Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset Review For Xbox One Turtle Beach Earforce 800X Elite Headset

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” s going on and welcome to neuron gaming. If you re watching this video more more than likely you re interested in the turtle beach airforce li 800 x. Now me start off by saying that i personally use this headset every time. I play i love this headset.

Know i haven t used any other headsets like astros for example. But i ve never really had the need to do so with that being said let me go ahead and list off the things i like about this headset. And what i don t like about it okay. So the pros number one it s wireless wires are becoming obsolete man.

Everybody loves wireless. I personally think the sound quality is amazing say for example if i m playing for tonight..

I can literally tell exactly where an enemy is strictly from the sound of their footsteps. 3. It has bluetooth now this is pretty simple. But i can t stress enough how valuable this is especially when it comes to playing games.

And if you want to just listen to music through your phone or your pc 4. It has a lot of different modes and settings. And honestly for me to go over every single setting would take a lot of time. So i think it would be better if i just let the link to the preset manual in the description down below.

So you guys can check it out. 5..

It comes with a charging stand so you can charge your headset and it just looks nice. 6. It has battery life of about 10 hours. Now that could be good or bad for you depending on how long you play.

But for me personally. I think 10 hours is enough. 7. It has noise cancellation basically you can block out any outside interference.

If you want or you can let outside interference go through your headset. Which i think is pretty cool..

And finally number 8 custom speaker plates not personally never customized my headset. But nevertheless. The option is still available and i ll leave a link in the description. So you guys can check out all the different plates anyways and now for the cons and i have three of these number one it s a little on the expensive side.

But i mean after all the pros that i just listed. It s kind of expected number to it personally hurts my ears after a while and i mean a long long. I m talking after playing games or just using my pc in general and number three. It did break on me once and i personally take very good care of my equipment.

But the fact that it broke on me so easily did upset me luckily this headset come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Which got my headset replaced for free..

So kudos on turtle beach for that overall. I give this headset a solid 9. Out of 10. It s a very awesome headset and i still use it to this day to this day.

If you guys have any questions make sure you leave them down in the comment section below otherwise. If you enjoyed this video. Then don t forget to leave a like and hit the subscribe button for future videos. This has been a divine gaming production and i ll catch y all.

Later ” ..

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