UNTUCKED: RuPaul s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 3 “Draggily Ever After”

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“Piano music. Bell rings theme music static director nto the main stage all cameras repo repo rupaul. Ncynthia lee. Fontaine.

Charlie hides eureka alexis michelle sasha velour nina bo brown shea coule . You re safe you may leave. The stage suspenseful music. I m safe.

But i m a nlittle. Surprised because nina i put a lot of effort and nwork into giving you this completely different ntake of robot. Princess thoreen. Just to be safe.

I want to get back to like nbeing in the top shea. We survived another week and though as a costume ndesigner. I didn t do so well being nsafe is better than being in the bottom cause. I thought i might nbe in the bottom.

So i m gonna look at the nglass half full on this one. I m just gon live to fight nanother day. Looking good ready camera speeds all right nclap slate. Three two one now.

Oh yas honey. I get to sit down my toes are nkilling. Me oh girl. My feet.

Oh thank you we made it another day. I m just glad i m safe nbitch. So i didn t have to stand nup. There like all them hoes god when it s over do i nneed a drink.

I m gonna sit in the nsoft chair. Oh i m wearing the whole nchair right now girl you re wearing a whole nfurniture company darling. The lord the lord nthe lord. I have no idea what are all the drag nqueens of comedies are here oh and not on the top to me the freshest looks nare in this room sighs i plead the eighth.

I m surprised what s the eighth bitch. I don t know bitch chuckles. Who do we think is tops none of them chuckles you know they all bottom. I think valentina s in the top.

I think they love her nbecause she s easy to love and she looks beautiful and she s easy to look at but her. But her look is nill conceived. She looks angelic and nshe s supposed to be icy well. She looks like she ncould be like an ice skater yes.

I told her it reminds me nof my favorite michelle kwan costume. Oh you know what i m actually the thing that ni m most you know minus. Who s in the top nand. The bottom and who s safe here.

I m just really looking nforward to the fan art of these looks hello. That s what i m really nexcited about girl your fan art in that look nis gonna be the tits i fantasize about someone ncreating like a comic. It s just gonna be nstanding still cause it sure as hell can t walk bitch you had me caught up so what happened with your nlook girl. Like what happened like i know you were kind nof struggling a little bit in there.

Oh my god girl. It was so cute when i nwas standing. Still and then it was literally nlike as soon as i started to move all the ntulle just came underneath my feet and then the ribbons nthat. I used to hold together the hoops right one of them got caught naround my heel so i was literally njust like it was some like hobble nhaute couture.

What was your walk non the runway look like it looked like can we see it a recreation. It looked very scared njust like okay mine. Wasn t. Too different.

I m like the silhouette s non right don t look at the walk ndon t look at the walk. But you know i feel nlike in previous weeks. I ve shown them that i ncan walk right n right. But maybe that was kind of and that was actually the one nthing that was concerning the most about that look because with the time ni didn t.

Get a chance to do a fitting and i was just like i nreally don t. Know how this is gonna move. But in a dress like that nlike. It s hard to walk in a dress like that yeah.

I just have to say that for na design challenge. The ambition that charlie nand shea had in their gowns and frankly nthe fashion forwardness that sasha and i have nin ours. I m just really surprised in the top three. I m ngonna say shea and sasha and charlie listen.

Mrs. Cynthia nand eureka. I think you look fantastic and nina. I think you nlook incredible you re thought out you re nconceptual.


You re executed. The eyeballs are terrifying. I love it nina except nina. You do nlook like you had a bad boob job right now girl.

It s the fabric girl well. I m expecting opera from nfifth element to come out of your mouth. Yes. I love this shape of the nhead piece.

It s very elegant and that nyou created these brow bones as part of nthe mask. Thank you you really do smart work. Thank you up close you know i ncan see that you needed more time to do this look you know what it is ladies. It s soft sculpture pour one out for nserena chacha cheers serena.

So i understand everyone s nlike eureka. You re always the nloud one blah blah blah. Go ahead bitch. I was just gonna say nwho.

I thought should be in the top three. Okay yes n. Go ahead. I mean.

Honestly. I think ntrinity and valentina. Belong. Where they re at nbecause aesthetically.

They re both good and they ndid a great job. But their videos were nalso a huge point. But as far as like doing nwhat ru wanted. I think that you should ve nbeen in the top three.

