we had to cancel Fox s birthday party…but I made a healthy birthday cake! [VLOG

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” s up guys welcome back to my channel. I can t believe i actually completed completed that this time last year. I was having one of the best but worst of my life aka. I was in labor with this little guy cuz.

It s your birthday tomorrow flashback to this time last year. Yeah good times right if you followed my channel last day. You would know that i was so excited for labor and i m glad i was excited. But wow.

It was so much more intense than i anticipated which sounds crazy. But i was just super. Excited for it i got the best little gift out of it all under my mike doesn t mind mike that s my mike no i think it s the game. No he thinks it s a game daddy can hold you you re too tall for my shot.

Because you re too sure i m like fun sized can you hear me yes yeah so like all fabulous birthdays. I like to film. Me making a cake this has kind of become an accidental tradition like when it s kurt s birthday. My birthday my mom s birthday.

My sister s birthday and now this is my first birthday cake as a mother and in true stephenson style. Which is my last name. But soon it won t be my last name and everyone in our family. We always pick our childhood birthday cakes out of this book if you re an aussie child from the 90s okay 80s 80s and 90s kids i m sure this is like the new one new i think i was like seven when we got this one.

But when was this surely. It has a date 2002. So that was like nearly 20 years ago. Well that s crazy we have like all those super old school ones as well a week before i got there we got to go through this book and like pick our favorite cake pool party cakes the barbie cakes were you know how like at the bottom of the barbie is like a cake and anyway.

It s also become an accidental tradition that everyone on their first birthday. Just gets a beautiful number one decorated really pretty so all i m really using from the book is like the shape. I don t know if you can see. But i m just gonna use how they made the one i might say bye.

I ll see you when your cake is made okay come on back. I don t know. This is just like a really nice homely feeling to me right now because not only am. I using my mum s cake book.

But this is my grandma s cake tins. Which is so nice to cook with so it s just nice feeling. Like my mum s here. My grandma s here and like i m just so excited i m going to make a healthy banana cake.

But make it like a birthday cake. So this is going to be a super easy banana bread cake that you can make as a banana loaf. Your own cake or as a birthday cake. I m going to do the wet ingredients in this little small bowl three ripe bananas mashed into the bowl mush mush mush and you love banana to do you want to have a little bit delayed sneeze nico.

I m gonna mash this as smooth as i can i m gonna do half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla essence you can use vanilla bean powder. If you have that as well then i ll be adding half a cup of any kind of liquid sweetener that you want you can either use honey maple syrup of gavi nectar coconut nectar rice malt syrup i m just using a mix of agave and coconut whatever i have available and then this is really bad. But i can t find my actual liquid cut measurements. So i m gonna do a dry cup measurement of coconut milk.

You can use any kind of milk. Whoa. Coconut milk. Almond milk rice.


Milk. Oat milk hemp milk normal milk turn it up to you so. One cup of that then the last wet ingredient is going to be half a cup of melted coconut oil. So you obviously measure it after you have melted it so i m just gonna put a bunch of coconut oil.

Which is like solidified like this into this cup. And then i m just gonna microwave. It and then i ll measure 1 2. Cup.

Easy. If you are not dairy. Free. And you prefer butter you can definitely use butter.

It s just you have to have some source of fat in there to make it nice and moist and not dry like you know those cakes that are just like crumbly and dry. They probably don t have enough healthy fat in it. This is actually optional not essential. But i find that it s a little bit more fluffy with one egg.

If you want to keep this vegan. You definitely don t have to add it my coconut oil is all melted so i m gonna pour that in as well oh i didn t even measure it damn i m supposed to like pour this into the half a cup now uh let s just like that s half a cup. We all know i hate measuring stuff anyway so this was bound to happen right wet mixture. I ve pretty much done now on to put the dry mixture.

It s you guys like my new bowls because usually i bake in the bowls. That you guys are obsessed with my trusty pink cooking ball. I love it it was literally from audi. It was like ten bucks.

I love it but when i m cooking stuff on camera. You can t see what s going on so. I thought this was much more appropriate and i feel like a proper like tv cooking host because they always use the glass bowls anyway who cares. No one dry ingredients let s do this i m actually going to do this properly.

