Vizio D32 Review

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“And welcome to all about home electronics. So in this video. We re going to to be taking a closer look at this 32 inch vizio smart tv after a unbox. We re gonna look at the features that are built in and we re gonna take a look at what connections are available on the back of the tv and hopefully.

When you re shopping for a tv. Whether it s a vizio or a different brand. Some of the information. We provide here will help you decide whether or not the tv.

You re looking at is the right one for you if you re not already subscribed to our channel please hit the button at the bottom right of your screen. When we publish future tips you ll automatically be notified give the video a thumbs up and we re going to begin right after this alright. Let s dive in these tv stands are really easy to install of course you get a remote. The vizio remotes pretty straightforward.

Some phone tv maybe weighs 10 or 12 pounds. It s really easy to pick up got to mention you need power and they actually include an actual users manual that s nice because not all tvs. Do that the only assembly takes less than a minute. It s the tv stand it slides in just like that drop two bolts in and tighten.

And now just repeat the same thing on the other side. These are the connections on the back of the tv starting right to left you can hook up an antenna here..

Or your cable television direct to this connection. Right here. It has one set of component cable wire connections. Which is rgb and then your red white in your audio.

It has an ethernet connection. So that you can get internet service for the applications that are built in we ll talk about those in just a minute. But it also has wi fi built in now the preferred connection would be ethernet. But most people use wi fi.

Because it s super easy. And then here is one hdmi input. This is the most favorable input. Because it s digital digital picture digital audio combined tucked away on the back side corner there s a power button and it performs a couple other functions.

But this is only useful basically if you lose your remote batteries go dead or the remote breaks here are the side connections starting on your right. It s got a usb so if you have a thumb drive that has photos or audio trax you can plug it in there and play that there s another hdmi input. So you can connect a total of two hdmi devices straight to the tv and it has two different forms of audio outputs. One is your digital optical which would be the preferred because that s going to send the surround sound signal to a sound bar or other sound system and then your left right which is the red white colored rca outputs.

Which is left and right stereo. So the only other thing you need to do to set the tv up it s pretty straightforward is you ve got to connect your source or your sources..

So for example. If you want to watch television. You ve got to connect either and over the air antenna which we have right here and we re going to do or your cable or satellite service. Hmm.

Now to hook up an antenna in this case. You just simply slide the antenna wire right onto the cable input. And then you would want to scan for channels. We put a link at the end of this video that shows you how to scan for channels regardless of the brand of flat screen television.

If you have other devices you would want to connect them here in accordance with the owner s manuals of those particular devices. Now. If you have cable or satellite tv or fiber optic television. Then chances are good you re just going to connect your hdmi wire to this hdmi input.

Obviously you re using it for your home and select the language you want to use which in this case. We re going to be using english and the country in this case. The usa select your time zone select your terms and conditions i accept register tv. We re going to skip this for now.

And select your tv signal again. I mentioned cable antenna or satellite..

In this case. We re doing antenna and we want to begin the scan. We ll come back to this in just a moment. It s still scanning for over the air tv channels.

The free television type channels. This is going to take you a few minutes and the number of channels in the quality channels are going to depend upon two basic things. One is the quality of the antenna that you re using we re actually just using a very basic inexpensive indoor rabbit ear antenna so if you have an outdoor antenna you ll probably get more tv channels. The other thing that s going to affect the number and quality will be things like your distance from the actual broadcaster.

The farther away you are the less likely you are to pick up a channel and do you have the antenna pointed in the right direction. And what are the obstructions in between the broadcaster and you so we ll come back but look so far we ve got eighteen two digital channels. Okay so the pictures high definition it refreshes at a rate of 60 which is slower than other high end flat screen tvs. But for 200 bucks.

You can t beat it now we re going to take a look at some of the smart tv features the most common applications are available youtube netflix hulu and amazon but they also break it down into categories just push the remote and point. It at the tv and it ll show you your various categories weather. News finance movies tv programs. Some of the services here they re subscription based which means you have to pay some of them are free you don t have to pay.

But you do have to have internet access and that s why these are showing up so in summary. One of the reasons that we really like the particular..

Vizio. Smart tv is because it s one remote control you get access to your normal. Television. Functions.

Including your smart applications all in one remote control that makes it super easy to use and a lot of times people. Ask us questions about how to use the particular feature or why isn t something working and with this particular setup. It s built into one remote makes it easy hey we hope that this helped most flat screen tvs are very similar to this in other words they have connectivity on the back. And the side that s very similar you might get more connections with certain tvs.

You might get less you can get other features like a faster refresh rate. So the pictures a lot more and if the if the person. Likes sporting events high action high speed events they might want a faster refresh rate. So take that into account we appreciate you stopping by please hit the subscribe.

” ..

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