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“Fans. There is no time for a nap. Because it is thursday and you know know every single thursday is budget battle. We do it with none other than fellow leonhardt.

We give ourselves a certain budget that we can not go over and this week. It is 40 and then you guys get all the power and decide who had the better pulls solace comes in front right now take out some stuff and see who wins alright punky fam nation and heart squad. I am in the front of the store in the pokemon card section. And i m going to pull up my sleeves right here.

Because we are about to get the best cards and get the best polls and tried to beat leonhardt in this week s budget battle. Alright. Now i what i have noticed is that i looked online at. Walmartcom and they have the elite trainer boxes for 3299.

So we can actually and i ll show you the i ll show you the picture. Too we can actually go ahead and get this for 32 and we can spend 40 total. So we re even ourselves as an elite trainer box and get ourselves some booster packs as well so. 32 we can get ourselves another booster pack with their what 499.

Actually there s three there s 398 398. So looking at ourselves to more booster packs. I probably should have been more professional and did the math beforehand. But wow we re filming.

We re having fun we re just doing it on the spur in a moment alright. So that s good. Just reach. In here.

And see. What we got. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

And then one more. I m gonna grab the very last. One the very last one right here okay so this is just a little bit a little bit below by a couple cents below 40. But we re going to grab this right here and the leek trainer box.

There s 32. That is absolutely insane and i m excited about hopefully hopefully that gold card that gold pokemon card will be inside. Oh oh we got to go open. This up let s do it okay so i m a little embarrassed.

I did the math after i get done filming and booster packs and an elite trainer box on sale for 3299. Comes out to 40 dollars and 95 cents. So we have to put one of these back ok so this is the line. I picked out first.

I m just gonna go ahead and put this one back. Oh oh so sad and so heartbreaking. But you know what we still got a good deal we got 9 booster packs total so now we can go home and open this up whoa probably should have paid attention in math class probably. But yeah.

I had pokemon on the mind guys. The temptation is real 40 and we could get this big caterpillar. Right here. The temptation is real all right girls and guys we are back.

And it is time to open up everything that we got for today s budget battle. I wish it was an echo in here battle battle but we got an ultra prism elite trainer box from walmart but we got it for 32 dollars because we price matched walmartcom. And i don t know why i thought i had enough left in the budget to get to booster packs..


My math was a little crazy. But we ended up having enough to only get one booster pack as you saw and so we actually didn t spend all of our 40 budget but ultra prism elite trainer box for 32 yeah any day of the week i ll take that so i m gonna go ahead and open up the elite trainer box to get this plastic wrapping off so we can jump right into this and you guys get to decide who won between myself and leonhardt. I will leave a link down in the video description down below a link to lien hearts portion of this battle make sure you watch both of our videos. And then let us know in the comment section down below.

Who you think had the better pulls knew better pulls the better set the better cards whatever you guys want to decide on let us know in the comment section down below all right let s open up. I m going to say that one lonely booster pack for a very last in case. We need to our redeem in case. We need to redeem ourselves.

Here is the little artwork right there as you can see and then of course. We have the booklet and then what does everybody want i m gonna say everybody probably wants the gold cards right there. Those two gold cards and probably. The loret cynthia.

Where s the puller. Cynthia for cynthia. Is right. There.

Everybody wants that full art. Cynthia as well that s actually when the set first came out. I don t know i haven t checked prices lately. But that was gone for like 70.

And it s just a full art card that s crazy that s crazy to think. It s going for 70. I don t know about now but last week. It totally was and then we have our box right here love the artwork on it the gold and the black goes really well together.

We have our dice inside of the elite trainer box. We have our energy. So you can never have enough energies. We have our sleeves take a look at those nice sleeves kind of like mustard color sleeves and we have our dividers right there and then this code card right here that i will set right up here in the corner.

You won t go see. Because my lovely face will be up in the corner. I will give that code card away after we open up all of our booster packs. And then we have our markers and eight booster packs.

One two three four five six seven and eight all right let s set all this off to the side. I m set this back here set this over here. And it is time to open up our booster packs. We re today s a budget battle guys if you have a suggestion for a certain budget or a certain challenge that we can add to it let me know in the comment section down below mentally and heart are always looking for ideas and feedback from you guys the pokey fam nation and the heart squad.