You made a new fairytale nfor. Sure who do you guys think nis in the bottom farrah aja farrah. No aja s a top. I think you think aja s definitely on top.

But they were very bland nreacting to her though. I don t. Think they got her kimora s on the bottom nfor sure yeah. You think.

It s gonna be nkimora and farrah. Oh and peppermint s non the bottom no i think peppermint s nthe top three. I disagree who was walking behind naja going on stage. Because whoever it nwas is not her friend.

Because those chaps were lop nmother bleep sided. Oh. They were lop sided like i didn t. Even notice ntill.

She was going on so i felt terrible hey. A little butt cheek. Never nkilled. Nobody chuckles.

Indistinct. Chatter giggles. No who out of all the drag nqueens would you have sex with who would you have sex with should. I say yeah they re both in the room.

Okay. Who are they well. Sasha already knows nit s her chuckles because after we met ni totally wanted to know if she was single or not and the other one. I was nso fortunate during the cheerleading ncompetition to have my hand up nshea s ass chuckles cheers girl we smelled your cu cu you want to know why ni was like i was really like it cause neven.

We were marking it i was like she s still nholding my ass that girl alexis was like n. Chuckles hey hey i m a professional. I just wanted you to nknow that i was there and i knew my counts. I knew my counts he was touching your cu cu nonly for professional purposes.

That s right cheers shea. What about you is there anyone that nyou would have sex with on the show i would totally kai kai nwith sasha i d kai kai with you ndarling if we lose our boyfriends. I know bye boys. I would kai kai with alexis.

Oh. I would i feel like you would be fun. Nto. Kai.

Kai. With too charlie cause. I feel like you re a nnasty little bleep dirty pig bitch and that s how i like it little catholic school nboy here is getting more and more red nunderneath this makeup your blush looks lovely. I would like hate bleep nthe bleep out of valentina chuckles i.


Feel like that bitch ncould take a bleep you know she can you know she s hungry nfor. It who else would i nkai kai with girl. Why don t. You just nsay everybody i mean honestly i nwould pretty much bleep all y all.

I would i would too i think i love anybody nthat. Likes me i m very that person if you give me attention ni m gonna give you attention back well that s actually healthy well bitch. I tried to nrub my balls on you and you told me not to chuckles what about you cu cu yeah cu cu n. Well kimora and trinity.

I like sexy silicone in nthe house baby i like androgen i nlike fishy kimora does not have nany work done. Chuckles allegedly this is the fairytale episode. I want to know who nina nwould have yeah. Nina.

Who do nyou like i plead. The eighth honey. No no no honey that s not gonna work listen the galaxy is nin danger. Y all are so messy ngirl.

I am not she is so prude honey i am a born again nvirgin bitch oh n. I can t girl i can help you fix that girl if you ever need nsomeone to hit it from behind and tug on those braids ncall me all four of em shouting laughing i hate you sasha okay excuse me i m ngonna go to the restroom is it just me we ve been back here nwithout. The other dolls for a long time this critique is deep out nthere right now. What if they re doing nthe lip sync.

Without us. They forgot about us rupaul. Thank you nmy pretties. I think we ve heard enough while you untuck nbackstage.

The judges and i will ndeliberate you may leave the stage. I love what my nyou. Know what my sisters in nengland do and it s really really i mean you have to nbe able to i think i told some nof you what s the tea ladies hey girls hoes are back tell it all we need to know nthe tea we re asking y all. What s nthe tea.

I m in the bottom shut up aja no they didn t like it they said. My character nmade no sense. What she s joking. Y all.

I m shocked i m not joking. I m shocked farrah didn t. They say that yeah they did so what did they say to nyou farrah. They said that they nloved everything from the waist up.

They felt like the skirt nwas. An absolute fail and they did read me for nit being season. Nine. And i should have ncame here.

Know how to sew yeah. I should ve came nhere with a little bit more nexperience. I was like oh. No trinity trinity.

What nabout you they must ve loved nyou right. She won oh she won she won nthe challenge. I don t. Yes you oh come non you won.

