Warframe Nova Prime Color Scheme

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“Guys you ve been potato and today. I m gonna be showing my color scheme scheme for my nova prime like again i apologize for the lack of videos that why i m trying to make up for them right now. I m trying to go fast. Which is why i m speaking so fast because i got a lot of videos to put out now.

I was in the hospital and that s why i m again my videos have been lacking this weekend. I only was able to put out one because i was feeling really really bad. But here s my nova prime spiller scheme. So let s go ahead and go right into this i chose.

Purple and black for this one so basically you wanna okay before we get into this i know a lot of people do like to nova a saudis skin. I personally actually hate the skin with a fiery fiery passion. I have no idea why i hate the skin so much so this none of these will be for this armor skin. I may may may doubt it but i may put out a color scheme for the armor later on or not the skin later on.

But i doubt it but for right now let s go ahead and get right into this. The attachments are just gonna be probably just copy and paste like normal but primary and energy color. I kept the same that is all up to you. But then the same thing with the helmet.

What not but i did just use a purple from the twilight section. Now you can get this also from the infested one. But it s not gonna look nearly as good. And it s gonna glow more that that s it as its dad that one s really simple.

But looks really nice and accents through the guns and everything pretty good as well so next one is gonna be the this is my rose gold nova skin a lot of people think rose gold is a girly color the guys do i don t know why me being a dude. I like the rose gold. So if you re one of the dudes..


I think rose gold is a chick color well go piss on yourself. Because my opinion the rose gold looks really nice especially on warframes as you can tell it accents. The voltar prime really good it accents. My a case stilettos really nice as well but on the other hand doesn t look the galantine does not look as good.

This is going for most swords as well won t look as good. But let s go ahead and get right into this one this one i did change up the entire thing. This one is gonna be a blackish gray. I believe yes it is a gray right here right below this white.

It s gonna be a grey. The i don t know why but it was gold for me sometimes it looks better with the with grey rose gold um people get mixed up because there is a darker rose gold. But it s not actually rose gold as more and if an orange and the one right here on storm palette. Is the actual only rose gold.

That you can use now this one up here is an orangish gold. Which people get confused saying. That s the real rose gold. When it actually isn t because if you notice look at the shoulders.

They are different from the actual looking rose gold again. Even that s still bright and that s brighter and that s it just goes to something different. But as this one right here is the actual rose gold color now you go down to the third color and that one s also gonna be the same thing from the storm palette. You can only get this color from the storm palette.

I hate to say or at least that i have noticed i haven t found it in any of the other color palettes. But yeah i don t see it any of the color palettes and i that s why i did by storm just basically for the rose gold again. It s gonna stay the same rose gold for all of them there it is so it s gonna say the same for every single one of them again attachments..


It s gonna be the same thing for those as well lastly guys. We go into number c this one is personally my favorite of my nova prime skins. This one accents. The weapons.

Very nice it accents her very very nice um as you can tell i haven t updated the attacked insana armor. Yet because i actually kind of it just got the pacal stuff. And i do like the pacal stuff the most but you know second let me put another pacal stuff. But yes.

It looks really really nice and this is the one that i normally use normal mostly. It s either this one or the purple that i normally use and it looks really good now before we answer this i you do know i m using the garo cya. N t anna you can change that have you like but in my opinion. The small ones do look the best on a character like her so that would mean like the sayle acts or even cyanide.

This like see these are too big for a character that has a petite body and this is about the biggest you want to go and even this is kind of big and like this is kind of big as well. But it does ish work. But yes. So that s why i m using the garo and i like the call now let s go ahead and get right into this one.

This is one of the most complex out of every single one of them so this one is just gonna be a really dark dark dark black. But it s not gonna be a black it s like a blackish blue. You just can t really notice it i mean even if i was to go up one you can t even really see the difference except there s a little bit more shine. But it is just gonna be like it s basically black up on the ice and you can t go to storm.

If you so feel or any of those and just put on a black color. Now this one is a blue this one is the do it want like the one of the darkest blues. You can get it like i don t know it accents a little bit more on her shoulder plates because if you notice..


If i can get them in the right angle or light. They are a little bit gold. I not gold up blue and that s why i did choose that because i don t want to see so much on her top part of her body. Because i did try to accent.

Well mostly her rims more like a prime that s why that next. One is gonna be like a whitish white white white. But blue at the same time that is gonna be her legs. That you can tell it s like a whitish blue and that s why it looks kind of cloudy.

I do like that and that one is my fave. That s one of my favorite colors as well so next part it s again all from these are all these are from the ice palette. This one is again like i ll really light looking blue. It is a pretty nice looking blue in my opinion.

It s it s i don t think you can get this color from any other color palette or any of these colors. Except for maybe. You may be able to get a couple from corpus and grenier and orokin so if you have those you can probably get these colors and hopefully get something like this and then your energy color again this doesn t make much of a difference on her. But it s more of a whitish blue again and again it just looks pretty nice you again if you don t have the ice color palette.

Exactly you can probably get even some of her from easter corpus grenier or orokin and later on guys. And we ll be showing the which color scheme palettes. I prefer would like that i found the most and like with the best looking colors. I as you can see i don t have all of them but mostly for a reason.

Because i have played on pc. And i think i have it most of them if not all of them on my pc. But guys thank you so much for watching please subscribe comment like and i ll see you guys next normal en las c..


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