What are Drive Partitions?

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“Back in the time of the dinosaurs. It was pretty much a necessity to partition partition or divide up your drives especially if you were running a higher capacity drive an old operating system such as windows 95. And believe me having to deal with like twelve partitions because of filesystem limitations was kind of a drag. Nowadays though with everyone on a windows based pc anyway using ntfs partitioning is no longer necessary.

But it can be a valuable tool. So what exactly then is partitioning and why is it still relevant when we can just dump everything onto one giant. 8. Terabyte drive and be done with it well partitioning means splitting one physical hard drive or ssd into several different logical drives or volumes.

That your operating system will treat. As if they were completely separate physical drives each volume on a partitioned disk. Has its own drive. Letter.

You know like c. Or d. Or z. And folder structure.


And can also be formatted. Even with different file systems. Without affecting your other partitions at all so if you re just rocking. One drive in your system.

Partitioning allows you some pretty cool functionality you could set up a hidden partition with no drive letter assigned. So non tech savvy roommates won t be able to find a particular virtual drive. Many pc manufacturers include recovery partitions that are hidden away and have all of your operating system and drivers and pre installed applications. They re ready for you to say hey i m ready to restore my pc or if you wanted to dual boot your system.

Very useful if you wanted to try out linux or run a previous version of windows for improved compatibility. Without installing a whole new physical disk or getting rid of your more modern operating system. Multiple partitions can also help keep your data safe if something happens to your os installation. One popular way to do this is to put your personal files and data on a separate partition so if your os gets corrupted or infected with certain types of malware you can just wipe it and do a clean reinstall without also nuking your important stuff.

Though it should be noted this does nothing to protect that data from a physical drive. Failure. Partitions can also help though with a slow mechanical drive through a technique called short stroking you see because of the way that hard drive platters spin. The read.


Or write head and your hard drive. Actually accesses data near the outer portion of the disk. More quickly short stroking involves creating a partition that only takes up the faster outer portion of the platter. Not a bad place to install programs that you need to access quickly.

If you don t have room or you can t afford an ssd upgrade. So how do you create a partition. Then well there s a wide variety of ways you can actually specify multiple partition sizes. When you re installing operating systems such as windows from within windows you can use disk management to actually shrink and expand.

Volumes. Which allows you to partition the space that is no longer being taken up by a volume you can buy dedicated tools such as paragon hard disk manager. That s the one that we use around here at the office. Whenever we have to work with partitions or i m sure that the comments are going to be full and everyone s favorite open source partition management software and you can check out the most up voted ones.

There as well. But there are downsides to partitioning for one because of filesystem overhead splitting your disk into multiple partitions. Results in lower overall capacity than if you just had one big partition you also have to configure windows to store your data intelligently on a secondary partition. Unless you want to just be manually moving things around and the same goes for programs.


Because installing programs and one volume and then trying to move them over to another one is pretty much not a thing meaning that even if the idea was to save yourself from os corruption. If you re installing a bunch of programs to that other drive you re actually going to have to go clean them out manually and reinstall them anyway. But if you re the type of person that appreciates fine tuning and tinkering and you you know want your data backups. There and you want to put your managed files.

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