I was really worried about cause obviously this is nnot something i would normally wear right. But i told you out there nthat you being a pageant queen you weren t. Afraid nto be ugly and that s something that nmichelle noticed she pointed me out as nthe pageant girl and she liked the fact that ni m not afraid to be to go crazy girl so what do you think the ntop three are from your perspective. Me peppermint and nvalentina valentina.

What did nthey say. Oh my god they said so nmany things like you re perfect. You re nbeautiful. You look.

Like linda nevangelista. You re a model everything about you nis perfect. Did you stone. Those tights.

Oh. You re smiling they eat her up every nsingle time. She s on that damn nstage. She doesn t.

Even she could walk out there nin. A bleep diaper and they re like i m not gonna say nnothing to that i know aja is definitely nbutt hurt about being in the bottom. And i feel like she s nlashing out at valentina out of sheer jealousy. She s definitely feeling na little bit bitter kimora what about you they hated my nmonkey look and i told them like look nlike.

I don t do monkey looks like that ain t my thing. I ve never painted my nface like a monkey and sat in front of a green nscreen and acted like a monkey. Like i ve never done that we all do it every nother day hold on let me just say. I m not mad at the judges n.


cause. They re just doing their job and njudging us. But like it sucks nbecause. I took a risk and i thought it paid off.

I thought that oh maybe ni m in the top. I never once thought ni might be in the bottom. I did not either so i m gonna admit like i m nreally talking bleep cause. I m just really n bleep bitter right now and i m upset.

Because nwouldn t. You be upset too girl they came for nall of me and i don t care they called me unpolished. I also want to commend you non something well the wig could nbe glued down a little bit. And i would have done a nblack spank well girl farrah.

Then nmake me. A black spank and get me some mother n. Bleep. Wig.

Glue and glue my wig down nfor me. Where were you in there you were getting your nlife. Together. You could hardly even get nyourself together and you re telling me to nget myself together girl bye.

I know that aja is pissed nbecause she just knew that they were gonna nlove her outfit and the fact that they ndidn t blew her bleep mind. And she s gonna have nto get over that and if they re telling her nyour makeup s too hard this looks cheap that nlooks cheap this or that it s time for her to listen. And if she can t listen nand she doesn t change what they want her nto change. She s not going to get as nfar as she wants to in this competition aja.

It was said multiple ntimes by a lot of judges about we can t see nyour eyes. Maybe. That s something nthat you could apply to show that you nare listening and that you want to take their nfeedback because we can stay ntrue to ourselves. But like just add a little bit nof what they re asking of us just to show that nwe re listening i feel like i did the nnatural brow.

I feel like i did do a nsmaller eye. The last time i get where you re coming nfrom girl like nobody likes harsh ncriticism. But listen this is na competition when you signed up for nthe show you signed up to be njudged true that s what they re they re not reading you ndown girl. All they re doing is is ngiving.

You suggestions for you to grow and all they want to know is nthat. You are listening so your challenge this nupcoming time is to show them that nyou are listening i m just mad. Because i nreally thought i might have had this then you should not be mad or nupset because if you are happy with what nyou did that is all that matters n. True indistinct chatter.

I mean she s glued it just looks a little raised nin. The center just pull up the center nshea and i ll paint this glue on mmm hmm. If i m lucky enough ni won t have to lip sync you got this aja. I think there s a nstrong chance that you ll be safe and nyou wont have to but if you have to nlip sync.

America s about to find nout what aja can do what a sickening bitch. Nyou are like i m not trying to nbe a bitch like i m just like you are being real girl and nthese are your emotions. The stakes are high there s nothing to napologize for girl. The stakes are nhigh bitch girl so let them have it nbitch you got this you got this part of me wants to lip sync.

I m just kind of like i nhaven t been to a good drag show nin weeks. And i want to show these ngirls like you want to show nthe girls how to do it how to do it i don t. Know i m not ni m not feeling like i m gonna go home. Going.

Nowhere. Everything is gonna get njust bleep up as soon as i get on stage nbecause. I m about to bleep the stage up if i nhave to lip sync for my life. Just like these nare not let s just let me njust do this can i just say something nto.

My sister farrah and to you ladies farrah. There s no other nvegas sister that i would love to share nthis experience with because we both got on here nyou know and we achieved it and nwe re gonna see the world together and it is so hard for nme to even say i have a friend nthat s a drag queen. You know what i mean. It s something that i ve nstruggle with a long time.

