Which GTX 1070 Ti to buy? 26 different cards compared.

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“Is up youtube. This is alex aka foreign so a few weeks ago. Nvidia released released the gtx 1070 ti as an answer to amd s rx vega 56. Which a great card in my opinion.

But unfortunate by some controversy and bad decisions by amd so today we re going to look at 26. Different board partner cards for the gtx 1070 ti and i ll talk about which certain cards to choose if you re looking for one thing or the other for instance value or the best cooling and temperatures or just the cheapest best card you can find so asus has three models they ve advertised the flagship rog strix for 500. The ace whose turbo oc for 450 and the asus servers that i just couldn t find any info on unfortunately now the aces are g. Strix is one of the best coolers asus is making and one of the best coolers in the business in general.

I think. But for 500 in my opinion. You d be much better off adding those 10 to 20 bucks. And getting a gtx 1080.

The asus turbo oc for 450 is your typical blow blower style. Cooler. It will do its job. Fairly loudly and will not help keep your temperatures low.

But it s a good fit for small form factor cases or just builds with or airflow. The blower style card is a very good choice because it sucks air from the inside of your case and blows. It outside the asus servers looks like a cart that would cost around for 70. But unfortunately.

There s literally no information or reviews on this card on the web. So in the future for for 70. This would be just basically the same value as any other typical 1070 ti out on the market colorful is as far as i know a chinese company that has been making strides into the western market recently on paper their coolers look very good both have three fans and a pretty beefy heatsink and in my opinion. If they would cost for 70 maybe.

A max of 480 dollars. Then both of these cards would be a great choice evga known for their extremely good customer support and build quality of their graphics cards have a few and they actually have the most expensive 1070 tig hybrid four four five thirty which is in my opinion kind of absurd. You d be much better off just. Getting a strix 1080 or a gaming x.

1080 for this money..

But for 450 you can get the typical blower style cooler which in my opinion looks the best out of all the blower type gtx 970. T is for 470 you can get the sc. Gaming a cx 30. And for 500 you can get the ic x cooler.

So the difference between the iec x. And the a cx coolers the a6 was here basically from the 700 series of the geforce gtx graphics cards and as you may have remembered from past year evga had a problem with exploding capacitors so that s why they dropped the ac x. Branding. But they still make these coolers.

The capacitor problem is now gone so it s very it s safe to say that you can buy this card and nothing will happen. The ic x. Cooler is definitely a bit better. It has these extra thermal sensors on the pcb of the card.

So you can play around with looking at different temperatures of the components on your card. But paying 500 bucks for that is in my opinion kinda expensive you d be again better off. Just. Getting at gt x.

1080. Gain. Word is a very interesting company. I couldn t find much pricing information on it.

But where i live for instance. The game word card is actually the best value gtx 1080. You can buy so it s around 540 euros. Basically the same price or even a bit less than a flagship gtx 1070.

If you can find this card for first 60. I think it would be a great buy and this black card fits. Very nicely into black belts. And my guess is that it s around the msrp of the gtx 970 ti.

So most likely for 50 usd..

Now let s go to galax relax is a company that makes the hall of fame graphics card. So the gtx 1080 hof or hall of fame and 1080 ti hall of fame are literally the best air coolers on the market and in my opinion. The best looking for the 1070 ti. They aren t making a hall of fame.

So they have this e x. Sniper edition. So to say the white card is here and the black card. They re basically the same the white is just white and i think it s the best solution for a purely white build if you want a graphics card that is pure white then the galax e x white edition is the best choice in my opinion now the galax virtual is your typical blower style cooler for 450 usd.

Most likely and nothing more to say here gigabyte has only two cards. We can talk about the gigabyte windforce for 450 usd. Which is a great cooler for the price in my opinion and they gigabyte gaming for 490 usd. Which is a bit expensive so for 470.

I could see this selling. But for 490 not really. And what surprised me is that gigabyte hasn t released an aura stand 780. I yet right now is late november so maybe in a month 2 or 3.

