Verizon Motorola Moto E4 Plus UNLOCKED!!!

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“What s going on y all. Rj. Here with cb tick. And today.

I want want to be unlocking. My motorola moto e. For plus. This is of course.

The variant turn the phone on here..

And you will see that it says non. Verizon. Sim card inserted so in their head right now and unlock. It and put in a little pattern.

Here and you will see right there is a code that you got to put in so i already have that code. So i m gonna put that in it s only a one time use code. Anyway so i already matters. But i m gonna go ahead and enter in this code.


The code is entered with a check mark in here and put cement and code. Accept it so right now. I have a freedompop sim card in here. So we re going to go ahead.

And do the drop down and turn it off of airplane mode and we will see if it connects i may have to enter in the apn settings and all of that so right now is tip still shows no service. So i meant to enter in the apn code. So just give me one little second and there we have it yo you ll see our one bar service 4g lte. Part a phone off back on the top.

There you will see it does say at t..

And we ll go ahead right now and just turn off the wi fi and you ll see the 4g lte. Pair just lit up and ready to go and so what i ll do right now is i will run a speed test just to show you that it is running and that it is working so give me one second here while this here loads up not really not really sure what kind of speeds. I will be getting here right now. But don t matter what it is as long as it will actually show that it is working and so yeah.

There we go internet is working phone is working this is was brilliant pops of we have to go in there and put in the apn settings and of course she had to go and download the freedompop messaging app and all that stuff was just you know kind of a bummer but hey you know it s okay so yeah you see that internet right there is working and the apps. I m talking about are right here you ll see messaging just put in freedompop they ll come up freedompop messaging and you can download my food and pop as well if you have freedompop but this will work if you got at t and t mobile or whatever you may have so i thought i will just kind of share this unlocking process. Along with y all. A little bit you got any questions or comments.

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