I m just going to go ahead and just start opening up from the very top and then of course. I m going to give away the code cards every single one of the code cards to you guys because you deserve them because you re awesome. There s the code card let me know in the comment section down below. If you claim any code cards in what you end up pulling out of those booster packs on the tcg online.

We have a cost mog and execute and lick its young up weasel and evie i love that evie artwork because there s three of them they re just playing in the water. They re having a great time. We have an energy let me follow away my filing cabinet right back. There we have a shield on we have a looker that she s kind of looking around a looker and that was kind of like a william shatner.

We have a looker we have a luxio we have a reverse all of chimchar and then our rare is going to a holo kario not a bad card to start off with there s a nice little closer look at it for you guys not bad to start off. I mean i think i forgot i forgot to pull out my sleeves. That s what i forgot to do that s why we didn t get an ultra rare of course. That s why we didn t get an all too rare all right going into our second booster pack throw trash on the ground ball to our 2018.

Another code card for you awesome people do four and then i know i do the code trick a little bit differently. But i like to go comments. Then uncomment and then save our best stuff for very last adieu pider..


We have a give all a s corp. A linkage on a chimchar. An energy another looker that s just looking around alexa do this pack is looking a little bit. Too familiar reverse allah give.

Oh and then an electro fire. I feel like i ve pulled a million of these already in the sets. Not even been out for a week officially so we have all of our reverse hollows in our rare sitting right down here in the corner. We ll take a look at all zoom after we open up all of our booster packs guys i m catching up on my sleep i just got back there s a code card for you guys right there.

I just got back from an appearance at wizard world comic con in st. Louis missouri. This past weekend. My next one will be and that i know of my next.

One will be in cleveland ohio. In march for wizard world. As well we have a sell in debt. We have a turtwig a riolu.

A croagunk and evie and energy. A gumshoes. A spiritomb. A pal pad or reverse all a wrap one end.

And then oh look at that we have a dusk main macross. My gx with the good cards already a third booster pack third booster pack in oh let me sleeve. It up be very very careful of sleeve. That bad boy up take a look at that dust main macross m.

a gx. It is awesome. I guess it makes sense since we bought the dusk main elite trader box. That s what i m trying to think of so we have to pull the desk main and across.

Mcgee x inside. I m gonna set that right down there hopefully. That s not our only ultra rare pool that we get about out of our elite trainer box. This is actually the third elite trainer box that i ve opened up i ll throw up a card up above or i ll throw a link down in the video description down below if you want to see the other ultra the other prism elite trainer boxes that i ve opened up there is another code card this is actually probably the most elite trainer boxes.

I ve ever opened up for a set especially in a short period of time sure it d be a glam meow. A snow burr. A hippopotamus look at that tip of potamus. A shinx and then an energy you put that right back.

There. A monferno. An order pad boop boop ordered me some work ultra prism. A shield about say.

Crimson invasion. No no cancel that order. Hello magnets on and then a type null. Which is actually not bad at all the reverse.

Although a magneton. I thought it was a rare. But it ends up it is actually an uncommon one two three four and then five over here five total booster packs left for our budget battle. Today.

I guess none other than fellow youtuber and good friend leonhardt all right code card code card code card one two three four one two let s see what we can get a magnemite. A snover. A glam meow..


A drifloon a more law. An energy. An unidentified fossil. A monferno.

An order pad. Oh look at this i guarantee. A prism card. Let s take a look at our railroad.

Pass and a heat rotem that s alright that s not too bad but look at this and garret inna prism card i love these prism cards because i like how the entire card is not hollow. We got hollowness kind of like around the border and in the and just all right here. But it s got the border right here and then we have the nice little prism diamond right there in the middle of the card. It just makes them look so powerful and just so awesome it stands out really well i m gonna stop gushing over this card or just the prison cards.

In general. My goodness. Oh. My goodness.

That is too good pulls from this box can we get another one that would be amazing that would be amazing. If we get like a full art out of this box. Code card throw that over there for and then don t forget we still have that code card from the elite trainer box itself to give away to you guys. We have a pass semi on a buttery.

