Unboxing Pokemon Sun & Moon SteelBook Set AND Solgaleo Lunala Black Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL

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“Everyone today. I m going to open up the pokemon sun and moon special edition edition game and system. Let s take a look at the boxes first if you a collector that wants to display stuff in the box. These are the same height.

Which is really nice. But the game case is little bit thicker so just keep that in mind alright. Let s start with the game. It has a little sticker on top.

So if you are planning on getting this and playing it you might ruin the value. A little bit because you have to cut it open. But that is okay i just want to play it is a pretty strong sticker. Maybe it would be better to use a knife and that scissors like me.

But i don t feel like going to get nice good open. It s also hard to open messing. It up. Oh wow.

Just walk by the game. Okay. Here is the back of the box. It s got some of the new pokemon in the back.

There s a cute little vulpix. Let s see let s get some information right here the game is rated e for everyone. Which is good wireless broadband access required for online features each other information right there here is the barcode games made in japan a steelbook made in china. No that matters not i say.

There is something here on a bottom alright. Let s get it open open open open. Oh look at all this stuff. Okay box is empty hmm.

Oh. He gets a plastic case..

Two plastic cases look at that you get the original both plastic cases. Um yes. We have to cut those. Open.

Let. Me. See. Do the exam.

Oh. That is so cool um. Okay. There s only one cartridge.

So exactly sure what you would do it to chase. It s like you can t put a game an extra game in one and give it away or something. Oh wait is right is the sun. I thought it was mostly two cartridges all right so you get a pokemon sun in this thing.

And you have this advertisement for the z ring and pokemon bank. Can trade your put them on two different games. No i ll go so they you could pause it and let s say stuff like that okay. And this is the instruction manual in game manual.

It is just one big piece paper and let s take a look on here. I don t know what you re boring. Sophie on y know. Like this device may not cause interference or something.

Like that okay alright. So you get that and you get this and you get that to game right there i guess. It s really just fun alright. I was reading about this and it kept everyone kept saying it s like one cartridge and people some people were mad at that.

But it looks like tea party. Is doing okay..

So here is same thing in blue hmm. Same things right there alright. So um. A moon bar code sun bar code and steal book.

Which is very nice. It s not too shiny except for this part in the middle. But this part is matte and the opposite side is the same very nice paint two sided colors during i mean down the middle and the let s see how does it open. Okay scott spaces for both cartridges.

Very cool take net weight doesn t you go here. Okay. It s kind of hard to get in super. Hard.

Oh wow. This is like that one going at all okay. Um. Obviously.

This part is made to go down right. So i m pushing it down. But this part gets all right yeah mmm try not to break it. But wow.

I don t know if it s supposed to go to go internet. Okay go sideways. Yes why are they pointing sideways. It s stupid okay look at it.

Here s all the islands. Hello. The region. It that way hey dude is room this way here.

It s not over there. I don t like all the other sideways..

That s really bothering me do not like it why why oh why did i do that i don t like it don t like it at all. But the case is the outside is cool very nice alright. Let s see is there a sticker. There s no sticker on system.

Um. Here s the back. D. Hype right.

There. Um stuff right. There. See so over.

Here. Just pause. It we ll see you part. I don t care about this stuff.

A few people to do just pause. It and read it okay. There s some stuff over here. And over here.

Oh nice picture over here the end of the lion. Okay. That s that s enough. It s almost time for me to play the game.

Almost sitting so close just have to get the system out gets stuck right there. Okay. We have um. The information manual and the air cards.

No one cares about that surely you don t want to watch me open. It here s the system..

There s the box comes like this. And it s super shiny look how shiny. It is super fingerprint system and shiny in the back. It s got fingerprint all right look at it fingerprints all right so you have these phone and stuff steadily goods we get the power button probably gonna come on because i always do when you open it up i mean when you when you get a brand new 3ds they had to come on let me turn down to miami zoo nintendo doesn t sue me for copyright because it goes beep or whatever where s the sound huh.

Oh okay you can hear it once you do stuff. Yes. Some. People uh will be like oh you got the goods you got the good screen or you get the bad screen.

I don t know please don t selling into new. Yeah. Yeah. I m gonna just get to the just get to the home screen.

It s looking it s looking for my eyes or something i don t know i just want you to the screen. Okay no i want to set the time come on no. I know a nickname okay. Well anyways um.

I don t know if this is the maximum brightness or not oh. I remember people want you gotta turn it sideways. So like i don t know let me turn off the lights. That s what people want to see you want to see you turn it sideways.

I think that s the battling very good one i don t know i m not sure but anyways that is the uh 3d soo. I have two lights on light wait wait wait wait wait there we go alright. So that s the new 3ds and the game in the steelbook. I thought there were supposed to be some type of code for pokeballs.

I don t see it anyways thanks for watching this fast. The weird bad review and have fun playing pokemon. I m going to do it right now ” ..


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