price you get this for 51. And i believe now the newer versions come with gator on switches.

I don t actually know which one this is because i got this keyboard a really long time ago. 37 37. Jesus christ out of here out of here and for the number one spot. I don t think it s a real surprise.

The updated version of the rk 61. This is the rk 71 like i said with number two you got the usb type c. Over here now still have a very sleek design very clean even with the extra keys and the dedicated arrow keys over on the side. And also a nice little addition to get the colorway coming out of the side of the keyboard.

Which just adds a nice little touch. And i think makes the keyboard look a little bit cooler. And you can get this for as little as 58..


Now i talked about it recently when i made the review of this keyboard. I think when it first came out. I was seeing it like almost around 80 bucks. Which was like you know ampro to prices.

Which is kind of tough. I d rather just get an amp pro 2. But now when you bring it down to like the 50 range. It is a very very good price for this keyboard you re not gonna add me okay genius bro.

I don t know how i didn t hit him dude. That was a good shot. Thank you doing this man all day. I could just do that over and over again man.

I promise okay somehow found that guy he put up a floor over me. He was not expecting that i ll tell you so i will have the links down in the description to all of the keyboards. I talked about if you want to go check any of them out so hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. If you did please leave a like and i ll talk to you guys.

” ..

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