Unboxing: iPhone 6s Plus 64GB Rose Gold on T-Mobile

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“Neighbors adventure lake here back again with what we have here is the iphone 6s 6s plus and cold or rose gold rather sorry. 64. Gigs model you already know i feel about these little poly bags. Fortunately i ve been growing my fingernail down for the last month.

Complements now so i was able to open up this really easily. Unfortunately. I did see a little bend in the box. It s out you can see you know you got the grand prize your iphone.


6s plus. 6. Yes move that of course you already know what s in here. You have a little bit s got everything you want to know about this thing open it up and you get the iphone 6s plus diagram iphone info and two little two more apple stickers yay and another pair of headphones yay.

And another charger yay well this sanded. An avenger daughter. A challenger also charger. I hope this one afeni star v6 or hemi v8 usb cable yay.


I phone 6s plus. I m eventually a little bit late with the unboxing. But there s always been a problem with apple phones ever at least ever since i got my six plus yeah. There s always things about how i would take longer or longer to get it or input the androids especially samsung s i was able get it in the reasonable time frame.

But there it is all on its unboxing glory. Feel free to read subscribe share with your friends. Hopefully. This gets you pumped up for your own 6s or 6s.


Plus. As always you can like i said rate subscribe. It s down in the video description comments section. It s down below the video description.

If you got any questions comments concerns praise criticisms well wishes prayers etc. But no flames fighting spam dating or other such bullcrap and blood or comments please take it to the comments section. I guess. That s about it just you know when it s cold outside.


You know stay warm and bundle up when it s hot outside. You know stay cool stay in shape for your sunscreen on eat right stay active stay. Hydrated stay healthy. Don t let us bless you around and this has been adventure link signing off with the wise words of wisdom from eric the car guy reminded you guys to be safe have fun and of course stay dirty and stay.

” ..

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