Unboxing The $3000 Bluetooth Speaker

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“Sometimes i tell you that i m about to blow your mind. Now. I probably probably use that statement a little too liberally because then they ll be like some item that comes into the studio which i m like now that is actually gonna blow their minds. But then i ve used the statement in the past cuz.

I thought those things were what i would consider to be mind blowing. We need something beyond mind blowing now that said i m not certain that this is gonna blow minds. I just assumed so because beside me today is probably the most expensive bluetooth speaker on the planet. It s also an incredibly heavily requested unbox therapy product.

It s from a company called dvla dvla. How much is this i need to know i need to know exactly how much this is if you re looking to spend 3000. Your expectations are gonna have to be up here and there s even a suggestion of pairing two of these creating a 6000. Bluetooth setup like does this not look at it look at that look at this these are the expectations you have it 3000.

This it has to be a whole experience invented by viva la in paris made in france. Well you don t see that very often now. I m starting. Understand why it s 3 grand 4500 watts.

108. Db. Spl. The world s most critically acclaimed startup for the excellence of its innovations in sound.

Technology. Kabal gold phantom implosive sound sounds dangerous is this a thing that you need to know about is this a thing you need in your life. We re gonna find out this company reached out to me on twitter. But i decided to just buy the thing myself so i can give you the true scoop here ok here we go i might regret this i probably will in the sense that it s like 3 grand.

But you know me this is my job right here there we go what like it just gave birth to some alien life form. Oh. My goodness whoa. Oh.

My goodness jack are you kidding. Me oh. I ve seen pictures of this online. But man that s different in real life.

With this. What is that like some rose gold going on there is that metal. Oh a power cable in here. This is heavy and the reason.

It s so heavy is because it creates some enormous amount of pressure inside of this cabinet. Which allows for it to get as loud as it does. This is what the gray looks like this is apparently where sound is gonna come from bass should come from the sides..


So what do you say should we listen to it let s do it no. I told you some kind of alien life form can they hear that somethings about to go down. Oh. I m telling you it s giving me life for vibes right now.

I m having an alien moment jeez. I don t know if i ve ever had this level of anticipation in an unbox therapy video before so now that i m connected. It s quiet. What are we doing for music.

I feel so we re just going to soundcloud right now just gonna play from this list. All right let s all chill out let s just chill out are you ready to trouble at my feet and beg for forgiveness. If living means bowing down to the likes of you bastards. I d rather die on my feet with my head held high the low end on this thing.

What is going on right now this whole place is like mm. I mean. It s like you know if you re sitting in a car and there s a subwoofer in the back. And it s just humming along when you hear the bass.

Oh my goodness it s physical. I can feel it in my chest ahem. I m a i m in tear up jack. It s so small what is going on here this isn t making sense to me this thing is crafted in such a fashion that they can create pressure that can simulate what a much larger cabinet would be capable of doing because a normal speaker.

This size is not doing this it sounds like having a 12 inch subwoofer in the back of your trunk. And then sitting with your head right next to it that s what it sounds like what do you do you put two of these on a shelf. You call. It a day.

You know what else is occurring to me right. Now is just how independent the sound is like by this i mean the separation between the baseline and the other instrumentation. It s almost like it s happening exclusively instead of coming at you from from one perspective from one beam. Am.

I losing it it does not make sense to me you put this thing around a group of people and i do not believe for one second that there will be one person. There that s mind is not blown. I said in the beginning of this video. I got to start to reserve the mind blown for when it makes sense.

Today s that day. These french dudes figured something out is it worth three grand well that has more to do with your lifestyle than anything else. Because three grand. What is that that s like rent that s more than rent like what did you spend at the bar last night huh was that worth 100 bucks.

I don t know you can pooled all your money bought a case and got one of these to share with your pals. Because that s what we re doing for just a couple of dudes listening to music you ” ..

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