[Tutorial Playing Diablo 3 PC with an Xbox Controller!

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“Guys. This is crying welcome to another gaming tutorial today. I will show you how how to play diablo. 3 on your pc using an xbox controller before we can make sure you download the program joytokey the link to it is in the description below after downloading joytokey you have to look at the key bindings.

You re using in diablo. 3. As you can see i m using different one than the original ones i m using you wer t left and right mouse button knowing this we can jump into joytokey he enjoyed the key refers starts with the option part head to the option tab look out for the stick point of view and change it to the show all x s eight way this make sure we can use the left and the right button for our mapping. Now we can begin with mapping the export controls to our desired buttons.

I recommend start with the mouse options or the mouse mapping. Because it s the most difficult part to start just enable your xbox controller move the left and the legs analog stick app and see which but blinks up in my case it stick one up double click it switch to the mouse tab and slide. The slider up..


I would recommend a value between 70 and 80. I use 75 because i had some personal experience with it press ok move the left analog stick up to check. If it works and as we can see it works just repeat this with the others of three directions and then we can continue as you can see now we can freely move our route our mouse just using the xbox controller. The next thing we have to do is map the other buttons.

We need for this i would say we will map the left and the right button to the left and the right click so again press your button to see which one you have to map double click it switch to the mouse tab and choose left mouse click you can of course tester. With your controller. And it works. Next thing.

I see right click just repeat. What you just did this time press write and test it and it works perfectly now we have to assign these pad buttons. Which in my case are qw e and r for this i will assign q2a w..


To be e to x. And r to y. So just press. A double click.

It and this time. In the keyboard tab watch out for the yellow field click. It press. Your desired key.

My case. It s q and ok and repeat this for the other ones button 2 is b but. 3 is x and button for is y of course you can check it again..


I would say open. The editor or the notepad and press your keys and it works like a charm. The last thing we have to do is in my case quite important of course you don t have to but if you re playing the apple like a lot you really use potions so we have to assign the potion key. Which is in my case t as well for this i use the right analog stick.

I press. It and as you can see it s button. 10. Assign t to it and we re done now head into g above.

3. And test your your mapping. So here we are in diablo..


3. Now you can test your your mapping with all the buttons you test. And as you can see it works perfectly you can use my spells. I could use my potion if i would be damaged.

But yeah everything works this was my tutorial about using your xbox controller with your diablo. 3. If you liked my video make sure to subscribe to my channel and give ” ..


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