Unified Minds ETB Battle!

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” s up youtube. We are back i m in a different shirt not because it it s a different day. Why is this over here who put this paw patrol. Tanked.

On there. Its face. Was that you. Ah yes.

Oh. I m back in a different shirt. Not because it s a different day. But because i had to run a mile because i lost and sweaty so anyways darren s still here.

I m still here width on etv oh with an atv. Oh ahh unified minds. Ah. What do you say ah.

So much i don t know why ah dan give me your best ok dan still here and lacey. I m tweeting. It s over there are you tweeting your thing about food yeah. But it s just me drinking the drink instead of eating the food dance training for his marathon right now not well my drinking soda soda is so bad for you if you re gonna be running well.

It s gonna give you a side ache well. I m not gonna be running right now. But ok time that is at its top. Okay simon needed to just change my battery.


Oh okay. So this time. We re gonna do a battle. It s gonna be etbe soul.

I have an e li trainer box dan s looking freely trainer. What s this oh there they are sitting in this darren has suzy lead trainer box and the loser has to drink a bunch of mustard packets. What s something that we were contemplating but we decided against it because i m so um whoever loses. We got the pokemon water bombs down here.

Pokeball water bombs. So we ll fill those up. Whoever loses the winners get to chuck those at them outside three each right dan correct all right so i don t know what s gonna happen. But i have a feeling i m probably get wet because that s how things have been going ah or maybe i ll win something for once.

I think that darren is like darrin s overdue for a loss. Hey. I ve been i ve been riding riding high except for when we had nothing on the line. I lost back yeah.

I opened the best out of that box. I should get an award all right a ward a prize. So it s time darren here. I am let s get these are all pauls.

Oh we re working on a master set right now we haven t really opened that much stuff because we stopped to do the mass opening that s really yeah we just talked about how cool this is it looks cool. It s a cool looking box is see if we can set this for all three of us can open at the same time whoo that actually works i m danny then they are you i m darren whoa. You introduced yourself peapod dan no just chuck testa introduce yourself hey lacey. What do you say when the youtube video starts hey guys.


There you go that was good the only reason we re doing this is because we need this book yes. That s true so we can build a master. So i m using bubble pedia because i don t have the book there is a cigarette reset stack. I knew it there are dice for two three four five six seven eight to get the rare book the rare etb of nine packs.

I ll have nails or muscles. That s so you get a code card. All right so you find any white codes. You get pass over here.

Any green codes you get passed to you to first pack magic are you not getting pelted with look at that it s pretty yes. I also got a cherish ball. You like that yeah why nothing there are nothing oh i got a reset stan hey as of right now if this ended they re gonna be getting wet yeah. Yep yep.

Yep green code. Wow. White coat white coat. Follow go lysa misty s favor.

Nothing. Good nothing good can get it open. Yet. Oh.

White coat finally no jirachi look at that jirachi. You go good. A white coat. For me.


Okay. Oh. You got a white coat. All right.

I ll take the code all right look at the card. And what do you got four cards that s the good one a great potion oh. It s on a wallet right you hollow road. Yeah.

Awesome. That s a good voice can you do that one again wow. Joe the camera pane is in good shape. Why why if they were doing today my camera.

There we go wow. That s cute really cool i m not doing well here oh for dragon eyes. I quit hey dragonite cherish ball. We ll take that there you go i see that nothing again not valley hollow huh.

This is not good oh boy nicely done ok so i don t even know if it matters where school right now it does you know it does no wow. Well i got a solid second place. It s wrong. I got a solid last place all i got in my entire box was a recession and while that box okay quit.

I quit that drug gaming is now for sale laughter. Put offers in the comment section below fix. It alright danny s about to get super dredged. This is good see danny maybe if you just wanted to battle sometimes without something bad happening to someone this wouldn t keep happening to you you do this to yourself.


And you know i don t feel bad there s a lot of water here we go your backyard. Yeah. Yeah we ll try to miss the face. So i won t aim for your face laughter.

Yeah. Nice wow. Two for two. Oh.

There it is okay. Here. Throw. This.

Way your net hit him throw in to your dad. Okay laughter all right. So. If this is you first posture.

Don t challenge your friends to box battles or etb battles at least notice maybe your friends. But don t challenge us you know what i do it for you guys. I m okay. Losing and clearly not always how much i can do about it i got that s opening to change my shirt again ” .


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