Unlimited Gold Keys – CSR2 Hack 2019

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” s going on guys. It s the game exploiter here and today. I m gonna gonna be showing you the ultimate csr to hack if you want gold i can it for you if you want keys we can get it if you want cash we can get it now to do this is block. We are gonna need a root device and game guardian.

So if you don t want to read your phone. You can go ahead and follow my link just pop it up here or in the description. Which shows you how to install a rooted version of bluestacks on your pc. Now let s get straight into.

It first thing. We need to do is get our game. Guardian open and we will we need to find a race. Now.

There s some criteria we needed in the race to do this sorry in our race series. So we re looking for something like this where we have cash and we have a1 and these are essential and you will find out why soon. So. What we re gonna do is go ahead and search for this string of numbers in game guardians to ignore search for 30000.

1001 1025. So let s go ahead and do that so we re gonna hit quite in pawn research node you can see i ve already enabled retype it so it was a 30000. And then we want to do a semicolon which at that separates the searches. But it s just strings of all together so one at semicolon and it s a 1000 and then another semicolon.

It was one another semicolon and he was one thousand again and another semicolon and finally 25. So let s go ahead. And do it. And this is the d word search.

So let s go ahead. And do a new search. Here okay and here are the results let s just go in quicker d sights. Milan.

As you can see we can see all sorts of numbers twenty five thirty thousand one and these are correspond to the numbers in the in the wind line there so thirty thousand clearly if we change this search. It s out this is a thirty thousand here and we can go ahead and select these two and change this thousand into whatever we want so if we draw one thirty thousand maybe we want three hundred thousand. We can go ahead and click change three hundred thousand close game. Guardian refresh.

The page and boom. There we have three hundred files maybe one even more than three hundred thousand let s why not stick that to five point three million. So let s go ahead and click that and refresh..


It born five point three million and then we can go ahead and do the red. We can change any of the numbers here just by doing the same sort of thing. But that s not all we can do let s change this five point three million to something a little bit more reasonable. Let s say change it to one thousand now as you can see it s probably quite a bit less cash than it was it was thirty thousand originally and now it s only a thousand well that s fine because what we re gonna do is turn this thousand in two thousand whatever we want so you ll notice when we go into the search results.

We have a lot of ones. We only have one in the search string. But then we have a lot of ones. And what these ones actually represent these different values within the wind line.

So we re gonna go ahead and just refine. This search down to sorry let me just quickly save these and then we re going to refine the search. I m just going to type one in there and click refine and now all s we got there s all the ones from the last search you re just showing up psd sites them. And what we re going to do you just go ahead.

And well that s a while we ll see if we can change them all to a let s see what happens as you can see what we ve done is we ve managed to change the money into a mystery. We ve changed this number here into instead three fusion parts instead of one and that s what we can see what s obviously changes right there. So what we re interested actually is this mystery. How this is changed to a mystery.

We can change this to me can add as many fusion passes. What we can even change. Them. It s a pink fusion pass or green fusion parts.

It s easily done just by changing these ones into a one for green two for blue and three for pink. But we want the mystery. So what we re going to do is we re going to revert these changes back and we re gonna just search one by one and change it to a 3 1. At the time until we find.

Which. Which which one of our search results here corresponds to this cash. Win here. So let s keep going down to the next one nope.

Not that one let s revert that and the next one. It is a little bit tedious doing this. But there s not that many that took all free to be fair after this search. Result you know there was on the twelve results.

So it won t take that long with this one so we just need to change. It one at a time. We must we just need to find whichever..


One changes that to the mystery nope not that one there we go so now we have now we know which number which is this one here which controls our cache. So if i change that back to a 1. It will become back cache or with its this one sorry. Let s get that off the highlight.

So we change it back to 1 and we have okay so there are some other magic numbers that we can change that now i ve been through and checked a lot we can change that and say we wanted some crew xp everyone occur xp the magic number is 18. So we re gonna type that into 18 and close it open it back up and born we win a thousand crew xp. We could also have change that if we changed up to 19 we get the crew coins when we used to buy wild cards let s go ahead and do that and there s a thousand coins for the wildcats. We can change that to 22.

And that ll give us legend coins so we ll get a thousand legend coins for upgrading our legend car or we can just hack the legend coins when you were upgrade in the legend car and in another way we could change it to 13 that would give us the pink fusion. If i remember yep there we go i thought um pink fusion rewards. How s that so you re in that fusion. That s all changing if we wanted to stage.

6. Well that s 12. So we ll go ahead and stage. 6 pass change it to 12 and there s a thousands h6 and you do win.

These regardless now. There s some other codes in there i say i mean i found this one if you change it to 11. We can win a one star mini cooper now. I m sure if there s other numbers out there what corresponds to other cars.

But i ve been through 1 to 200 and this is the only car. I found if you wanted to go ahead and carry on searching through the numbers one by one it ll take a long time. But you might find out the cars hidden. Now.

Let s get to the good stuff now if we wanted to change it to gold. We can go ahead and hit two and then once i close it boom. We ve got a thousand gold now let s remember we could change this to this thousand so whatever this is massive resourceful mobile. We can change it to anything we wanted really we if we wanted to change these to you didn t want a thousand gold.

We wanted a million gold. A hundred thousand gold sorry there we go change into a hundred thousand or one hundred thousand gold now if i went out that goes straight into the well we got we can change this some of my search results. We could change it from god let s say we wanted some keys now seven seven gives us bronze keys we can get a hundred thousand bronze keys if we want eight will give us the silver keys a hundred thousand silver keys and the you guessed it if we changed it to nine we can get 100 thousand gold keys. That s a little bit excessive so what i m gonna do is go back.

And i m going to change it to some i don t want to make it too obvious that i ve hacked the game to the creator crs. So i m going to set this to something like if i recall i have seven gold keys all changing to 993 so let s go ahead and let s go back. And i 993 called keys..


What i do do is just run back to my where you can see my number of keys and as you can see i have seven gold keys. I have a lot of silver keys and one thing you can guess how i got those and 205 bronze keys now we ll see seven gold keys. If i click this yeah i m not paying i m not paying seventy pounds for 125 keys. There s no chance we re gonna go back.

I m gonna get myself a thousand keys for doing for this little hug. So there you go managers knife three keys. Let s go ahead and run the race. Okay okay.

And there we have it an easy win and 997 gold keys okay so now we re back from there let s go back and prove that they are legit. So i can go back into my courage and we go shoot our pinkies and we get a five star car as well excellent. So there you go that s it guys. This has been the game exploiter happy hacking.

aste close to 200 pounds by all accounts. What oh yes. I still need a good name. For it.

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