Vivo extra tall 39 monitor stand for 32 monitor install (stand-V001T)-HERVES WORLD- Episode 302

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“In today s episode. I am at work now i have the samsung chd 49 49 49. Inch monitor. However i need another monitor to put over here.

But if can tell the desk is not that big so instead of going sideways. I have to go up now. I m going to be putting a 32 inch 4k vile tech with a vivo extra tall monitor arm and i ve coming up let s see if it s a fail or good to go it what s up guys. This is horrific pervades world showing you that it means i try if the ended of channel taking something bye don t forget to subscribe so i know channel.

We do unboxings just top support my packs actual hacking the tech reviews we re products like the revo extra tall 39 inch extension to put my 32 inch vivo. A biotech 4k monitor now excuse me i can t go sideways. There s no room because of the chg. Samsung monitor so i m going to have to go up now that s what we re going to do let s go check out the unboxing anything we talk about in this episode.

You ll find right on button. Right. Here. That s good okay so let the arms.


Off now is be able to stand for 4999. It is the extra tall single monitor desk mount by vivo now. If you re looking for is very affordable option and you re not looking to break the bank. Vivo is your friend so let me top that and here is all of the it s gonna look like this and should be fairly simple.

So the monitor arm the extra cost. And we have the monitor attachment and a bunch of cables plugs wiring just kidding. And so this is the stand that it s going to go in you re going to find a good spot put this under it should go fit nicely. There and then we protrude and find so let us pick up the desk.

And we re going to put this on there. So here s the stand this goes on the desk. This goes over here this ties to this just like that you put a cable clip. Here.

And here. Then you put this piece here. A little tight and then you put the other piece. But we re going to put this on first and we re going to face it out okay this goes like this we pop this in like so now we tighten after we put this one so just make sure that this is completely out that way you can thread it in or else you re going to have a hard time just like that type n.


Now if you re looking to do this by yourself it will be a little and then we re gonna put it on the desk and then we ll put the monitor our menasha next. We are going to elongate the table holder. Let s take a minute must be this up so decide like should do nicely. You have about 30 meters to go about this 490 monitor.

I need to clear that circumference you know how you can check just to make sure that we re past. And that is perfect so now we re going to raise desk. And then i m gonna go on the other side and put the monitor arm on without having to crawl under the table go. Then let s go on the other side.

And that s how our mount is going to hold this monitor now may be off so. If you don t want to tighten. It that much it ll give you wiggle room to slide it left or right. But you want it tight enough that it doesn t hinder this monitor and i m not sure if it s going to handle circumference so what i may do is to order one more of these to go down.

Okay let s go back on the other side. And we re going to put our or water arm attachment. I m thinking i put it here. It s going to be over in the middle.


So i guys i need to move the other side just a little and yeah. We re gonna move it over so that it s centered so we need to go on the other side okay. Sly. I think back in the middle.

And it s cheap enough that if i needed to buy another one. I could place it right over and go a little bit more height okay so now i have it at the desired height. We want it right on top. I would actually dare to say that you d want it for tooting.

Just a little bit more to give you a little extra clearance. The screw is going to hold it and it s a heavy tv. But it s the cheapest 4k monitor in the market really good for your eyes so that you don t get a lot of eye strain and that is secure. But we just want to make sure that the base on the bottom.

It s secure to handle the weight last thing. We want is to monitor follow that is secure now. We re gonna get our trusty monitor pop it on and see how it looks okay. I found the last screw pop it in it is secure.


It is good here is the moment we re all waiting for so it fits our location. It does it fits kind of perfect. So now i just have to bring this down a little bit and we re good to go so now. I m loose unloosen in the top just so i can slide down to us a little bit now the second monitor.

I just want to make sure that it s all the way to the top. So if i want to move it down okay. This is exactly how i want to have it so i still have all of my stuff. Here still have all of my working items here and i can just glance up and do my account administration.

Exactly where i want it to be and that s gonna do this episode. I want to thank vivo for sending me this extra tall 39 inch perfect monitor to complement my new system. I m gonna catch you guys in the next one all the links will be in the description peace. I know it looks crazy.

But it s gonna be really functional horse look at it monitor screen well you just got a glen itself and everything s perfect there catch you guys in the next one okay. ” ..

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