The auras extreme card will be on the market for a 500 usd and again if you re looking at that card in my opinion. You should buy a gtx 1080. Now let s go to msi who have the largest selection of graphics cards the msi aero is your typical 450 usd blower cooler the msi gaming is what we are very much used to since the 700 series basically for 490 in my opinion kinda expensive. But msi has been listening to us fans and the red here on the msi gaming card is finally starting to go away.

So. The msi quicksilver edition of the gtx 1070. If i m not mistaken was a limited edition. So you couldn t buy all the time.

And it cost a little bit more money and msi decided to make it non limited. So. The msi titanium that it s called now for 490 is a much cooler than the galax here the white one. But it s also kind of white.

So if you re looking at a white pc but want the best white graphics card you can buy in the sub 500 price range so to say the msi titanium in my opinion would be the best choice..

The msi armor cooler is well pretty bad as far as i know as far as i ve worked with it even on the gtx 1060. It s kind of hot. And it s kind of loud so on the 1070 1070 ti 1080 and 1080 ti. I would highly recommend you to avoid the armor coolers in general.

But the most interesting card out of all of these 26 gtx 1070 eyes in my opinion is the msi duke 4. For 70 you re getting a huge huge radiator. 3. Large diameter fans no extra fluff like rgb or lights or whatever you re getting just hardcore silence and cooling in my opinion.

The msi duke is the best value gtx 1070 ti on the market. Right now p. Y. They re basically very tightly connected to gain word.

And they have the blower style black cooler 450 your typical blower cooler and the pny b2. Which is basically the same cooler as the gain word black card here just with a slightly slightly slightly different shroud and 4 460. It s well it s ok last. But not least let s talk about zotac.

So it attacks a very interesting company because they are the ones who are making the 1070 1070 ti now 1080 and 1080 ti mini cards so cards that fit very well into small form factor bills or a very very tiny console sized pcs basically. But surprises. Me the most is it is that it costs only 450 dollars. So basically the msrp if you re making a tiny computer.

That has limited space in it for the graphics card. Then i would advise to get the mini card. The amp edition. Is your typical for 70 open air card well basically if you re choosing in the 470 price range.

It s okay and for the 500 flagship price zotac is offering the amp extreme their flagship model. Which is a triple slot. 3 fan huge heatsink cooler. But again 500 usd you re much better off just getting a gtx 1080 alright.

That s all for the cards..

Let s talk about what i would recommend to buy so the best overall value g. Text and 780ti. So you pay the least for the best cooling and the best temperatures and the best noise levels would be the msi deal card here for 70 usd. You re getting a triple fan huge heatsink cooler no extra fluff just pure hardcore temperatures and silence in my opinion.

The duke card is the best if you re willing to spend for cemani. If you only have a maximum of four hundred and fifty dollars and you still want the 1070 ti. Then what i would recommend would actually be the gigabyte gtx 1070 ti windforce for 450 because as you can see here. It has a bigger heat sink here and two large fans and costing only 450.

The msrp of the tanzanite ti in my opinion that s the best cheapest 1070 f. Out of the blower style cards and basically just get whatever you want whatever you think looks best or whatever s the cheapest there is close to no difference between the performance of those cards. But if you actually want to spend 500 on the best 1070 ti. Then i would recommend the asus strix for 500.

If you can find it for 470 that would be the best deal. It has the best cooling solution. It has the best design in my opinion. And it has those extra fan headers that you can connect to the card to help cool your system.

Which is very very awesome so that s it for this video. I hope this could somehow help you if it actually did and you are planning to buy one of these cards that i recommend here then please use the links. I provided down in the description below. If you use one of those affiliate links.

If you re from the uk us or germany. If you use one of those links and buy something after going to that link then you will still get the product you will not lose anything you will not pay extra. But i will get a small kickback from that purchase and this will help the channel grow and help other people in the future with more graphics card releases further down the line. All the things that i talked about including this spreadsheet will be linked down in the description below so make sure to take to check out the description also if you own a 10 7.

Ati or you are planning to buy one let me know in the comment section down below. What you got or what you re getting. And why if you enjoyed this content. Then maybe consider subscribing as well i thank you for your ” .


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