Unboxing Amazon Renewed MacBook Pro A refurbished cover-up

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” s going on youtube drop here i just ordered a 2015 macbook pro 15 inch. Inch. Which is arguably one of the most versatile macbook pros you can get today decided to look around and see what used options there are and i came across the amazon renewed program. Which i ve never heard of before it is to shop.

Refurbished pre owned and open box products that have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work and look like new and come with an amazon renewed guarantee this one is the more sought after dual graphics version of the 25 2015 15 inch retina if you want to check out this exact listing the one. I purchased and i haven t even opened this yet so we ll see how it is together. I m gonna put that link in the description below so make sure you check that out i m upgrading from a 2013. Which has 128 gigs and only 8 gigs of ram and the dual core i5.

So it s there s gonna be a step up for myself. So let s see ok so here. It is it s an interesting open box. I guess i opened it up upside down.

We have some bubble wrap on top and a charger. Here this looks like an oem charger. We get yellow by the way the seller is cts warehouse and they seem to have some pretty good ratings. And all the information here seems to match up and they do their own refurbishing.

Ok. Now interesting on there it said 512. The one..


I ordered said 512 gigs. This. One says. One terabyte.

Wow. Oh. Part of the amazon renewed program. They say that it looks like new from 12 inches away.

So if we re looking that feels a little weird if we re looking for 12 inches away do you really notice anything this might be a vinyl skin. Yes. This is a vinyl skin. That s why it looks a little weird on the edge huh.

So maybe they re hiding something maybe they re hiding scuffs and trying to play it all ok let s take a quick look around the ports. Okay so over here. It s a little dinged up. There s a bunch of scuffs on this side and the ports look pretty good.

Though ports look pretty good. There s a couple of scuffs around this back corner. And it s a little janky in this port..


Here. That s the charger port a little bit of bruising in that area. So it s not the cleanest cleanest let s flip it upside down okay so here we can easily see that they put a skin over this so. This is a vinyl skin so chances are it s not in the greatest of conditions let us open this up and see now under here is actually pretty good.

It actually is really nice let me flip this over so you can see it here. There s a little bit of i think that s dirt you know yeah this is just dirt. It s actually really clean under here maybe we ll be lucky and under that vinyl skinny it actually is cleaning the screen looks pretty good when it s off okay. That s a good start so i ll just go through the setup.

Process. Okay so what are we on here 28. Gigahertz core i7 16 gigs ram. So i m going to run some diagnostics on this.

But first. I m going to take the vinyl off now that it s fully off we get to have a better look at it there s a couple of little marks right around the edge. Which isn t you know a big deal that isn t too noticeable same thing around here if we look at the back of it there is a pretty significant little cut right here in the fit in the metal. So we can see that in the corner.

There is a nick over here and and it s hard part hard to capture this on camera. Here. There is a line that goes through this portion of the lid..


And then right here. So you can see there are a lot of abrasions get in this area. I don t know what amazon may have been thinking when they said that they also certify these from their professional team because they would have known there was vinyl on it and they would have seen this so. This is not this is something noticeable from more than 12 inches.

Away a few of these tiny ones you could deal with this one. It s lifting up a bit. So it was really nice little joint that came out but all in all it s not terrible condition this whole area feels nice. I m gonna go through each key the surface is very good.

I m actually really impressed i thought this area was going to be worse. Now what we have to do is flip. It over and i m dreading this one a bit take the vinyl off this section. Finally at least.

It was a good quality vinyl is ice and thick all right so taking a look at the bottom. Here. There s a couple of abrasions on this corner. There s a few light ones in the middle.

A couple of hair lines. That you don t really see a couple of scratches. Here is that one a little ding over here and a couple more in this corner that actually looks pretty decent and that s something that i think anybody can live with that is perfectly acceptable they actually am by the usb and the sd card reader looked really good on the other hand the other side looks a little dirty on those ports..


And there s a lot of where near the magsafe connector. There s actually a lot of where in there it looks like there s a little bit metal chopped around it right now it says that the battery health is 81. Which i think it s pretty good 782 cycles. So now we re going through the standard diagnostics test.

That s built in to mac os. Power adapter was not tested of course that may be an issue the power adapter. So that s all good so. The speeds are still pretty good here are the takeaways.

It s not a perfect condition. It s not like new condition. Either we were a little bit misled. Because there was vinyl on the top in the bottom of this machine.

Which there should not have been yeah. It has some bumps and bruises. But as long as everything works out i will be happy. I m going to test it over the next few days to make sure that there is actually nothing wrong with it before i go ahead and trade in my mac.

But if you found this helpful and you want to know where to find the link for this exact computer or for the listing that this computer came from i ll put that in description below and i ll talk to you on the next one ” ..

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