Versa-pod flat-top rifle stock mount for sling and bipod

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” s up kids. Peter mandi. Here. Hey i want to share with you a problem problem that some of you gun owners may have it s a problem.

I think ve solved with some success here and i m excited about it. And i thought i d share with you first of all the problem that you may have like me is you have a cool hunting rifle. This is my how of 1500 love it but i have an aftermarket blackhawk axiom stock. I believe it is and the problem here as you can see is the stock bottom is flat.

So unlike a lot of rifles where it s curved because it s kind of hugging the barrel. You know i don t have that i ve got this flat rifle bottom and one of the early solutions. I looked into and tried for a while was this harris number nine flat bottom adapter kind of a clever clever piece of kit fits on there you adjust these to kind of brace. It in place.

Then you use your standard bipod and clamp. It on and this curve on the adapter would fit that curve part of the bipod and keep the bipod from rotating around okay my issues with this so. It doesn t worked all that great i feel like it is it s kind of like rick job back alley auto repair you re kind of trying to use a lot of stuff to make something that wasn t meant to work work alright so off my soapbox and and the reason. I decided to do something about it is last time.

I had this out and it was about shoot. I was pulling down these bipod legs and boom. The whole thing kind of came apart you can obviously put it back together. It doesn t take any tools to do that but it s annoying and i was like you know no one s something more reliable so i bought this you are familiar with the versal pada.

I m sure and they aren t cheap. But i want to give you a close look at how well this thing is designed first of all there are versa. Pod adapters. This one is obviously for curved four ends.

This one is obviously for flat for ends..

When i got the bipod it came with this curved one which is fine. But i m not gonna use it as you can see right there curved. You can see on this one what i ll use this one for example. But it s it s kind of about polymer.

It s like a giant block of polymer that won t mar up your stock presumably it has the post here to clamp into your your nip and then on the bottom. It has this this nut here with the knurled edge that tightens the thing down clamps are sucker into place. But then the beauty of it it has a sling loop. Here when i had this one on with my hair.

So the bipod adapter. I couldn t put a sling anywhere and you know if you re gonna carry your rifle let s say you re a hunter and you re carrying a rifle out to a stand. You know you want to have a sling to carry it and then you also want a bipod because if you re gonna set it up so yeah. That s this is kind of nice because now you re gonna have both i ll show that to you then you have all of this all of the connecting and moving pieces are pretty pretty uh sturdy metal.

I mean and i don t know if they re stainless steel or steel or somewhere milled aluminum whatnot but as you can see even this piece here you know it all looks like it s blue. I mean. It has some sort of finish on it and it s been pretty durable. I ve been banging this around on the post that sticks out in the front.

Which is where the bipod attaches. I ll show you that it has kind of an indexing nut here so that the bipod slips on and doesn t keep rotating around and then it has this cutout here. So that it locks into place so we ll show you that first thing you have to do is you have to take off the bottom nut here all right so i got it off and then the attachment part is gonna slip out. And it s just kind of this bracket go.

It s like the glock sight with a screw on the end and then it has this pin. So what you re gonna do is you re gonna install this all right got it in it s actually pretty easy. But you may have to kind of loosen up the the mounting point just a little bit because this is a pretty tight fit. But i you just put that on and then drive the pin through and then you re going to put this back together the whole kind of assembly itself.

And this is gonna slide up over the the block that you just attached and you re gonna use the nut here to not only hold it on but to tighten it down and this is gonna do a couple things..

It s gonna draw that that attachment down into this polymer block and press. The spawner block up against your stock. So what you re gonna want to do is make sure that now you have this oriented straight or. However you want it you know i m kind of anal retentive.

So i want mine straight and then you re going to tighten that sucker down whatever whatever pressure you feel comfortable with i don t really expect this to to move. But you could even put a little thread locker on there if you so choose that it s up to you. But that s on there pretty good and then i still have my swivel swing loop. There so that s cool you can see hangs down there and man.

It s perfect fit right polymer and polymer. So i don t have to worry about getting things to marred up etc. Etc. Now the versa.

Pod bipod. Is kind of really. Where the magic. Happens first of all man.

This is a sturdy fricking bipod and the cool thing about this is they have it in different lengths. Just like a lot of ipods. The mechanism up here appears to be very similar on all of them and you can buy one and put these mounts on various guns. So despite this the adaptors being relatively expensive in the bipod world.

You don t necessarily need to buy a bipod for every gun. You can just put these on different guns. And then just take whatever by you know take the bipod off and put it on whatever gun you re using a couple things i want to show you about this bipod is that the unit here you can see you get this you know. It s it s milled out.

But then you have this slot here..

And that s going to meet up with this little indexing screw. So that is going to be the entry point for that post on the front. Here you have a little lever. And this little lever has kind of a a bladed edge here.

Which is going to crimp into the notch on the post. That s gonna hold it in place and lastly to keep the whole thing in place this tightening screw moves a little block of steel. I ll tighten it up here. And see if we can get it done come out.

And say hello you can see it right there on the bottom screw. It up and comes. In and then braces it again in that in that indentation so once this is tightened up it s not come out yet you have to back this off to make sure you can get that post. All the way into the top of the mount then the pas.

The bipod itself is pretty pretty clever. It s spring loaded so the legs want to stay spread whose legs. Don t and then to close them you just squeeze them together and lift it up and you can lock them forward or rearward. The why that is really awesome is especially at like i mentioned.

If you have the slim out here. You ll want to put this bipod on and let s say you want to carry it with you out on a hunt. Or what have you you can just there we go cut the sucker on you can swing. These these legs out forward put the sling on there you don t have to worry about it now.

If you want to make things a little compact and cleaner you could just squeeze these legs swing them all the way back and lock them in the in the rearward position too in fact. If you re pretty clever you d you d move that so that you can get them really up there and tight. So you have the choice of moving them. In any direction.

You want to when they re down..

They they re great they re right there. And you can obviously quickly deploy them and use them on the rifle now the last thing i ll point out about the versa. Pod bipod. Is that the i ll actually take it off here again and then again clicking off is pretty simple you just don t screw that pulls on the other side push down on this lever that lifts up that listen up out of them the channel is that the top here is actually it looks flat.

But it s actually like a ball in a joint. You can see it moving around. There a little bit. So the good thing is you have a little bit of side to side play.

So if you re on uneven ground. Not only does it move in here. But it moves along this hinge right here. So you have quite a bit of travel left to right and then also you know it s not gonna be so rigid.

That you can t move the gun and kind of pivot on the bipod and acquire your target like this. So you know kind of moves. All the way around really flexible man. This is super sturdy these legs pop out with authority boom.

Thanks and they re adjustable. I think. This is the six to nine inch model rubber feet so super cool i m looking forward to using it instead they re just playing with it peter brown panda for the first spot with the flat bottom. ” .


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