And i can t wait to njust you. And me to conquer the world together as vegas show. Girls cause nwe. re the only vegas showgirls.

Everyone back home sucks. You know what i mean. It s gonna be fun. Oh and we re gonna look nback at it like damn we bleep nslayed.

I really feel like you re nmy sister for life you re my sister ni love you i m so mad. I m crying nright now cause. I know it s and to my to my ladies ladies ladies kimora has something nto say come here gather round gather nround. I m gonna take this nmoment to talk about myself to you guys really fast.

I came on here with three rules nwell actually four like three and a half one i will not go home first check. Two is i will never never be read for my makeup ever check check. Three is i will make nsuch a huge bond with every single girl that ni meet on that season. I will always be her sister the fourth one is if i ndo go home.


I will be the happiest queen non earth. Because i got to be a part of this and i actually got to nmeet all you guys and oh girl stop and that s it you know and i m gonna be i m probably gonna be known nas. The most happiest loser in the world. You know what i mean oh cause.

I m so excited like you know i m so proud that ni got the opportunity to meet all of you and that nwe get cast as the most beautiful fishys nfrom season. Nine ladies ladies you have five nminutes to main stage. Thank you five minutes to nmain stage. My heart is pounding.

I m just thinking i really nneed a hero right now i really need someone nto come save me from this situation. That person is myself in a way my performance nis. My hero. It s my support my journey is not over i m not gonna die.

If ni don t. Make it i m gonna be bleep nfabulous period. And i think that s really nimportant about me is that my confidence level nyou won t be able to take that down. I m here to do me i m still gonna be happy nand.

I love myself. And that is all that matters okay please let s line up by the door line up by the door nin. The same order. We re lining up.

Cynthia peppermint here all right who s after npeppermint. All right ladies let s. Go. Who s after peppermint.

Why y all. Acting brand new we got to get out of here nwho s after peppermint. Damn who s after peppermint doesn t matter we can get them to the norder over there let s just get over to the nother set please hopefully being like nslightly like tipsy right now is gonna make my feet nhurt less rupaul welcome back ladies. I ve made some decisions kimora blac aja.

This is your last chance nto impress me and save yourself form nelimination. The time has come nfor you to lip sync for your life. Suspenseful music. Ladies.

I ve made my decision aja shante. You stay kimora blac. You bravely nbared your soul and your ass chuckles stay strong sister now sashay away love you guys we love you kimora applause smooches. I m pretty rupaul con drag ulations nmy queens.

Now remember if you can t nlove yourself how in the hell are you ngonna love somebody else can i get an amen nup in here. All amen rupaul all right now let the nmusic play sad music kimora. I feel like i just won na million dollars. I ve never had so much nlove in one room in my entire life.

I did my best there s nothing ni would change about it it s all gonna come to na happy ending music continues. My last words to the girls nin this competition serve. It as much as you can nbut stay true to who you are because that nis. Why you re here and you can t lose that nbecause your craft is important you need to know who nyou are and what you do do you boo sighs lord oh my god kimora got mail.

Oh my god sasha velour alexis cynthia lee fontaine trinity. Oh. I m so excited for these they all gave me their number. I hope they re real cause.

I ve never had friends nlike you know girlfriends before i m gonna get a little nemotional right now i so this is from shea. I cannot wait to kiki nand hang out when this is over so glad to have you nas a sister talk to you soon nladybug shea. Oh. I love her i didn t.

Think she liked nme to be honest. But hey so nice. I don t even want to pack nthis is like giving me anxiety so much stuff. I really wanted to wear her yara sofia.

Made this nfor me i love showing off designers nclothes like i love anyone that nsews at home and has a vision and wants nme to express it for them. But that can come later you guys will see me at na city near you with that there wasn t. Anything that ni would change about tonight. I think tonight was one of nthe biggest moments of my life.

Because nnow. I made it to the show. I made it on then world s ngreatest competition and now my life nhas officially changed. And i can t believe that ni m a part of this drag revolution you know like i m family and ni m so excited sighs thank you be gentle i love shotgun.

Thank you so much love you much n. Good luck with everything. Thank you so much you too thank you indistinct bye s bye. You guys bye.

The competition is njust starting cause if they re sending nme home now baby love you guys. ” ..

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