Because i have noticed a difference when i use a sieve it just helps combine it all together especially when you re using things like baking powder. So i m going to do 2 cups of buckwheat flour in my opinion and from my experience. It acts the most similar to normal flour. It s really fluffy so two cups of buckwheat as we can see i m like very flexible and like not specific and not too careful with my measurements.

I m gonna do one and a half teaspoons of baking powder. Again roughly and then tip that through see if i didn t save it that would be all like clumpy and gross so this just gives you a much smoother consistency a much smoother batter. I m gonna do one a spoon of apple cider vinegar but i m gonna put it in the wet mixture actually one teaspoon and this just helps activate the baking powder and again make it more fluffy. I ve really been enjoying a rich fertile lightly in my baking i feel like i can add a little bit less and it s super sweet coconut sugar is an awesome option you can use raw cane sugar if you want but i m just really into erythritol i like doubling with different ingredients so i m gonna add a little less than a quarter cup of erythritol.

But if you re using coconut sugar use a full quarter cup. I m gonna add a crack of pink salt. We don t need measurements of that just don t be an idiot. I m gonna add some cinnamon because folks love cinnamon.

I love cinnamon. Who doesn t love cinnamon my sister. We just won t tell my sister that there s cinnamon in the cake. So i m probably gonna say like 1 4 teaspoon of that and then again this is optional.

But i m gonna add some sliced almonds not slivered but sliced so i ll show you what they look like it s virtually this like slices of almonds. But i really like having some kind of texture and crunch and dimension in my cooking in pretty much all of my baking in my cakes muffins slices you ll see some kind of crunch element in there they re no different when it s a birthday cake. So i m gonna mix that together and then pour in a little wet mixture. I m really really hoping that the cake doesn t stick to this tin so i m gonna fold this together i don t want to over mix this but you just want to make sure.


There s no dry pockets of flour fold. It for a little longer than you think but don t like because you re gonna get rid of all the air and i want this light and bubbly at your own discretion well it can dip. I m not afraid of raw egg. It s so good i m gonna add a little bit more cinnamon.

Oh add some ginger okay this was not a part of my original plan. I m gonna add a little bit of powdered ginger probably like 1 4 teaspoon just to give it a little bit of a kick. You know that little bit of black it s gonna taste like autumn even though it s summer it s still summer any autumn. It s an awesome right now curt i d say so yeah i m pretty sure it s autumn well i don t think i m gonna risk gracing these i think i m just going to use good old baking paper.

If you like that s a safer option. I m gonna take my time. I m like notorious but rushing everything and just be like oh. It s good enough.

But this is fox s but they cake and i m taking this very seriously. Okay. Let s do some cut and paste. Okay.

Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Yep perfect. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

And then let s like this is gonna be great. I m gonna cut out two phases now like in mats. And you have to make nets of a shape like if i had a cube and i flattened it into a piece of paper. What would it look like that was never good at that so toxins birthday.

Let s just chat about it for a second. Obviously if you keep up to date. With my instagram. Which you should because i m like to open on there you know everything about me.

I was planning was really fun under the sea party for fox s first birthday. And you know first of our problems. Now. We can t do it because of the whole shutdown.

Lockdown social isolation. Kind of thing. So it s okay as long. As you have a cake.

We can open some prezi s it s still gonna be a fun day okay faces done i need to get rid of this yolo mentality. Because it doesn t always work out. But today. I think it s going to cuz that is perfect do you know where i m gonna pour the mixture into that now before it like unravels.

Let s throw it in the oven. And pray that this works for us so happy when you saw that making noise maybe hit with the other end wow. You having a good time. That s yeah.


I love this next present. Happy birthday fox. He s another one he he lights. The boxes and the wrapping paper ah good boy to books you can hope daddy renovate the house.

Timba screwdriver. Oh. You can t break that one buddy. We don t break that hammer.

No no no no no he s got another hammer that he breaks all the time you think it s the best thing ever so he s trying to break this one next president what s in this one you gonna open it with me quick pull pull that off you love guitars. Yeah. So kirk can actually play the guitar. And i think.

That s why fox loves the guitar so much because since he was a newborn cut it would put him to sleep by singing to him with the guitar and he always tries to play with kurt s. But he s like gonna break it so you could put it here on your lap. We have to tune it up later. But this is how daddy plays remember and you got it that is been a chilly night.

