What s Leaving Netflix: June 2019

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“Is right around the corner. And that means. It s time to find out what what s leaving netflix let s get right into. Quick hits.

Quick hits are the popular titles. Leaving netflix. The full list with ratings will come after this so. Let s get started.

The biggest titles. Leaving are 101. Dalmatians apocalypse. Now apollo.

13 district. 9..

Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2. I am legend kill. Bill vol 1 2.

Legally blonde 1 2. The pianist and pretty and pink. Now let s get to the full list. What you re going to see is a movie or tv show.

Followed by a number that number is the average ratings from imdb and both the user and critic reviews from rotten tomatoes. If you want to see all of the ratings head on over to spf infinity calm. But back to business let s get to that full list starting on the 1st of june. There s 101 dalmations and that s the 1996 live action movie an extremely goofy movie apollo 13 cold and july doom freddy vs jason friday the 13th and that s the 2009 version honey we shrunk ourselves i am legend in the army.

Now inspector gadget to jason x kill bill volume 1 kill bill volume 2 legally blonde legally blonde red white and blonde my bloody valentine that s the 2009 version playing it cool pretty and pink reindeer games stargate terminator salvation. The bone collector..

The constant gardener. The fox on the hound and the jungle book mowgli s story moving on to the fourth. We re losing district 9. On the 5th.

We re losing guardians of the galaxy vol. 2. On the 6th. There s the soloist on the 14th.

There s grand designs australia season 4 ioin australia s best home season. 1. I own britain s best home season. 1.

And mother as for the 15th. There s apocalypse..

Now minimalism. A documentary about important things. National lampoon s van wilder and the pianist on the 16th. We re losing death race and on the 24th.

We re losing moulin and now that you know everything is leaving netflix let s get into the best and worst ratings for this. Month the best rated titles leaving our. District 9 which has an. 84.

Kill bill. Vol who comes in an 84. Also apollo 13 gets an eight point six. And there s a tie at the top for the best rated.

Title and it s between the pianist and apocalypse now at 92. On the flip side the worst rated..

Titles leaving our playing. It cool which has. A 35 doom also comes in. At.

35. Mulan 2 gets a. 33 jason. X gets a 29 and the.

Worst rated. Title leaving is in the army now with the 28. Alright guys be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you re planning to watch before it leaves with all that said thank you so much for watching. And i hope you have a lovely day.

” ..

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