What is the Xbox Reputation System and How Does It Work?

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” s up guys and welcome to a burny video. I m ambassadors i mean today. Today. I m going to be talking about what exactly is the xbox reputation system does it work and a couple of misconceptions about the system that a lot of people tend to believe now before i jump too far into this video.

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Days. And was carried over to the xbox one whenever the xbox one launched now back in the 360 days. It was a lot more visible. A lot more people knew about the reputation system.


How it works and everything like that but once it actually came over to the xbox one it became more of a behind the scenes kind of system a lot of people really don t know that the reputation system. Even exists or what it is or how to check what your reputation is there anything like that and the whole purpose of the xbox reputation system is to give users the ability to report that behavior to try to make xbox a better and safer place for all of us gamers. And so the way that this actually works is that every user is allowed to report any other user for any other reason. If that user gets a lot of negative feedback.

Then that users reputation will then lower down. Now once that user s reputation. Then lowers xbox will then send you a message. Saying that your reputation needs work.

If that user then does not start acting a little better on xbox and continues to get reports his reputation will then drop again. And he will get one final warning message that he needs to fix his reputation. If he ignores that then once his reputation drops again. He will then get these attis avoid me.


Once he actually gets to the status of avoid me a couple of different things can happen for instance. You may not be allowed to send messages to other users. Without them being your friends you might not be able to join in two or maybe. Even play specific games and pretty much without too much explaining having the reputation of avoid me is just not a very fun thing to do now you can actually still join parties and play with your friends and stuff.

But trust me having the status of a void. Mean is not what you want and it is not a very fun thing to encounter now your reputation being lower does not mean that you re going to get a ban or a suspension. The reputation system reflects how the xbox live community views. A player s past behavior over time.

Just because you re getting your reputation. Lower does not even necessarily mean that you did anything that goes against xboxes terms of user code of conduct are you so we ve pretty much talked about what the reputation system is how exactly does it work. But let s talk about a few misconceptions that you ll hear people on xbox talking about so. The number one most common misconception is that a ton of people that don t even know you can report you and you can get banned.


Where you can get suspended or you can just have your reputation lowered. Now this is 100 not true. The reason being is because the enforcement team as well as an algorithm that is in the reputation system constantly is looking at all of the feedback that users are putting out there. Now they look at a lot of variables to try to tell and see if that feedback is accurate or if it s inaccurate and one of the biggest variables that they look for is do you even know that person have you ever have you ever even been in a match with that person and so if that agar ism were the enforcement team notices that you re getting 30 or 40.

Maybe a hundred or two thousand reports for the same thing they can also tell if you have ever even played with these people and if you have it then they re just going to disk guard. All of that feedback and for this reason. The misconception that if like a youtuber told his audience to all report. You that you would get banned off the beds box.

It s just not true anyway guys. That s gonna be pretty much it for this video. I will be leaving a link down below in the description section for you guys to click on to see what exactly your reputation is and it will also show you the feedback that you ve received and it will basically break it down showing you how many reports you ve gotten in the last six months for different things. Anyway guys.


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” ..

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