Top 5 Wished for Camera Lenses on Amazon Best Camera Lenses

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“Can buy pretty much any camera lens on namazon these days in this video. I i am going to cover the five nmost. Wished for camera lenses in all of stick around to find out which lens comes nin at number 1. But before i get into it remember to come nvisit us here at the digital goja showroom in miami.

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Below so let s begin number five is the canon ef 50mm. F14. Usm nfor canon full frame dslr cameras. Why are 50mm lenses.

So popular well the 50mm. Focal length is great for portraits with a f stop of 14. It has excellent light ngathering capabilities and provides a shallow depth of field that creates a soft blurred nbackground behind your subject 50mm prime lenses are versatile lightweight nand compact and a great way to improve the image quality of your photos. They are also usually affordable.

When compared nto other lenses and coming in at around 299..

This particular canon lens is a great buy the number four most wished lens on amazon nis nikon s af s dx nikkor 35mm f18 with autofocus for nikon crop sensor dslr cameras this lens is great for use in low light without nflash it s fast lightweight and inexpensive. It s one of the best fixed normal lenses. Nfor dx cameras. It has a quick autofocus.

But a great additional nfeature. It has is that it allows for instant manual focus override by rotating the focus nring without having to deal with a switch at around 200. You can t go wrong and is na must have for anyone shooting with a crop sensor nikon. Dx camera coming in at number three is nikon s af s nnikkor 50mm f18g lens with autofocus for full frame nikon.

Dslr cameras just like the canon this 50mm is a must have nfor portraits and everyday use. It gives you a great shallow depth of field ngiving. You that natural background blur. It s lightweight and compact.

So it s great for ntravel and performs well in low light situations coming in at around 200. It s another really ngreat buy number two is this tiny little. Guy the canon ef. S 24mm.


Stm lens. The 24mm focal. Length is one of the most popular nas. 25 of all canon lenses.

Contain. The 24mm. Focal. Length it gives you a nice wide field of.

View and. Nat. 28. The aperture is wider than most kit.

Lenses. And zoom lenses and can create some nbackground blur with a close subject. It s a sharp lens with good autofocus and nas you can see it s extremely small and lightweight stop. Me.

If i m sounding like a broken record nbut..

This lens is also really affordable this particular lens will only set you back naround 130. There s definitely an affordable trend among nall. The lenses on this most wished for list on amazon before we reveal what the number one most nwished for lens on amazon is here are a few honorable mentions altura photo s 58mm 43x wide angle lens nfor canon. Which mounts to the front of your fixed or zoom lens to allow you to capture na wider field of view the canon.

Ef. 24. 70mm f28 usm. Zoom lens the canon.

Ef s 10 18mm nf45 56 is stm lens the nikon af. S nikkor 85mm f18g lens and rounding out the honorable nmentions is the canon ef 40mm. F28. Stm lens here it is the number one most wished for lens in all nof.

Amazon the canon ef 50mm. F18. Stm lens also known nas the nifty fifty not surprisingly the most wished for lens nalso happens to be canon s most affordable lens coming in at around 100. It s attractive price and fast maximum aperture nmake.

It very popular it s a solid choice..

It s a small light lens. That s sharp nand great for portraits it s prone to lens flare. But purchasing na lens hood for less than 10 will help you avoid that the autofocus is also on the slower side nbut. It s stepping motor is quiet and provides a smooth and steady change.

Which is great nfor video. It s sharper than most kit lenses and performs nwell in low light situations with its wide aperture. It s a lens. That s really hard to beat nfor the quality and price.

It s a killer bargain and i can see why nit s the most wished for lens on amazon. So there you have it what s on your photo gear wishlist. Let me know in the comments below. Remember you can find links to all the lenses nmentioned in this video in the description.

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