Warframe: RAGE Utility, Use, Acquisition & Combination

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“Everyone is da here. And today. We will be taking a look at the rage rage mod in warframe. This is one of the best must have mods in the as of now and it is of course.

Very very essential for smooth. It is your transition through a lot of your missions rage is a situational mod. Which grants you energy. Whenever you take damage to your health.

It can also be acquired from the grinia napalms void containers and of course. Some of your infested. Friends that you may encounter in some of the campaign missions in the game now note that this mod is not going to work with self damage. There was an update that fixed and change that a while back.

So if you are trying to do some self damage to gain additional energy pool. This is not going to work so you have to be careful..

Whenever you do that in your missions in this video. I am using the banshee prime for the modern description and looks and as you can see the description of the mod it looks good on paper. But a mission test is where the truth realized whenever it comes to looking at mods and examining how different things in aesthetics and dynamics work in the game now with the high demands of some of the missions. We play like sorties or some of our endgame missions.

We are often tempted to have it on every single frame. And i know i myself i m a very person who is quite guilty of something like that because i tend to put rage on almost every single frame. Even though you re not supposed to because they re not going to work like that on every frame. But let us go ahead and proceed the problem with rage are far and however is the fact that rage is not viable on heavy frame frames with very low armor rating or high shields or over shields will find this mod.

Pretty much quite useless basically. Because of the fact that the percentage of benefit. I ve ever attempted it maybe as far as the description goes this will put you in a situation. Where you re looking at the diminishing returns of this mod.

Itself. Use..

A rage on your high armored frames. Like promos out. Here or even maybe. Nidus will give you an amazing results while frames like necros or trinity.

Might not need it basically because they have the ability to create their own health pool or maybe create their own energy pool. So they may not need it a lot of times in the game now frames. Such as banshee nix or hydrate on the other hand will need more than rage to survive in the game. Some of those might just need a whole rework in general now due to the low armor ratings in the health pool of some of these frames.

An enemy. That will push you to gain energy from rage literally is going to kill you which means. It is pretty much impossible for you to have this mod functions efficiently on the warframe that has a low chance of survival now in more situations. We often also find ourselves combining rage and quick thinking together now quit.

Thinking of course is a mod that drains your energy to stop a little damage. Now this works..

All the way up to 250 per 240 percent efficiency. Though so. This is one of those really amazing mods. The first time i use this mod.

I actually installed it on my nix because i kept going down. And this is amazing now yes of course this mods will work together perfectly well. But it goes back to the law of diminishing returns and of course. The fact the enemy scaling in warframe is quite crazy and drastic as of the moment because a lot of times.

When you have a napalm you have a bombard you have a heavy gunner and you have a nation that keeps on healing them whenever they come at you and they re firing those missiles of course. Yes you are draining energy. You are restoring your health. You are getting damage to health you are gaining more energy.

But the fact still remains that if you have a low armor. Rating..

A lot of these enemies will kill you in one shot. Which means as wonderful as this mod may be as amazing. Edison s mate looks on paper and as well and is not as function on a lot of armored warfare and a lot of our tanky warframes and a lot of our heavily held pooled warframe like nighters and in harold s. This is one of those mods that it is very very situational you may not need it every single time.

It is useless on certain frames. It is firmly one of those things that will make you the daad frame. Whenever it comes to certain setups and certain bill and in some situations. You will still end up dying.

Now with all that situations set aside. I will advise you that for every single time you go into the game get your health restore get your energy restore and of course if you don t mind getting you armor quick restore a lot of your teammates will love you for it and of course you will survive a little bit more and better through the game that ll be it for this video. If you enjoyed it don t forget to give me a thumbs up and if you would love to see more and get additional and future updates from this channel. Don t forget to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and as always it is da ” .


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