What s on my DEVKIT ? – Original Xbox and Xbox 360 UNRELEASED Ports and Homebrew PART 1 MVG

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“The years when i was involved with the original xbox and xbox 360 homebrew scenes. Scenes. I worked on many many ports. Most of them were released to the public.

I made a video about how i got into the original xbox homebrew scene and the ports that i worked on back then. But there was some failed attempts of stuff that i worked on that i felt wasn t good enough to release so join me. While i boot up some of my old dev kits and take a second look at my unreleased ports. That never made the cut when i first started coding for the xbox360.

There was already a part of mame that was released known as mame 360. While i ran okay it was slower than i expected and i wasn t sure why i just figured it was a quick unoptimized port now i mentioned in a previous video that capcom see ps3 and the midway tee unit hardware such as mortal kombat. 2. An nba jam is a good measure of performance generally speaking both of these drivers struggle with slower processes mame stands for the multi arcade machine emulator and it s been around for many many years and it s been ported to just about every single device you could think of now unfortunately mame over the years has sacrificed performance for emulation in other words as more and more releases of maine comes out it seems to get slower and slower over time.

And that means porting mame to other systems other than a pc. That doesn t have the ability to run a dynamic recompile are means it can get very very slow so usually. What happens is authors that want to port mame to other systems and consoles will typically go back. Many many different revisions and find a sweet spot.

Where you can get a good list of drivers and emulation as well as good level of. Performance but wait a second an xbox 360 has a 32. Gigahertz processor and six hardware threads on paper mame should run exceptionally fast. The problem with the xbox 360.

Is the cpu are severely crippled to save on cost and without optimization. The level of performance of a straight port can feel no faster than an original xbox at times. Still i felt like i could do a better main port than mame 360. So my first attempt was to port the most current release of mame at the time which was stl mame.

014 1 now this wasn t a bad port at all and it ran things ok. But my midway tina driver tests showed some significant drops in frames and in turn choppy sound. Now i did some tweaks here and there. But i just couldn t get the fps where i wanted it so i decided to not release it after that particular failed experiment.

I forgot about mame for a while and focused on final burn alpha or my part of fba next which i spent months working on and fine tuning. And it came out with a number of releases over an 18 month time frame it ran cps. 3. Really well and i was very pleased with it but fba next does not support midway games.

So i always thought about going back to maine with the goal to play mortal kombat. 2. And other t unit and wor fina games..


At 60 frames per second on the xbox. 360 so i went back and decided to put stl mame. 0136. Now i don t remember quite the reason why this version was special.

But this one was also a failed. Experiment it was certainly faster than my first attempt at 01 41. But it was still dropping frames and again. I decided it was best not to.

Release it the version that i ultimately settled on was mame 072. Round. Now this wasn t a random choice. The reason for the huge performance drops in maine for mortal kombat.

2. And other t unit games is to do with the sound emulation. That midway used known as dcs sound on earlier versions of maine up to 072. It ran very fast due to a speed hack that was introduced by the main.

Developers but after 072. The dcs sound code was replaced with more accurate emulation in exchange for performance finally. I had a version of mame working that i could play midway. Games at excellent frame.

Rates but because mame. 072. Was an old version it couldn t play some of the more modern. Games so one more unreleased port that i worked on was.

Mame. 099. Before the infamous point. 1.

Release. This version has newer drivers and supports things like psx and sega model 1 games. But in the end with software rendering and no dynamic recompile they were slow and i left this version ultimately on the unreleased pile. One of the emulators that i spent a lot of time working on on the xbox.

360. Was dos box. Now..


Dos box. Is the pc. Based. Dos.

Emulator. That s great for playing old dos games from the 80s and 90s dust box is a program. Which emulates an ibm pc compatible computer. Running a dos operating system.

I released. Dust box for the xbox 360 in 2011. It was pretty cool just plug in a keyboard into a usb port and your xbox 360. Is converted into a dust gaming machine.

However. I had a thirst for more performance in order to play some of the more advanced 3d games. The first port of dust box used stl and i planned a second release. So i stripped stl away and rewrote.

