UNLOCKING My CROSS Potential!! Brawlhalla Gameplay

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” s the gun guy solution start here playing some more mahalo for you today. As as always today. We re going to be dedicating this video to cross. He has he has gauntlet there s some pretty cool skins as well i m trying to get him to level 25.

He s only level 21. So hopefully we can get to at least level 22 in this video and practice our blasters along the way because i m working on that garlis. I m pretty decent with already let s go ahead and start it out with the krampus cross and for a stance. I m probably gonna drop.

The defense in favor it more for us. I d rather it went to dexterity actually let s do dex. I d rather do dexterity hope you guys are having a fantastic day. Wherever you guys are and hopefully here we will get a good match going against brackets a diamond fate.

Three two. We re gonna try to unlock crosses full potential. Oh wow. I actually think he could have jumped earlier and got back.

But he didn t for some reason that was close boom maybe get off my stage. Looking at a three stock got to watch out for that man fate. Orb has some of the best cigs in the game. The neutral sig and the down sig and the side sig are all amazing.

I m doing all right even though. I m taking some good damage here. Oh my gosh. I got a full stock advantage.

So i m not too worried oh man that reach not too worried. She s in deep red. There it is gg dude. I could have played that a little bit cleaner.

I shouldn t have let her get me down to the final stock when i had a to stock advantage. But i still got the win so that s all that counts let s go ahead. And do a staff sergeant cross..


I ve actually really been enjoying the new call of duty modern warfare. And that s what this skin reminds me of oh. This is the map that i tried to show you guys the last time. I did a brawl video.

A couple days ago. But the background wasn t working some of you guessed correctly. It is from yoshi s island. I love that game used to play it when i was a kid.

I going against bless zero five zero for a platinum nap. Oh man he s got some good spacing all right so my ganas have been failing me against this guy. I m gonna have to use everything i can to beat him. He s doing really good.

Oh oh big we have us killed each other. But not quite. I had a pretty good ds2 come back there oh that didn t hit there we go i need to get unarmed kills for my missions. Anyways ouch.

Oh. Ho baby. That was good good spot dodging a little early on that down cig and i was able to punish oh man clean stock gg dude zero to death on that last stock. I m pretty sure so he started really strong and then i was able to adapt to his play style a little bit so alright.

I m going to use devil cross. Oh. That looks so clean the shading on that i can t wait to get black colors that man. I m really not the best with cross.

Though like bob the builder. I think he plays cross he s better at crossing me to cross just feels a little bit slow to me like dude. I let you get the weapon and then you just attack me with it come on my in cheap tactics got you on the head fate. That s a diamond fate to it so gonna be tough.

Oh that was sick man. I tried to do downlight and it said it did it down there and the disconnect and by the way a lot of people are like lucien when they disconnect. It s just because they re lagging..


Please. He disconnected on a ragequit right there no way he was legging. He was getting wrecked and as soon as he killed himself. He dc that s not a coincidence like i understand that people do leg out and die sometime and dc that way.

But it s pretty easy to tell whether they re lagging and it s also pretty easy to tell if it s a ragequit if you re destroyed and then they just quit. It s a ragequit oh man got level 22. Nice very nice. I think we are unlocking some pretty good potential on cross.

I don t know do i have every single cross skin let me check real quick. I don t remember if i do let s see i have most skins in the game. But i don t have every skin in the game. All right yeah.

There s only one one page and one legend that i don t have here so i do have every cross skin in the game. Interesting he needs more skins cross doesn t have very good skins. Yes. This one is really good this one s good oh i forgot about shadows nevermind.

I forgot about all these wow what am i talking about all right yeah. I have he has tons of skins. All right. We re gonna have to do hellboy.

I m gonna go with classic colors hellboy. Though looks the best in my opinion all right going against a diamond raymond not to be underestimated. If you watch my last video frame in is opie. So we re not gonna underestimate him see if he has honor i m gonna let him get the weapon alright.

I ll take it and then i ll let him get a weapon now getting so close. Oh. My goodness. See what i mean.

Raymond ax. We can t underestimate is so strong. He did good on gauntlets..


There. Give me that unarmed k. Oh. Please.

I need it for my mission. Oh. My gosh that was really close there. It is yo this gauntlet on gauntlet battle.

Is pretty cool. Oh yeah. Man that down sake hits. Both sides love that move man.

Oh. My goodness. The ex recovery alright even socks even damage five big. Oh he s starting to read me pretty well goddamn boys ggggg.

All right let s do at least one more game. Because he has so many good skins. I blew in fertile cross or shadow lord cross. They re both like pretty much to my favorites hmm.

I really really really like both of them all right i ll do i ll do shadow lord just ah. I wish i had black colors. I bet you this skin looks so good on black same with infernal. I really really like infernal as well they re both really good i know why i was saying cross doesn t have enough skin i totally forgot about these ones cross has amazing skins.

I wish the little floating crown thing on shadow lord cross head was animated or something that would be cool alright gonna get in soul. Oh. My goodness yep. I knew that was gonna happen as soon as he picked up that cannon my bad though i need on armed cato s but it s risky holy cow dude.

Calm down with that please bro is destroying me i am tous oh my gosh. I underestimated this guy maya could still come back. Oh that would have been sick..


Oh. My gosh. I went right into that gg dude. I did read he was gonna look for that graphic ansel nutrilite.

But it didn t even matter cuz. He still got the ground pound. Absolutely destroyed mike ross wow. Alright guys well i did pretty good otherwise.

I think i mean like i said. I m not that great with cross. I was able to beat a couple diamonds in there and lost to that guy who i m assuming. He s diamond that was a really good soul not that great on the ax.

But his cannon was great anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did please drop a like it really helps me out. I m gonna be leveling up my more decks pretty soon as well look at that he s 24 and a half almost really close to getting him to 25 and then probably be working on yumiko caspian. I got a lot of others that just be working on to get 25.

And but man i have over half of the legends black over half also if you guys didn t see the announcement. They just said that they re gonna come out with four more wwe crossover skins. So that s gonna be pretty awesome. I don t know which ones they are but right now we have john cena becky.

Then she xavier woods and the rock. They re gonna have four more one of them did look like the undertaker. I m assuming because he had like a big hat in the background. But anyways hope you guys enjoyed i hope to see you in the next video.

This is lucien sword take it easy guys. ” ..

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