What is the BEST N64 Controller? Nintendrew

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“Guys meant andrew here nintendo. 64 gamers are not short on controller options at least least to me it seems like the 64 had more third party controllers than any that came before or after it and whether you re a competitive smash player or just looking for the best option for casual. Play you ve got to have the right controller for the job well look no further for this video. I ve thoroughly tested five of my favorite n64 game pads and put them through a gauntlet of challenges to determine which of them deserves a spot in your setup.

So let s get to it all right so like i mentioned. I ve got five controllers to get through today and we re just gonna run through some pros and cons of each so that you guys can make your own assessments. Along with me first up as kind of a bit of a baseline let s take a look at the original first party nintendo. 64.

Controller this controller is great for that nostalgia factor you can t get more authentic than the original. But of course. It has its own problems. Which it makes sense otherwise i wouldn t be making this video about alternatives so for the positives.

This might seem kind of obvious. But every nintendo 64 game was built with this controller in mind. So if you have a controller in great condition. You re gonna have perfect input every time on the flip side.

The design of this controller is a pretty big point of contention. Some people just really do not like the three prong design. Personally i like this layout. And i think it was kind of novel for the time.

But i can definitely understand those of you who would prefer a more standard controller layout. But perhaps a much bigger issue is that the joysticks on these controllers are very prone to failure underneath. This housing is a mechanism. Which basically just has plastic rubbing against plastic.

So inevitably over the years and through hours of use this joystick is going to become loose and unresponsive now. What you re seeing on the screen. Here is an input test program which i am running on real nintendo. 64 hardware through and everdrive and basically this is just meant to test any controller against the original first party controller fresh out of the box.

As you can see the the controller that i decided to test in this case is suffering a bit from that loose joystick and you can tell the the analog..

Stick. Inputs aren t quite as sensitive as they should be so. If you have one of these controllers with a bit of wear and tear on it you might have some problems like running at full speed. And that sort of thing of course.

There are plenty of options on the market for replacement joysticks. If you d like to get your hands dirty and replace it yourself. But that s not really the point of this video. I m just kind of taking each controller at face value.

So that s about it for the original first party game pad. Next up. We ve got the hoary pad mini and the first thing. You ll probably notice about this one is it s nice.

Familiar layout. Which is much closer to a standard controller. But personally my favorite thing about this controller is its joystick this joystick is quite a bit larger than the original and more closely resembles a gamecube joystick. But more importantly.

It is very springy and responsive and it has super low resistance feels like you can move this thing with a feather hit it s very hard to explain without being able to show it to you directly. But just trust me. This is an excellent joystick now one big downside to this one is it s got kind of a small build you can tell it it s it s a lot smaller than some other similar controllers. And it s it s not very well suited to those of us with larger hands.

It s kind of cramped here in addition after running it through my input test program. I found that the hori pad mini actually has a slightly higher sensitivity than the original controller. But in practice at least to me it seems that it doesn t really affect gameplay at all it just means that you re gonna get to that maximum input just slightly before you reach the edge of that controllers movement distance the biggest downside to the hori pad mini in my mind. Is that it is somewhat rare and hard to come by meaning it can get pretty pricey your best option for getting one of these is to order it from overseas on a site like ebay.

Where they can go for upwards of 100. So. It s certainly going to be out of mini gamers price range and might not necessarily be worth. It for those extra features next up.

We ve got the brawler 64..

Controller. And this one is much newer. This one actually just came out this year from a company called retro fighters. The first thing you ll notice about this controller is that it has an excellent layout and design much closer to a modern controller even than the horipad mini additionally.

This controller has a much improved joystick. I wouldn t say i like it quite as much as the hori pad minis. But it is certainly a massive upgrade from the original controller all of the buttons feel great it has that same familiar aesthetic from the original and it s just much closer to what you would expect from a current gen gamepad that being said. There are of course.

A couple of caveats with this controller as well and one of my big issues with this controller is that it has an irregular analog gate so if you don t know what that means the analog gate refers to this piece of plastic surrounding. The analog stick which kind of directs the stick and in the case of the 64 allows you to easily input in the four cardinal directions. As well as each of the diagonals. So in the case of the original controller.

The analog gate looks something like this it s shaped like an octagon with eight sides but each of the individual points. Are not actually equidistant from the center. The diagonal directions are actually a little bit farther out making the shape. A little bit closer to a square in the case of the brawler.

Sixty four gamepad retro fighters actually went with a perfect octagon for their analog gate. Meaning that the diagonal directions are actually a little bit closer to the center of the stick. Now when i first noticed this. I was a little bit worried that for example you might run a little bit slower in super.

