Turtle Beach Stream Mic : REVIEW and MIC TEST

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“Guys so welcome back to a brand new video. Today s video. We re going going to look at something that still falls in the line of like gaming peripherals. It s not a gaming headset now with twitch and youtube being as huge as it is right now and a lot of people wanting to stream you may have somebody that already likes the headphones that they use and don t want to go to a gaming headset just to be able to use the mic.

So turtle beach s solution to this is that they came out with a microphone. That s built specifically for being able to stream and stuff like that. And so today. We are looking at turtle beach s stream mic.

Now you can see by the box. It looks very very small and so this is actually made to be able to be used on your tabletop. It also comes with this very small adapter to be able to put it on to like a boom pole or any kind of arms. So that you can use it that way that s just in case.

It doesn t work being on your desk. The only other accessory it comes with is your usb cable. That is made to be able to plug it into your pc. Your xbox or your ps4.

It works on all platforms alright. So like i said again you can see that this mic is well it s tiny. It actually has the mic in the front and in the back. There s several different modes that you can use in this because it s not necessarily just for gaming.

You can use it in a scenario..

Just like you would the blue yeti. If you were going to interview somebody that way you can talk onto one side. And it would pick up what the other person is saying on the other side as well i m not sure if you guys can see that in the manual. There are the different modes right here it shows you that the different colors that this lights up right here will tell you what mode that you re in now.

There are four different modes. We re going to look at each one of them just to tell you what it is and kind of what it does if it s lit up in green. It s in cardioid mode. Now what that does is it s kind of the main one you would use if you re going to sit it like right here on your desk.

And you re going to be looking at it and talking that way. It s only going to pick out what s right in front it all right now if you flip it and turn it to purple. It becomes in bi directional mode. Now what that does that s where i was talking about if you were going to talk to somebody and interview them where they can talk on that side it would pick up what s on that side.

And what s on this side. As well now. If you flip it over to orange. You then turn it into hyper cardioid mode.

Now what that is it s for like if you re in a noisy room. And you don t really want it to pick up. And you really are going to be kind of close to it that way you can just pick up something right here and then if there s noise and stuff going around you it s not going to easily pick that up and it s going to focus more on you right in front of it and then the last mode is blue and it s omnidirectional that pretty much means you can sit this in a room. And it s just going to pick up everything that s going on in the room.

It doesn t have to be in front of it or behind it it can be over to the side..

It s just going to pick up all noise. Now i personally found that i left it on green for cardioid mode. That seems to be like the norm. I did the same thing with my blue yeti and it always seemed to be like the perfect fit also by looking on the back you can see that there is an input for headphones that way you could plug straight in and you can actually monitor what it is you re listening to you can control the volume up and down right here on the mic itself this button right.

Here is the one that switches it into different modes and you can see the colors change on the back just as you would the front and then you see the switch next to it that is for xbox mode. Is by itself. And then ps4 pc is a mode all on its own and then you see the usb port. Where you plug it in to be able to use it now up front is also the button to be able to mute the mic as well and you see the knobs here so that you can loosen it up and adjust it if you want it to stick more up like if you have it this way.

And you re sitting kind of above it you want it to pick up where you re sitting you have it on a stand and you want it to angle down sideways. You can flip it any way you need to all right so. No mic review is really relevant if you don t actually do the mic test. So i m going to give you a quick test right here.

So you get an idea of what the turtlebeach stream mic sounds like alright guys. So here is a test of the turtlebeach stream mic. This is in cardioid mode. I found that all modes pretty much resemble the same so i m not going to test each one there really just specifically for different different ways that you may be recording.

But this is straight into the mic nothing filtered nothing s changed altered in any way as you can tell if you watch a lot of streamers that actually use gaming headsets as microphones this kind of falls in par with that i really don t feel like this microphone is made to replace you know higher end microphone. Especially. Xlr mics has a built in pop filter. You can tell that the voice comes through very clear.

This is great for streamers..

I believe i don t know that necessarily this would be for youtube videos. But if you re in the market for this type of thing 99. And most of the times 69 to 79. I think this is a fairly good deal.

I think quality wise of the mic. I personally don t think. It s that much better than turtle beach s mics that are on their headsets. And i think for the price.

You re basically in the same range of buying headset. So if you re going to stream instead of having extra stuff on your desk you might actually just want to think about getting an actual gaming headsets now do i think this is a great product yes because if you have headphones that you like you don t really want to go out and replace it for a gaming headset because you may lose the sound. That you like just to be able to get a mic now the bass on this has a really nice weight to it it has a really good grip. So when it s on the desk.

It s not moving at all the build of the mic. I really like a lot. It s very well built very sturdy. The i don t know if this is metal right on the arms.

But it definitely feels like if everything else feels plastic. But not like a cheap plastic the grill itself kind of has like an aluminum feel as well. I really like the look of this i like that it has like the classic microphone. Look i like the functionality of it i think.

It s a really nice option..

If you are somebody that likes to stream or wants to get into youtube. And you know what this allows you to do too. But having the controls in the back of it it keeps you from having a mic like i do having to plug it into an audio interface now does it sound as good in my personal opinion no but it makes it very easy. It s very portable you can throw this thing in a bag and not have to have a whole set up you just take the microphone and the cable and you re good to go and plus.

It would work great for laptops. If you to be on the go doing stuff like that as well especially if you do interviews and you want to pick up things on the go. This is a really nice option so guys. That was my quick review of the turtle beach stream mic.

If it s something that you re interested in there is going to be a link below that you can purchase it just know what it is you re looking for do you want a gaming headset with a mic or do you actually have headphones that you like so much you don t want to give up and you just want to buy an external mic to use that way because it works great on the ps4 and the xbox one and i found it to be great on the pc. Just not studio quality. If you plan to use it that one so anyway guys. Thank you so much for checking out this video.

Thank you again for all the support on all the other videos. Lately. It s been incredible and as always guys make sure to stay. ” .


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