What Are The Most Creative D&D Characters You ve Seen? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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“D. Player s alfred. It. What is the most creative character.

You ve seen someone someone players. There was the campaign where the party came across a magical cauldron filled boiling gold they were told they could drop an item in and it would be turned to gold while retaining all of its other properties and be imbued with intelligence. They were warned that the intelligence might be malevolent while the party debated what to drop in the gnome rove jumps in he became gold coated. Which increased his armor class significantly.

But also became cursed with an evil alter ego. There was much rolling to determine when and for how long he was forced to play as chaotic evil. I have never played d d. But that sounds awesome.

I ve got a friend who is a weird character machine. Most recently as an orc named stearic who believes that weapons are a coward s weapon and beats people to death with his shields before that was robert the destroyer. A barbarian who threw ladders at people there was three dollars and fifty cents or tree fitty to his friends a really creepy monk who could shoot vines out of his hands like spider man and of course. Justin chandler.

A shaman who saved literally all his gold till level seven. Then used it to permanently enlarge and awaken. His pet frog and deckard out with sweet gear. Then used it to permanently enlarge and awaken his was not expecting frog here.

I once kidnapped to play a character wizard and replace them with a higher level illusion created by the bb eg. The player then had to control the illusion from the prospective of the bb eg pretending to still be a member of the party. It was surprisingly effective just as they reached the bb eg they were slowly realizing he wasn t helping much anymore. I played as a women back in college.

And i loved that character he was a druid and thus could only carry wooden weapons so after thinking about it i gave him a lance and then proceeded to get every featuring gaia good for a knight on horseback trampled charges etc. I leveled like a monster class instead of a player class aka slow as balls good man. It was a hell of fun character he could do some insane damage by the end of the game. And if he had to get into close combat.

He could do rake rake bite for damage in my favorite part. The we re his to animal companions. The first was a weasel dad took levels of thief. So it was our trapper dismantler.

And it eventually had vorpal front teeth. So it had a devastating bite attack. The second was and i m not kidding a giant white blood cell. It had been magicked out of a giant and made even larger and it s rode around on my druids back as the group s healer.

It would blob onto them and heal them with a few levels of cleric mind you my druid was teamed up with the lizard man barbarian..

Who was surprisingly smart in the fae bard that would drink anything put in front of him. Which is how he ended up as a half elf woman of a different alignment by the end of the game. Two people in our group independently chose to name themselves hand in hand hand decided to run with it and named his horses hone and human and his familiar here it was all very confusing but totally worth it when our dm introduced an npc whose nickname was hawaiian aka sometimes hawaiian a camel not just any camel but a racing camel named rocket boots we had a party member who was inconsistent about showing up for the games. And he showed up in the middle of a short campaign.

We were running after we had retrieved a stolen racing camel it s hard to say exactly what it was but the guy went ham role playing this camel making camel noises and doing camel things it was absolutely hilarious. I haven t done it yet but i ve always wanted to play as a trooper lamothe chair the chair was turned into a human or any player race and then started learning maybe becoming a wizard himself. I don t know how anyone would ever know since the change becomes permanent. But if he ever walked through an anti magic field.

He will just turn back into a chair and be gone forever. And no one else would walk through there for fear of being turned into a chair. I played with a 100 randomly generated character i had a decent combo of class and race half elf and ranger. But my stats were completely dysfunctional for a ranger.

My worst stats by far were decks and wisdom in fact they were the worst in the group. But i was the ranger that could do everything a ranger was not supposed to do and nothing that a ranger was actually supposed to do one of my friends also did this we were playing a custom campaign with no magic and his name was milhouse rodriguez and the only words he knew in the common tongue. Where i am sneak by and frick you he was a 610 feet 350 pounds wrote with no points index he preferred to pick his enemies up and throw them foe cd druid with bagofholding would clean up battlefields and other places. Using the bag as a dust bin was hilarious halfway through the campaign.

When the druid used the bag as a ballistic weapon and emptied said bag my current campaign was made entirely from character who are new to d d. Myself. Included so when building characters my friend rolled mostly average stats with the exception of intelligence. So he has a minus three in that so we basically determined that he s illiterate during our campaign.

He also referred to the dm as god as a joke and he kept asking questions like all right god. What do we do about so. I made a joke that it looks like his character is actually communicating with god on a regular basis. But everyone around him just thinks he s insane and will never believe him he then got the personality trade divine guidance.

Which allows him to have a helpful hint once per campaign session. So canonically his character can communicate with god. But to everyone else he s just talking to himself as a result of his intellectual ineptitude jesus gives military advice 20. I haven t seen it myself.

But someone over at ardent dream text posted his story about a gnome and a half orc the gnome had the mount skill and sitting on the orcs shoulders. They were both invincible would love to play with that idea sometime. A player made a dwarf who was actually a human midget raised by dwarfs he was a barbarian and was modeled after macho man. Randy savage.

He had a pet wolverine. Which he would throw at people while screaming the fastball special. Then wolverine didn t last. Too long randy throughout the campaign slowly went insane due to his fear of magic randy that began cutting off people hand.

Still no apparent reason the legend of macho man ended when he attempted to sup luksa dragon as someone who once spent several hours making the closest thing to a one to one equivalent of macho man..

In 5e. This makes me very happy narcoleptic bard currently in a campaign with this one. He doesn t do much and has the tendency to fall asleep at the worst times. My current campaign has a monk who has a tendency to meditate through important battles.

So i think i know the feeling the lizard wizard. Not a cool humanoid one. A gecko which could occasionally spat sparks. A friend of mine decided to be a smartest and play a character named rock cobbler.

