USB C to HDMI Cable 6ft 4K 60Hz Video EasyACC

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“Guys welcome back to another video. She managed a so this right here yes. I i still review cables. But when it s useful this one right here is from accessory.

So first thing i want to tell you about this cable. It is it s type c. Is 6 feet. It s 4 k.

60. Hertz capable. It s type c. 2.

Hdmi. By the way. And it s gold plated on the tips. So a reason.

I agreed to review this and shout out to easy accessories is the first thing is i ve always reviewed their their cables..

And things like that you know i m saying. So this is a thick heavy cable man. What you do is you plug this into your mac. If you guys know my my computer is normally plugged into this particular monitor up there that s my my monitor that i use for when i have this laptop right here.

Really like having an external monitor for my laptop. So this should eliminate me having to use this little doohickey. Right. Here.

That s a doohickey. Oh man oh man. I ve been doing this too much now this one does have extra ports. But if i just want to display this monitor up to there i don t have to worry about all that i just got the nice little type c.

Here. And i still have an extra port open right there because i don t really plug. Very many things into this except for my ssd. Which is type c.

So i could have a port open still so i m gonna go ahead and plug this in up here..

And i ll disconnect this hdmi. Because this has an hdmi already in it so disconnect that and i ll hook. This one up and let s see how good if it actually works at all so let s take a look at it alright so i got it in i got i ran it to the back. And i just have the cable right here coming out and it ll fire up that monitor if i can get some signal when i plug it into my type c.

So let s plug it in very thick braided cable. I really like that so this monitor up here should get some signal you ve seen this one flash. So it s probably gonna go up there and turn on and there it is boom. There it is now this is pretty nice man it s a really nice connection to have instead of having this sometimes i really don t like using this at times.

Because it pokes out sticks. Obviously out the pewter and again. I have my samsung ssd that i used with this computer. So this is another type c so good to go so you probably can j.

What do you have to charge. Then something s got to go you know but normally when i use this computer. It is charged and everything and i just leave it like this i don t like to plug in so. Let s move the page up there there you go and boom.

There you have it man..

The page is looking pretty good now. See i got a nice big monitor. And i got this one out of the way. I can go ahead and just use this monitor.

So i think that s a quick video for you guys man. I think. This is really really nice man. I think.

This is nice this is a lot better setup than having this from the way. I use things man. I like this area to be as clean as possible you know i mean so man i got they took down the 10 rs wet fish. I said there you go wow that is that s my new baby that s gonna be here this month.

I will have my order in anyway. It s mange type c to hdmi it works flawlessly. I had another one that i did before but it didn t work as good as this so now i have this one it s on and poppin right now this thing is 15 off it s not only nineteen dollars. And this could be very useful to a lot of people that for me.

It s extremely useful because it can do it to 4k you know it is good it s crystal clear now you know it looks exactly the same as it would look down here..

It s just bigger and really clear so again 6 feet 4k 60 hertz video accessory thunderbolt. 3. You know 19 one additional 15 off right now check the box and before you put it in your car. You ll see it in the link in description no kickbacks from me remember i don t have any affiliate links from amazon.

This is just you buying this if you want to buy it and you know i m saying you want to you like the product. Now this can obviously work with other things other than macbook. They can work with your deal if you work with windows android foams everything you know it ll mirror any android phone that has the capability to tamara so you know the s9 no you know all of those have mirroring capabilities. I mean your chrome pixel your dell sp x 15 all those things this thing can work with it so type.

C what you know the thunderbolt. 31. You re good to go is your man j see in the next video take. ” .


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