Verizon cancels ALL service calls, bonuses for employees, network strong! Verizon Wireless Fios

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“What is going on guys. It is the smt thank you for tuning in to to watch this edition of the smt youtube channel in today s update all about lots of different things that are happening with all the companies this particular one we re gonna focus on big red and it s gonna cover a lot of what they re doing on the business operation side. What s going on with the network and how they re taking care of their employees during the current situation before i get going with today s video. If you could please turn your attention to the description box.

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It s a tough time for a company. There s only so much you could do in terms of operation and how much you can actually do to kind of cope you want to help customers you re trying to serve them. It s your business to do so things are complicated so here s the first piece verizon has officially cancelled all in home technician visitsmove or now at least to say you know that they ve been postponed. Some customers are saying that they have been rebooked for november dates.

Which it s good to get that closure and to get that rescheduled timeframe. But man that is a far distance away from today. I mean at the time of this recording. It s you know the second week of april.

So that being said. The only exceptions to this new policy is going to be medical emergencies and critical installations. People are being notified by verizon of these cancellations with very little descriptions and guidance basically all they re saying is we will reach out to you at a layer of time meanwhile retail stores have been minimized in terms of their operations and sales. Most of it has been designated for pickups and reduced hours when it comes to retail and in store operations everything moving to chat online calling things of that nature.

Let s go ahead and transition over to the network side. Enormous network growth during this current situation due to the you know ongoing you know work from home education from home you know communication times. Where everything is being virtual and you know video meetings and things like that during this crisis all network providers are trying to cope with all this network strain apparently verizon is dealing with 800 million calls per day double the volume of mother s day. Which is the highest volume day they ve received an average of nine billion messages transmitted per day which is the same as new year s eve 100 increase in gaming network.


Access and looks like 50 increase in vpn access. Which makes sense because a lot of people are doing work from home. Also an increase in network investment. We ve seen the additional 500 million dollars.

That have been allocated for an increase in capex and wireless. A lot of the mobile handoffs that typically happen in the normal operations of the wireless network. Those have been completely reduced. I believe they re down to almost 30 percent and and it s down 63 new york city.

So dealing with the network issues. I m going. It s a fluid situation. But hopefully those things continue to get better and they improve.

Verizon obviously you know one of the best when it comes to the network side a lot of people have faith in what they re doing so no concerns there lastly with double cap it off today increasing pay for mission critical employees that are unable to work from home. Verizon is taking care of those frontline employees anybody that s working in the connection issues realm with maintenance network infrastructure work anything that fails those employees are being taken care of with some extra additional pay if you re in logistics and the real estate. The field technicians. They re pretty much getting their standard wage plus bonuses on top of that wage health care.


First responders schools essential business. Families. Anybody who relies on those connections. Obviously still needs that support which is why these employees are still working.

Now retail employees are also getting that same bonus. I believe it s seventy seventy percent of the retail business has closed which leaves just a small percentage of them. But for those that are open. They re focusing on you know telesales chat.

Support you know things are kind of fluid at the moment. If you think about it you ve got a hundred thousand employees of verizon s 135 thousand employees now working from home. So they ve made that transition to remote work also employees that do get sick during this time. They are going to be receiving 26 weeks of paid leave those with affected family are going to receive eight weeks a full pay with additional weeks of pay at 60 of the base pay so in my impression.

I actually see verizon doing some good things in this it s really up to you guys and kind of how you perceive it love to hear what you guys have to say on these topics if you want to do that let the voice of the smt nation be heard drive me a line in the comment section. Below. I d love to hear what you guys have to say on that read your messages and check out what you guys think. If you appreciated this update.


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