TV Review – Agent Carter season 2

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“Marvel cinematic universe is first musical number in this show that is if you do don t count the whole star spangled man thing from the first captain america movie. Main characters don t actually sing in that one in this one the main characters actually do sing and dance. So yeah. I think that qualifies as the first musical number in the marvel cinematic universe.

All right. I m with the review agent carter season two so after agent carter season one ended. I guess people everywhere just loved it which i can t blame them for it was pretty good so. The fans pushed for a season.

Two they pushed and pushed and now we get a season. 2. That is two episodes longer than season 10 season 2 of agent carter actually takes place in my city of los angeles. And here agent carter is reunited with edwin jarvis and the surviving crew of season 1.

So now we have our new adventure. Now season 2 of agent carter deals a lot with the substance called zero matter. Which is known as dark force in the comics. And this is actually really interesting because the people that marble said that this season of agent carter would tie into doctor strange somehow as in the doctor strange movie.

That s coming out in november. And this zero. Matter dark for stuff is that linked so now that i ve seen the stuff in agent khoder..


I m wondering how that ll tie into dr. Strange you never know with marble all right let s get to the characters like i said peggy and jarvis are reunited. So the witty banter is back. And it s just as good in this season.

As it wasn t season. One actually i think it might have been a little more comedic in this season. Jarvis has a lot more funny lines because people apparently like bad in season. One and i liked it it brought some light hardness to the show.

Which is actually kind of important because there s a lot of deep serious that goes on this season. And the ssr crew is back daniel suz s back. And jack thompson. Chuck thompson is actually pretty important this season.

He s he s an asshole he s a dick. But he knows what he s doing throughout this entire season. You don t really know which side. He s on is he on peggy side or not but i really like his character.

He s really cool and they even brought back dotty for a couple episodes. She was like one of my favorite characters pretty much in the entire series. So she s like peggy s rival you know so i really like seeing her again..


The unfortunate thing about the show. Though is that the scenes do get a little boring when they start delving deep into the ssr stuff. What i mean by that is you know jack thompson thirdly. These scenes where jack is talking with vernon masters you know about whatever and i was just kind of nod off during those scenes.

However this season did get rid of those annoying ass characters from last season. You know the ones. I said i absolutely hate it and couldn t stand i want it to strangle yeah both of those characters nowhere in this season. So i want thank you marvel for listening to me and my agent carter season 1 review and in fact not only are those characters gone.

But i d like to think there were replaced with these brand new likable preferable characters like edwin jarvis. His wife honor i love her she s so nice i love these nice characters who are kind of on the sidelines of the action. You know like they re pretty much sitting on the bench waving a flag gun woo go main characters that s on a jarvis in this season. She s awesome and another new character is jason wilson.

He s really important this season. And this is where the main plot with the zero matter starts coming in jason wilkes was a scientist for isodyne energy. Which actually created zero matter due to an accident. He was actually infected with the stuff.

So peggy s trying to save him the two of them actually start growing pretty close. But you know it s her and wilkes or her and souza from last season. There s this kind of love triangle thing going on and i actually thought it worked pretty well plus..


It made for one of my favorite scenes in the entire season. The musical number. I love that dream sequence man. I could watch that over and over it s like the very beginning of a second to last episode.

Peggy s in this dream. She s in a cafe. The music s going on and then you see sousa. He s all like you wah in a room nature takes its course conquers me by force and with no remorse.

I was like what s going on here. It was awesome the main villain this time around for peggy carter is whitney frost and at first she doesn t seem like much. But she starts becoming obsessed with the zero matter actually thought it was really cool she got this really sweet scarlet. I progressed throughout the season.

I think that looked awesome. But she gets so power hungry and crazy. But by the end of the season. She s like a female emil blonsky from the incredible hulk.

She s just out of her mind and by the end of the season. You re like yeah. Whitney frost is just insane..


She s got nothing left not too much in terms of character development. But it was fun to watch what could i say so all in all agent carter season. Two was actually a step up from season. One there were no bad characters in this season.

I loved every character there were some good marvel cinematic universe references especially in the season finale. I gotta say i really loved how this season ended that season finale was solid. So great characters great dialogue. Great action good music good stuff.

And i m really looking forward to season 3. Because you know there s going to be a season. 3. A question is how long is it going to be so agent carter season to have you seen it what did you think about it did you like it better than season.

One are you looking forward to season 3. Whatever you think go ahead and leave a comment and don t forget to ” ..

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