So yeah. The dm decided to play along and has made a good portion of our campaign. Revolve around the secret society of cobblers and their ancient feud with their enemies. The haberdashers.

There are a lot if magic shoes and magic hats. There s also a masterworks rifle. Named blood fawcett that might be cursed to seek haberdasher souls. This sounds heavily influenced by an adam sandler movie.

Did a minutes max build to create a damaged monster of a fighter had to shortchange him and certain areas as far as wisdom and intelligence goes. I realized this was a bad idea the third or fourth time. I died during a single session. Because brick had trouble realizing what was dangerous and what was not eventually the cleric just tied a rope around his neck and led him around that seemed to help a lot brick.

I killed a guy with a trident personally the most creative. I ve seen was a tiefling warlock who was constantly disguising himself as an elf cleric. All of the players out of character knew what he was but he had the whole party in character convinced and between his high charisma and the rest of the party s low intelligences. It didn t seem likely to change anytime soon.

I once read about a barbarian who would constantly yell encouragement sand slapped you when you go down it was a paladin sneakily casting his buff and heal spells a thief with one level of illusionist that passed himself off as an arch wizard. Throwing fireballs and screaming these beasts are immune to magic in a fight was a funny experience he was good at scamming npcs. Though i m currently deeming for a group with an armless wild magic sorcerer. It has made for some interesting and funny situations.

Three dwarfs stacked in a trench coat. Upon meeting. The character there is a role to see if they think the character as normal or see. The three dwarfs stacked.

The whole character is a bit of a joke at the same time oddly works. Each character is its own class in depending on the stack order. Things change. Also one is guy theory.

As a dwarf for no good..

Reason guy. Also has the adventure chef class. Simon and garfunkel. It was just for a one shot.

So i don t remember all the details. I believe simon was a gnome wizard and garfunkel is a goliath fighter or some other large race simon was a murderous psychopath that garfunkel had accidentally paralyzed at some point in the past to the point. Where simon can t even speak so he carries simon around like a baby out of guilt. Caring for him and protecting him.

Simon s entire existence is seethed with rage usually trying to kill garfunkel and those around him. But always failing with garfunkel being completely unaware of simon s burning hate for him. Oh meek is dead. I accidentally stomped on him on the bridge.

I just feel so guilty. I ve been carrying him all day dwarf pirate that wanted to retire and become a farmer. I made my dn research cost of land animals reproduction rates and such i love my far more than adventuring simple solution commandeer a ship kill all. But one man train him for five years under the constant daily threat of death.

And then had him adopt your character s name and take over as captain with a new crew of course. So no one knows my girlfriend has made a character for our next campaign. That is an elf fighter. But is only good at fighting when he is drunk when he is not drunk.

He is lawful evil and a bit of a scholar. When he is drunk. He rips off his shirt to reveal his muscles and becomes chaotic good one of my players was playing as an earth elemental cleric. They were sailing to some faraway island.

When everybody was dicking around and they knocked said cleric into the ocean of course. He didn t float and sank straight to the bottom brown either. Technically it took the players three sessions of underwater themed adventures to finally get him rescued. Because he had spent so much time under immense pressure on the ocean floor.

He came out as a larva elemental and now he can t set foot in wooden buildings and nobody can touch him without taking burn damage. If the players wind up in a particularly cold environment. They just crowd around him for warmth. Now.

Which means they don t need to build campfires anymore. Unfortunately. He is incredibly bright at night and has a minus seven stealth modifier get someone unfamiliar with dnd role playing games to read this and see how they react didn t experience his firsthand. But my brother once played as a rogue assassin who had had his tongue removed.

So he couldn t speak in an intelligible manner..

Everyone he tried to talk with including party members had to make a roll to see if they understood him. Luckily one of his party members rolled in at 20 on his first attempt so the dm ruled that they would always be able to understand each other my dm insists. We all talk in character so i spent tuesday nights. Playing a turtle with a bad swedish accent.

I play a total monk in our games. Most sessions i barely even attack and am more used as a battering ram gm hum. The party can feel wind coming from behind this wall role perception to discover a switch. Me iowa 500 pounds i run into the wall full sprint.

This has worked so many times at this point. I think he just plans on it a necromancer who thought they were a cleric. Only the player and dm knew and had a list translating. What the player said they were doing and what they were actually doing ie spells daily prep.

So the others wouldn t catch on out of character in his formative years he came upon a book of forbidden spells being young and stupid. He assumed it was a book of divine rituals. Fast forward several years and he wanders the land preaching about the everlasting life. He s skilled in first aid and potions because not every scrape requires divine intervention.

But has some spells that will bring someone back from the brink of death. He also has a body god who wears full plate who follows him around because he owes a life debt doesn t talk much though the other players never discussed removing their own armor or eating or using the toilet. So nobody found it odd that the npc never did the other players also never took points in knowledge arcane to discover the spell effects didn t match. What they should i ve always wanted to play as a secret necromancer where the party doesn t know i m a necromancer and i m doing everything in my power to keep it that way.

But still practice necromancy this might be that way in my current campaign. One of my players is a mimic chess named chester he loves the character and has so much fun hopping around biting people. I had a player play a dwarf guard named anise pronounced her loose. But he let his close friends call him anus and is carried around his instrument.

Everywhere. He went a free kingdom. Jura. Do he was able to charm animals.

Using his didgeridoo. Oh hey don t mind me. I m just working hard on the next dude man video hey. By the way.

If you want more awesome content. Like this you should check that channel out what you should you should want to watch more awesome content. Then head on over to duke man. I m luna steve and i m the host over there look i hope you like what you see ” .


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