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“Sauce videos. Rancid nope and that s the end of this intro goodbye. I see see some things have chained up some things have changed already some immediate changes right the bat i see a seizure chamber. My favorite fantastic orb here it is yes previous music by excellent band pendulum removed for copyright reasons.

Enjoy cover done tastefully. By expert. Plumber. Phone player.

Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So much to do so..

Much to see. So. Much to do so much to see so much to do so much dangerous pit. Do not enter get away stay away terrible do not jump in you ever feel angry are you paralyzed by your anger.

If you feel yourself with butterflies like a lot you get a headache are you really frustrated do you ever get to the point. Where you want to blow good yo stranded and you blow up you re gonna blow away. All your friends. And all your coworker you ever feel angry oh no fantastic near what have you done anger.

Do you feel yourself with butterflies. You re stilling a lot you get headaches are you really where you re gonna blow up blow up fuck that pit. I m not going back in there oh i don t know what s going to happen. But i m thinking a seizure anyway like i was saying we might get a seizure.

If we go in there..

So let s let s go in there. No no no stop fuck here. We are again. I m not afraid of the eye this time and i ve been through some shit.

The eye doesn t scare. Me do not need be thousand years getline friends silly done pay not even what it s like i have to translate my own language. When i read fantastic amir s text. It s like decoding.

A programming language. No i don t speak python fantastic. What the fuck have you done look how much look how much you ve added to this game. This is truly a glorious day.

Nice dose..

Thanks doc oh. That s from my corruption. Stream. Jay goldblum.

There. He is there he is is this jeffy okay. I guess. That s not dollar is it no it s not alright.

I m in a i m in an egg. The sword. This is a form of modern art. The fantastic game may ask what the fuck.

I m looking at right now all right so there s a dollar in the maze over what oh my god i m getting fucking dizzy..

Oh fucking this what have you done i m still going that indiana jones allahabad cover nothing. I can tell you son of a bitch here. We go you all right. I m going to show you guys.

The ultra secret even fantastic in ear. Doesn t know this is in the game alright. So you wait for a little bit and you hang out on top of the cube and then some crazy shit happens now you have to type a little bit you got to type some random stuff and then this happens did you like some sausage like some sausage. ” .


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