What Is The Best OS For Gaming? [Simple Guide

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“Is one of pc gaming biggest strengths usually when you hear this you think of of the freedom you have when it comes to hardware configuration. But this isn t only aspect of the pc that offers variety so today on gaming scan. We ll be talking about operating systems your choices. Here aren t as vast as when it comes to hardware.

But there is still no fewer than three viable pc operating systems windows linux and mac os. All of them come with different advantages and disadvantages because they don t all cater to the same target audience. So today. We ll be taking a look at which of these three operating systems is the best for gaming.

And why we ll start with a brief description for each of these and then move on to what they offer to gamers so without any further. Ado. Let s begin microsoft windows is by far the most popular operating system and the most widespread one when microsoft released windows 30. In 1990.

It was considered revolutionary because of how it simplified the interface something microsoft has stuck to ever since suddenly you no longer had to know much about computers in order to use one and this brought computers much closer to the mainstream public. Many incarnations of the operating system followed but it wasn t until the release of the old faithful windows xp that the pc gaming scene really took off some of the operating systems that followed were flops like windows. Vista. And some garnered much acclaim and on and on this cycle went until microsoft released windows 10 in 2015 and this is the most advanced and most reliable version of windows yet what a time to be alive.

And what s more microsoft is building and improving upon windows 10 with many free upgrades. So it s definitely shaping up to be one of the best and most cost efficient operating systems out there next. We have linux and linux is a bit strange. The word linux actually doesn t denote just one operating system.

But any of the wide array of operating systems based on the open source linux kernel..

It was created in 1991 by linna store volts with the idea of giving the world. A free and flexible. Os and you might be surprised to find out which operating systems are actually linux based the most popular one is google s android os sure you can t use it for pcs. But it is the most popular linux os.

So we figured we should include it if only as a fun fact on pc. Some of the most popular linux operating systems are ubuntu arch linux fedora and valve steam os just to name a few all which are entirely free however remember when we said that the thing that brought pcs closer to the. Mainstream was the user friendliness that windows 30. Implemented.

Well linux isn t like that it s aimed more towards professionals and enthusiasts so while some of the powerful features like its flexibility and lower hardware requirements might sound enticing it s better just to stick with windows unless you know your way around an operating system that or you could try a mac. The mac os is the second most popular operating system and although. It s been around since 1984. It wasn t until the 2001 release that it became what it is today mac.

Os is apple s operating system. That you can only find in imac and macbook computers as you may know apple likes to keep its technology under tight wraps and as you can imagine this has both positive and negative impacts on the product. The operating system was optimized to work with apple hardware so it s very very efficient. Another one of its advantages is that it has unmatched security.

Plus. It s just as user friendly as windows on the other hand. Most apple computers leave something to be desired in terms of raw power true they ll work great because the software is superb and because the optimization is flawless. But there s only so much that software can do when it comes to gaming as the hardware is the key here this is why most users frown when they compare apple computer specs and their prices but let s get back to the real topic we aren t just here to talk about these operating systems.

We re here to talk about what gaming is like on these operating systems so in order to arrive at any sort of conclusion..

We ll compare these three with regards to their performance game. Selection and online platforms windows. And linux are generally relatively even when it comes to game performance. Some will work better on one operating system some on the other.

But it s hard to pick a winner here between these two although this does depend on which linux os. You re using because not all of them will perform equally as good whereas every supported version of windows will hold a consistent frame rate performance. Wise ubuntu and steam os are the best linux distributions at the moment. Although this is open to debate.

So if you re a casual user. It s definitely wiser to stick with windows as it s far more consistent and reliable. But while deciding whether windows or linux have a better performance can be a cause of controversy. Everyone agrees that mac os is the worst performing of the three again this isn t because the operating system is bad.

But because of the hardware limitations apple computers are not customizable and they re usually compactly built. So it s not like you could just buy a better gpu to stuff it in there. The only way to get a good gaming performance out of a mac is with an external gpu. But these aren t really cheap.

And apple computers are already notoriously expensive. So maybe. Just skip mac os. If your primary concern is gaming.

The next thing..

We have to consider is the game selection for each of these three after all what good would an operating system being even with godly performances. If you can t play the games. You want on it windows wins this category by a. Landslide because it supports well over 20000.

Games. Compare this to mac s 7000 and linux is four thousand going. By steam numbers and it s easy to see why people usually mean windows gaming. When they say pc gaming and last but not least we have to consider which online platforms are available on which operating system.

We mentioned steam. A lot in this video. And how could we not it revolutionized game stores and made buying games. Much more convenient just look at how few pre made computers you can find that still have optical drives and you ll understand just how important and big online platforms have become steam is definitely the most popular one but others have tried to replicate valve success.

Although these are mostly other publishers setting up platforms. Where they primarily sell their own games. Ea s origin and lizards battlenet are two of these platforms. They only sell ea games and wizard games respectively.

And they both officially support windows and mac os you could install them on linux. But you shouldn t they won t perform well at all windows has its own online platform as well in microsoft store. Although you may know it as windows store they changed names this platform doesn t only sell microsoft games. But it should come as no surprise that it s only available on windows and finally there s good old games or gog this one is actually not an attempt by a big company to sell their own platform and stop relying on steam instead they sell old classics and just a selection of newer games.

It s available on windows and mac os but they work to make it available for linux users as soon as possible so with all of this in mind..

Which operating system is the best for gaming well all things considered windows is the best there s a reason windows gaming is usually synonymous with pc gaming and the biggest reason for this is just because you have such an expansive library of games to choose from on pc linux and mac os are doing their best to catch up so the situation may change in the future. But as of right now. It really isn t even a contest. The only thing linux has going for it is that it s free and the investment.

You need to make for a good gaming mac. External. Gpu. Included is just too high to be cost.

Efficient. So. If you re not sure. Which one of these you should use for gaming.

Rest assured that you can t go wrong with windows. And there you have it the viability of these operating systems for gaming. Do you agree or do think linux is a better pick. We d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and as always if you enjoyed this video.

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