Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Cases

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“And welcome to this video we will be reviewing the top five cases for the the samsung galaxy note 101 in the note series many samsung fans are now sporting new note. 10. And it s stunning aura glow color range and amazing technical upgrades. Though we haven t got no hands on the new handset.

Just yet. We have a great variety of protective and stylish case options that we highly recommend perfectly shield your new phone first up. We have the ring key fusion x. Note.

10. Plus codes right away. You can see the major benefits of this case. If you ve just purchased the note.

10 in or a globe. This case clearly shows off some songs new signature rainbow effect glass back. Which is something i feel the new 10 official case range is lacking the main draw to this option is the military great protection. Which has been dropped tested to absorb impacts and save your phone from unwanted cracks.

And dents. There s not many cases out there that combine high quality protection and pack..

Transparency and reinke s case range remain low on cost. So you don t have to pay more than you re willing to get exceptional coverage along the sides you ll find the integrated ridges. A secure design that offers a natural non slip grip to avoid fatal drops. We know how important it is to keep your screen unobstructed from any scratches in this case uses raised bezel edges around the screen to help you elevate it off the surface just slightly reducing scuffs and scratches caused by surface wear in terms of button.

Functionality. This case is very forgiving and feels responsive giving that satisfying click when you press it down. Though. The design can look a little chunky.

The unique futuristic look stands out against most of the plain black cases. And if you re not a big fan of the simplistic black look. Then you can choose from these fun space blue and camo black designs next up. We have the official clear the cover case from samsung.

If you have something that does more than just cover up your phone from back. Then this is the case for you custom made to work with your phone s features this case benefits from an interactive notifications display down the right hand side that clearly shows your important texts calls time and battery lives this material feels premium and pulls off that executive look without being overly plain. I like the simplistic design and it feels tough and efficiently protective and fits very smoothly around the edges with this minimalistic bottom cover as opposed to the usual raised design. The only issue.

I found is the insecure feel to the front panel. Unless hold it closed or keep it tight in my pocket..

The front is often prone to falling open. And there s no class keeping it together other than this it offers a really complete cover while keeping a check with the modern smart baler for a thin economic option that returns. We have the eiger north protective case. If you need some extreme protection in this case should be high on your list its jewel layer the tpu protection combined with polycarbonate material effortlessly.

Absorbs any impact to provide that extra bit of protection. If you re a little overly cautious like most protective cases. I can or thinks about protecting your screen as well as the sides and back so they ve installed bezel edges around the edge to lift your phone off the surface when it s face down stopping any damage caused by rubbing on surfaces the bottom coverage offers a significantly raised silhouette which makes it easy to find my touch. But pressing down it feels quite firm as opposed to the soft click you get on the exposed buttons from a design perspective.

It s very minimalistic for a protective case. It s not overly bulky and feels very tough. But it doesn t add anything to the shape of the phone. I like the fine textured pattern across the back as it looks great while offering that added grip protection which i find helps with the larger size of the templars.

With it being one of the cheaper options out of the five cases mentioned in this video. I d highly recommend this case based on its protective qualities and brilliant slim fit engineering for something more on the glamorous side. We have the official led cover case from samsung as we ve seen before on the s10 plus. We show you this case.

Once more is a great accessory for the note. 10 plus..

Though it can be seen as a gimmick. It does offer great mood lighting and shows little lines of notifications symbols. Among the lights. Which you can customize to show both or one.

At a time it does however take power from your phone through nfc and disables wireless power share. But from our experience. The power drain is very minimal to a point you hardly notice. It making it more of a harmless feature as a poster and unnecessary hindrance.

This case is best utilized as a cool cosmetic accessory over any protective properties. But i wouldn t say it offers no protection at all it s a hard shell that tightly hooks. The phone s design and offers wide cutouts for buttons and pores adding that little extra layer to your phone to deflect any everyday wear and tear overall. It s beautiful light complements the design of the note 10 keeping in check with the light reflective theming samsung have chosen for their latest product finally we have the carbon fiber case from alex are great for phone users.

Who appreci style and protection. This smart technology. Uses a special print and flexible material to offer a slim fit protection that looks modern. Even.

Though. It does cover up the new reflective or a bar is classic black lock..

Doesn t take away from the colorful display. It s flexible material makes it quick and easy to slip over the phone avoiding corner damage and paint peeling. When you re trying to force on a stiff tight case. It gives the additional subtle style and texture that feels naturally gripping.

So i m less likely to drop the phone when walking or texting. Though it s not want to turn heads. It s perfect for those who just want a case that protects your phone without making it bulky. While considering the final look and style in the process.

So that s all for our top cases for the samsung galaxy note templars. I hope you found a case in this video that works for you if you re looking for more top 5s and mobile accessory. Reviews. And news.

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