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“My goodness. This is gonna be ridiculous sean fifty. Much that s mark. I m m gonna hit 50 million experience points man and what kind of advice can you me for after i do that what i think you need to get your gym bag the gym battles in i m not going on all right all right 5k.

We re gonna go for it y all. But it s a milestone right this is huge well okay. Wow. That is a lovely.

See that is the kind of stats. We are looking for you all alright y all. Here we go. This is it right here.

One let s get it. Twenty thousand xp is it fifty million forty nine point nine million. What her great we got this first ball. Yes.

We re not a first ball. Here it is how many pokemon do i have the ball. Alfredo you know the forty nine point eight hundred nine that s you need any time okay guys we re gonna hang out here for a bit y all. But yes we will be hitting 50 million experience points.

Today there will be much more latios trades going around so i don t have to worry my lucky egg is still on whoo that s a big bummer no eggs in the vicinity. But yes such a good day all 50 million here we come all right trainers. So let s get down to the grits of this episode..


It is all about the new bag storage y all can you believe it we actually can upgrade our bag all the way to 2000. Items that is insane let s go ahead. And look at the news update. Bam.

There it is y all literally. Just got this trainers. We understand that even the most dedicated adventurers can run out of space to put their stuff. That s right so to help you on the forthcoming journeys.

Including may pokemon go community day starring charmander shinee baby. We have a new item storage upgrade in the shop. Now you can purchase even more space to allow you to carry up to 2000. Items that is nice that s plenty of room to store your pokeballs berries and more stay safe and happy exploring well that s pretty much all i need to know where are we right now holy smokes.

We are 23 items over the limit. Y all. Look at that we definitely need to upgrade the storage. I have so many items in here fast teams charge teams 292.

Rare candies 146 raid passes well 169 in star pieces. Out 237 ultra balls this is too much. But hey you can always use more so i m gonna go ahead. And make a purchase here because i believe my storage ooh 60 in coins and i need much more than that there are no more boxes.

But super incubators and star pieces are in the for a limited amount of time um since i only have sixty coins you guys know me i always do the best deal possible in pokemon go. No it s not the 99 cent. One no it s not the one for five bucks..


It s the big one right here y all. Let s go ahead and do it it s gonna ask me some information here you guys can t see that right there but let s go ahead and do it hundred punky coins. Hey your purchase is all set successful nice ooh that looks good all right sweet haven t done a big purchase in a while. So i thought that was great oh.

That s right paypal. Baby. All right. So let s do it y all.

Let s upgrade. Our bag. Let s see is it pokemon. Now of course.

It s not pokemon all right let s go ahead. And up grade. The bag. Y all.

Here we go. There s one that s two three four five six seven eight. I think we re gonna need ten nine and this is the last one ten yep ten bag upgrades is all we needed y all and. Bam let s look at it.

Together. Oh that is lovely all 2000. Items..


Oh man now i can you know it let me just go ahead and delete some of these super potions here. I always like to deplete a lot of my weaker items. Just so i can stack up the good stuff. So alright sweet.

This is gonna leave room for us to gather a lot more items. Y all. Especially golden raspberries. Because i rape gems.

Like crazy. Here. In san francisco. Oh.

Yeah. There s the ex pass. That i got. And yes.

Y all. I have not hit 50 million experience. Points. Yet.

I will be hitting that probably later today or maybe tomorrow. I m gonna see how it works. I definitely want to vlog the entire adventure..


So you guys can all see it um. But yes. That is pretty much it y all. We have upgraded our bag to the max.

That s what it s all about i m pretty sure all the other polka tubers and all you trainers around the globe are also maxing out your bag. It s all about having that maximization right there because it just makes it so much easier to play this game. When you don t have to constantly worrying about how many pokeballs you have how many potions you have it is good to go through your bag and deplete some of the lower items if you want you know more higher priced items. I like to call them like the max potions.

Which they usually charge for sometimes. In the shop. But sweet y all. Think that is basically it for this episode.

Y. all. Once again. I want to thank you all so much for tuning in if this is your first time ever to the channel make sure you subscribe and hit that bell notification.

If you want to see all my videos. But until next time thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of pokemon go. Wit polka toin. You know me one of the biggest polka maniacs and yami papa tuan is out peace ” .


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