Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger Demo

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“Is a demonstration of a universal battery charger. They are all pretty much the same same mine s happened till came in this box. But i would suggest that you the cheapest one available to you that will ship it to you in a couple of days not the one that takes over a month to get to you now the way that these work is that the slide piece on the side slides over to accommodate different widths of cell phone batteries and these little prongs move across to accommodate different locations of cell. Phone battery terminals.

Now your cell phone battery will have several terminals. But they ll only be one that is denoted as positive and one denoted as negative. Now it doesn t matter if you put it in this way with a positive first or if you put it in this way with the negative first because it slides over i usually do it this way i don t want to move the prongs. But it takes me too long to reset them you put the battery into the charger by putting it in like this and then sliding the slide piece over you leave some space.


Here and then you line up the prongs. So they line up with the positive and negative. I just didn t want to move mine. And you once you have them lined up you just slide it up and this reader on the side will show the approximate current battery charge.

I ve used mine all the way down to where there was no battery left virtually um. And now you can charge your battery of one of two ways if you aren t near a wall outlet. But you re near your computer. You can use the usp and plug it in there and then plug it into your computer.


But i ve never done it that way i like to pop the putout and then connect it to a wall outlet. Doesn t matter if you connect it this way or if you connect it this way. It s not polarized. What s connected to a current.

The reader here will constantly cycle through all of the available battery charge displays until you unplug it now that s important it won t this particular model will not stop when my battery s charged. So you just got to come back to it periodically pull it out and then look to see where your charge is set up um. It ll it ll get to a hundred at some point. Now.


There is a couple of words of advice here you could conceivably plug charge two devices at the same time you can put in the usb and then let s say your earbuds and see both things are charging at the same time. However i would not recommend this because it takes forever and nothing ends up getting fully charged so i don t like doing that but you can use this device to solely charge. The secondary device. If you so choose so let s say you finished charging your battery.

And you just want to charge your your secondary device. Whether it s earbuds or anything else you can do that also what you could do is once you have your battery charged you can go ahead. And when your cell. Phone battery runs out you put it in your cell.


Phone battery and swap out the other one. But let s say your earbuds run out first on you can charge them you can leave the cell phone battery in the charger. That s been charged plug this up and then you should be able to charge that but this battery s dead. So it s not lighting up ” .


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