Put your fingers on here put your hand here. Just. Let me do it fo fox. No that s paige.

Oh. Yeah. Thank you got one. More and then mommy needs.

A coffee. What s your name de tus. What s your last name oh good boy. Yeah.

That s good happy s having a good time tea. Hey mate abby. Happy birthday buddy oh that was so cute he gave you it such a nice car to lend always loving it hey i ve got a great idea i feel like we should make your icing would you like to do that would you like to make your icing okay. It is icing time so for like an hour.

I ve been soaking one cup of raw cashews. They obviously absorb a lot of the water and they swell up and when you do blend them they become so much more creamy. This is like a normal cashew. This is a swollen.

One so one cup of that is going to be the base of my icing and in true cezzah style and making this icing up from scratch. I don t really have a game plan. I have made healthy icing a few times. But i just want to make a different recipe that i ve never worked with before the cake turned out so good i ended up putting it in the oven for like 30 minutes like 30 to 40 minutes.

I guess so i m just gonna drain these get all the water out of it i don t know if i just like don t use it right. But i swear everyone s vitamix stuff turns out so much better than mine. Maybe i don t add enough liquid. All right so a cup of cashews gonna do like half a cup of water.

Then we can always add more probably like 1 4. Cup of vanilla essence aka lm like that s such a fun consistency can i just say can you guys hear them with this nipple like the outdoor gardening. This guy. I don t know what s going on this is what a whipper snipper is okay.


This is what a lawn mower is if you have a huge stretch of brass like a big patch of grass you cut it with a lawn mower and then you just use the whipper snipper for the edges. This guy has been whipper snipper in for 3 hours 3 hours. And he is cutting the entire lawn of grass with the whipper snipper like where is his luck. He s a gardening guy.

I m so confused and it s driving us insane. Ok carrot is back so i can finally see me do something this is really random. But i feel like it s gonna taste really good i m gonna add a whole banana to the mixture we obviously need some extra sweetness again use any kind of liquid sweetener that you want so i m gonna do it s like 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoon 3 tablespoon eyeballed 3 tablespoons of honey let s just blend that and see what the consistency is like it s a little bit watery. So we need add some thickness in 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour or our it s lower all corn starch.

If you don t have that 2 tablespoons. I want to add a little little tang. Don t you love like lemon icing on a banana cake. I do i m gonna do 1 2.

And juice. The lemon law says me that i want to thicken it off and now. I m adding more liquid. All right let s blend that looking pretty good like okay.

This isn t a little bit runny. But i reckon i could put it in the fridge. See if it hoddan s a little bit let s go taste test. It s really good i like the taste of it i will say it is quite dense so i don t think you could have a lot of it because it is like really creamy quite cashew coconut tasting.

I don t know why i said coconut. But it does i think this is gonna be a good consistency once it s refrigerated a little bit and if it s not we ll just add a little bit more tapioca starch and buckwheat flour okay food colouring. Time now. The key is to add a drop at a time.

I hardly will i never use food coloring. Unless. It s a birthday cake. Oh oh no i just added.

Like oh. I feel like that s a little all right that is the perfect color. So i m just gonna throw that into the fridge. What s your hands are you enjoying that good.

But you re enjoying it i hope in this cuz. He s gonna go oh great doesn t take much sugar to like go crazy. Nice was that fun was it a good time pumpkin fun so good ah can you believe that next birthday. He ll be talking to us and he ll actually know what s going on that s crazy like i don t believe it s been a year that goes so huge i feel like now it s the perfect time to wrap up this vlog popsie.

I hope you have the best birthday. I love you so much i m sorry that it wasn t under the sea party that we had plans we adapted you know we made the most of a bad situation and we had a great birthday. We ve got amazing presents you got to play with lots of cardboard boxes. Which you love thank you guys for all the beautiful messages that you ve sent myself kurt and you know you haven t sent them to box.

But they ve been directed to box true kurt and i um. But you guys enjoyed these kind of home real vlogs. Then please like this video let me know because i ll be sure to make more of them and make sure you subscribe because i upload new videos every single week. See you guys see ” .


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