The graphics library and incorporated pixel shaders. This gave me a small speed boost then i wrote my own dynamic recompiling for the powerpc xenon ship. And this is something that i ve never done before i spent maybe a month or so working on the dinaric. However.

The main reason for not releasing this was my dynamic recompile ended up slower than the interpreted version as you can see here in the end. I decided against releasing this version to the public clearly. The dinaric was not completed and still had a lot of work that needed to be done and i came to the conclusion that the interpreted version was good enough to run most dos games on the xbox 360 anyway sometime in 2011 or 2012. There was a port to the original xbox of a 3do emulator known as three docks and it was by a guy called in critical int and he ended up releasing the source code for his port.

Which was based on freedo. Which was the open source 3d. Om ulation library. That was released by the original freedo authors back in the day.

So in krita clint had already worked on a port to the original xbox and unfortunately did not run. Very well and that s because the 3do is a fairly demanding piece of hardware. That has multiple custom chips. Which is very difficult to emulate especially on an original xbox.

But it was a pretty good emulation attempt and it did run some things quite well. But unfortunately just didn t have the juice. The original xbox didn t have the jews to really push it to the next level..


So i took a look at in critical in source code. And i felt like the 3do. I could run quite well on the xbox 360. I spent many many hours working on a port of freedo.

An open source 3do emulator to the xbox 360 initial performance wasn t very good so i utilized the xbox 360s hardware threads to separate out the graphics chips and sound and this gave the emulator a nice performance boost my original alpha version 03. Was released in 2012. But i had an update in the works that you are seeing here which is 004. That has many performance improvements and there were two games in particular that did not run with the first alpha.

They were crash and burn and lucien s quest. I also made updates to the graphics and sound as well as somewhat optimizations. But in the end. I felt like this release wasn t really that much more of an improvement than the previous alpha and while i did have plans to release this version.

The sound was still being a problem. Redneck rampage. Is a ev ps that was released using the build engine by ken silverman. And it was the third game to utilize the build engine the first being duke nukem 3d and the second being shadow warrior now redneck rampage became open source very quietly in 2011.

And i decided to take a look at the source code. And see. If it was feasible to port. It to the xbox 360.

B. Rampage. Is a free open source. Port.

Intended to run. The redneck rampage. Series. The source code for redneck rampage.

Was released in 2010. And i decided to port it to the xbox 360. It ended up running very well and it even ran at an 80 of 720p widescreen resolution. This one stayed unreleased.

However simply because many many features were not implemented yet as you can see some enemies do not animate. Nor. Did they have any game logic built into them there were many examples like this and in turn ended up having some game..


Breaking issues. I had hopes that the e rampage code. Would be updated in order to resolve the issues with the enemies as well as resolving. Some of the game breaking issues.

But unfortunately. It was not an in the end this port ended up staying on my dev kit as unreal. A software postal is a game by running with scissors. That was released for dos based computers in the 90s since then postal has become open source.

I believe in 2011. Now. I did a port of postal to the nintendo switch about a month ago. Now some people with a sharp eye saw that i was working on a postal port for the original xbox in a previous video postal by running with scissors became open source in 2011.

Even though i released the nintendo switchboard a few weeks ago. My first attempt was actually fought the original xbox while at first glance. This port looks and runs. Great it still needs some serious work this port uses sd l2.

Which is not available for the original xbox. So i ve had to take the time to convert all stl to code to stl 12. That is available for the original xbox. This in turn has illustrated some significant issues with the controller and twin stick.

Support. And it doesn t work very well at all for this port. While i don t think i ll ever get around to finishing. It i will probably package up the source code and release it so some active original xbox homebrew dev can take a look at it and finish it off so there you have it guys my unruly sports on my dev kit for the xbox 360.

And the original xbox now this is part one of a two part series with the second part coming out at a later date. I do have more things that i haven t showed you guys yet so stick around for that in a future episode well guys. I hope you enjoyed this look at what s on my dev kit and some of the unreleased things that i worked on i thought. It was interesting you know i did a viewer poll on this on the community tab on my youtube channel.

And i got a lot of responses back saying. Let s take a look and see what s unreleased out there so guys. I hope you enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions about what you saw in this video or anything else and as always don t forget to like and subscribe and i ll catch you guys in the next video bye for now ” .


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