A carnivai nay sneasel and a v. A sneasel at you and energy a spirit. Hey pal pan a drift bloom. A frost rotom.

Which is a rare and then we have a hollow weevil. It s kind of hard to see the hollowness. I guess you can see a little bit better on camera. We have a hollow.

We ve all alright three booster packs left toll two from the elite trainer box and the one that we bought separately code card for you guys for and then i feel like that should be a song for and then a hippopotamus a pass simian a shinx a carnival. A murkrow an energy that murkrow murkrow is a bird and what do birds do birds can fly fly away birds hashtag birds can fly eight or ten a derp a lopunny hunts crow a reverse all of magnezone and then oh. My goodness a hyper rare or rainbow. Rare whatever you want to call it palkia gx.

I cannot believe this elite trainer box has been absolutely insane so far guys that is oh. This is probably the best elite trainer box that i have opened up for ultra prism. So far we have two ultra rare polls and then we have the prism card. If you want to consider that an ultra rare as well but this is actually one of my very first hyper rares.

I think it might be my first or it might be my second hyper rare poll from ultra prism oh and what a great one to be pulling palkia gx wowzer. Guys wowzer can this box get any. Better this is absolutely. Crazy and we only got this for 3299.

Wow. Okay. I m going to put this code card right over. Here.

I ll give it to you here in a minute. Don t worry always like to do that for the very last booster pack. Well it s not actually the very last was the last one for the elite trainer box. A young goose.

A rosalia cosmo. A turtwig and electabuzz got the hand. He s like oh i got to my hand..


I m going to put it on your head and smash your head energy. A little pony. A haunch crow an unidentified fossil a reverse holo chart. Inator and a garchomp is are rare.

There is the code card from that one right there and then not yet for the elite trainer box. They ll give it to you after we open up this last booster pack. This is the official last booster from the single booster pack that we ended up buying after the elite trainer box. Okay guys okay fingers crossed for some good balls set the code card right over here one two three four one two all right.

I mean we already got amazing polls. I m already blown away guys a score pay a pill up a dupe hider. A bronzer. I don t like spiders smash smash.

A lowland vulpix. An energy. A pokemon fan club. Which they put in a full art form.

Which is amazing we have we i was almost said dragon. But i was trying to say dinosaur. We have a dinosaur. A fire memory a ram parados and then we have a garb shop as our we got to garchomps unfortunately.

I guess that s not too bad there is our code card and then the elite trainer box code card right there always giving you guys the code cards let s take a look at all the good stuff that we ended up pulling. I m gonna pull out all the fun stuff for very very last so we can take a nice long look at it all right let me grab my reverse. Although rare or my reverse hallows with the reverse all the raiders are inside of it right here. Here is everything reverse holo wise that we ended up getting nice little frost rotom.

There we got to get all we have a chimchar and then moving on to all of our rare stuff over here look at that we have a holo evil. A garchomp. Another guard shop a heat rotom a titan all and electivire our holo lucario we have the giratina prism card we have the dust mane across my gx and then we have our hyper air palkia gx. Was it just absolutely gorgeous look at that zero vanished.

Gx a hundred and 50 damage guys like i said it is up to you to decide who wins don t forget lean hearts video is down in my video description down below make sure you watch both of our videos. And then let us know in a comment section down below. Who you think had the better poles. We do this every single thursday.

The power is in your hands. The pokey fam nation and the heart squad. So make sure you let us know and guys and girls and dogs in that s if you enjoy today s video and you want to see more fun pokemon videos just like this one. Why don t you consider going ahead.

And some mashing smash smash smash that subscribe button and become part of the pokey fam nation. A fun and positive pokemon community right here on youtube. I want you yes i want you i m pointing to you i know your mom said you shouldn t point to people. But i m pointing.

I want you to be a part of it i had a blast hanging out with all of you awesome people today. So make sure you come back for tomorrow s video. So we can hang out some more and in the meantime check out some of the previous pokemon videos like you see on the side your screen right over here. We got this one or we got this one right down.

Here or there s many many many many more fun pokemon videos right here on this channel guys. I hope you have an awesome day. And i ll see all of you all of you great people in tomorrow s video peace ” ..


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