Mario. 64. If you were to hold a diagonal direction. Than you would if you were to use the original controller.

But after running the brawler 64. Through the test input program. It became clear that the diagonal directions are at least as sensitive as the original controller and effectively the only difference that this new analog gate has on gameplay is that the the four cardinal directions are just a little bit more sensitive than you might expect all that being said for what it s worth. I think the brawler 64.

Is the best nintendo 64 controller for me personally i certainly don t claim to be a competitive player and the issue of having a somewhat different analog sensitivity and gate don t really affect my everyday use so at this point i ve covered what i consider to be the best options on the market..

But for the sake of being thorough. I also tested a couple of my runner ups that you might be wondering about so next up. I ve got a circa. Aftermarket controller.

These are meant to be a direct copy and cheaper alternative to the original again if you re just looking for that original feel these are great for that nostalgia factor. And at least out of the box. You re not gonna have that loose joystick problem. However it does suffer the same issues as the original controller namely.

That it has that same plastic against plastic mechanism. And you can bet after a few years. This thing is gonna have a loose unresponsive joystick additionally. I ran this one through my test program and found that these controllers tend to have wildly inconsistent analog values and high sensitivity much more so than the other controllers i ve covered so far now this controller could still be a viable option.

If you re just trying to get a bunch of cheap controllers together for a mario party night or something like that but if you re looking for authentic input. You re gonna have to look elsewhere and finally the last controller i have to cover today is a bit of a wild card here this is the retro bit hyper mode controller and the big difference for this guy. Is that it has the unparalleled convenience of a wireless connection. It s kind of a 64 is equivalent of the gamecubes wavebird control basically it has this little wireless receiver.

Which you plug into the console itself and the controller has a battery pack inserted. Where typically the the memory pack would go. Which is kind of a cool design again the design is very close to the original controller. Which could be a pro or a con depending on your stance on that that three prong design.

But after running it through the same tests. I found a clear problem with this controllers input this one has a highly increased analog sensitivity even more so than the previous controller meaning that the smallest movement on this stick is going to cause a big response in game. I also found through testing that this controllers wireless convenience also comes with its own issue in the form of a low update rate. Referring to not only just an input lag.

But also an issue of input stuttering meaning that when i was moving the analog stick around i would notice that sometimes it would take a little longer than you might expect for it to update. When i change directions that sort of thing and one final problem with this controller is that much like the hori pad mini. It is very hard to come by for this video. I tried to find a listing of this controller on ebay or anywhere that i could put in into the description below and i couldn t find one it seems like these controllers are just they ve fallen off the face of the earth now in case.

You ve forgotten..

I still like this controller. It s on my list of favorites. I still enjoy the convenience of having that wireless connection and for games. Which don t really rely on low sensitivity.

It ll work just fine so if you manage to come across one for a good price. I would recommend you pick it up. But otherwise. It s not your best choice.

So now that we ve run through the pros and cons of each controller. I m gonna run back and just kind of give some final thoughts the original first party nintendo. 64. Controller is great for nostalgia you can t get more authentic than the original.

But its joystick is prone to failure. So unless you have a controller in great condition. You re gonna have some issues. The circa.

Aftermarket controller is a cheap alternative to the original at the price of having much poorer and inconsistent input and is not very suited for competitive play the retro bit hyper mode wireless. Controller is also great for nostalgia and has unparalleled convenience with its wireless connection. But that brings along with it some big downsides it has less than perfect input and highly increased analogue sensitivity and they re nearly impossible to find regardless. The hoary pad mini is a great compromise between comfort and authenticity.

It may be a little bit too pricey for a casual gamer. But it is a great option for competitive players and hardcore collectors and finally the brawler 64. Has a wonderful modern design at the cost of less than perfect input emulation for casual play i can t recommend it enough and for those competitive players which can adapt to or are not concerned by a small difference in sensitivity. The pros will definitely outweigh the cons so that s about it i hope i ve given you enough information from my experience to help inform your choice when looking for your next a nintendo 64 controller of course.

If you did enjoy the video. Please do consider subscribing to nintendo for all sorts of cool gaming content and make sure to share the video with any friends who might find it interesting otherwise i ll see you next time bye hey guys thanks again for checking out the video and for making it all the way to the end hope you enjoyed as always i ve got links to all my social media in the description below a facebook twitter instagram discord that sort of thing and if you d like to help out even more i ve got a link to my patreon on the right side of your screen. Otherwise i hope you ll look out for the next video take care. ” .


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