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“Everybody to who s that emergy. Oh you guys can t see me right now. Now. Oh sorry.

I had had the invisible cloak long thought about that now i selling some simon. Much sick. So never thought. I d see.

The day. Oh yeah. Oh. But yeah.

By the way. I got a page at spinner. It s actually not mine. It s my brothers i stole it from so yeah.

I never thought i d see the day that i d be doing a like buzzfeed quiz. But this looks pretty lit. So it s just scrolling along for some quizzes and whatnot for some you know quality youtube content. And i came across this let s see can you guess the pokemon from the emoji.

So like here s the example that they give us there s like a turtle with a little twig emoji. There s a crocodile with a flower and then there s a dragon with a big flower that s that s what it is it s bulb. So i was so venusaur and you move along and you ve got again this doesn t actually make sense. But there s a fire frog.

A fire crocodile and a fire dragon everything makes sense apart from the fire frog. Because it s meant to be a lizard. I ll let it slide. I ll let it slide.

So this is why the quiz starts but obviously this one s squirtle wartortle blasters and they give you a thing to you know cheat so welcome. Everybody who s that pokemon emoji edition. Now we re gonna get right into this i think it shouldn t be too hard. Anyway.

Let s get down to the nitty gritty of all this let s start with our first one here our first one is knife be nice. I m gonna go with wheedle kakuna beedrill. Oh. It s just beach oh very interesting very these guys are smart.

Okay okay. Now i know now. I know now. I know all right here.

We go. Oh wow. All right let s see here. It s like factory.

Devil. And he pushes something. And i i m going to say magmar. Oh.

It was coughing that s tough man. That s really tough oh i get it now because of this alright. Okay. That s it i m getting the next.


Right ah okay electric mouse. Its pikachu. Easy. If they put right.

She s ever been triggered. Okay okay here we go here we go jelly pop. It s held its gonna be jigglypuff hundred percent easy this quit. It s good it started off strong.

But it s getting easier. It s getting much easier i next one next one it s like a mushroom ant paris. I m gonna go with paris. It s paris or parasite whatever.

Yeah true so it s a monkey monkey turd monkey. Now instinctively. I want to say manky or primate. But the turd has really thrown in something here.

Ah. I m gonna get what s a turd monkey. It s not diglett dugtrio. I m gonna i m gonna go with manky manky.

How is that i did oh how is that a dinner. I don t understand that doesn t how does the monkey monkey. Monkey turd monkey equal a dinner. Okay fire cat fire cat.

I want to say vulpix or flareon. If they chuck in growling gonna be pissed because he s a dog not a cat. I m gonna say i m gonna walk in volfix here we go it s a dog it s a dog and you put a cat. I let it slide with the lizard and the frog.

But this is unexcusable that s a dud that s dog and that s cat now. I m sure this one now or make no tigers still a cat no but we re still we re still not okay here it s our canine because it s a canine. But it s still gonna be arcanine yeah number set my trigger now alright oh okay so bolder and then he s gray. I m gonna say match ah man.

This is tough alright oh a pig and a shell that s gonna be it s gonna be slower. Yeah. It s gonna be slower yeah calm be flicking. Oh no it could be sinking.

Anyway next up a dead mouse dead. Man dead man with a hammer this is a tricky okay i m assuming that the hammer is a claw and i m gonna lock in me out damn oh. That s really that s really wow what that s um. That s respectable.

Okay lot of these throw me off guard. Here. It s a pig with an egg chauncey. It s gotta.

Be chauncey. Yeah okay done easy bang is i next one. I know. This is gonna be jenks.

It s got yeah. It s gotta be jenks. I know his jenks had to be alright. Oh.

No oh no oh no oh..

No we re out of questions. So. I found another emoji pokemon quiz throw the last page. We ve got a few wrong here.

We re gonna try and go flawless. So let s get this party started. I think there s a timer on this. One.

Whoa. Three two. Oh. One all right go all.

Right ah wow. And he s doing this in a lot. All the time. Or no.

No no no no all right. It s a it s a butterfly and a. I m gonna get butterfree no locking butterfree. I think i got it right okay.

I think i got it right i got it right okay. It s a star and a water something and star you yeah star. It s gonna be star you easy. This is easy work right now who s that pokemon we re advancing there s like ten total all right go next okay.

What s next uh camel on fire. We re going numel or camerupt. Oh give all gosh. It s cam.

Its new mallow camera up there going camera off because he s more of a camel. Yeah boy all right here we go number four number four. It s a fire puppy okay. See this is how it s meant to be done this should be growlithe.

See that s it s a dog that s how the lawson was meant to go okay here we go number five. It s a crab and it s mad. It s either king low or crabby and i feel like it s king low because king was more mad no it was crabby all right replay and replay and replay. Okay we ve already done this one it s its star you have to stop from the start well now we know this is crabby you know how you get to tell that what would you both in there.

I here s a new one it s a bang and a fire. I m thinking typhlosion here. I want to put my money on typhlosion yeah. Because it s like an explosion.

And it s fire. Yeah okay for what s number four is it the same one it s the camel one again. I came her up to that one yeah. We know this is butterfree.

All right. An electric mouse could be emolga could be parrish or ec. But we re gonna get pikachu. Yeah.

There were some more like electrical mouse s like judean is almost the same all right anyway. I don t think he s on that list anyway. It s a mouse that s spooky. I don t know which one this is gonna go mimi q.

Oh that was a guess and a half..

I m pretty sure this well it looks like pikachu kind of oh aaron or one pangoro. I think. It is yeah. It s a fighting panda yeah all right we got one left we go we got two left actually all right oh.

It s it s a fox that s on fire from the six it s gonna be vulpix. It s got six tails yep bang is all right and number ten it s gonna be oh we already know this one. It s growlithe wow. Wow.

It s very anticlimactic and let s see the results ninety three so the one i did before was uploaded february 11th. 2015. This one was uploaded last year around pokemon guerreiro this is gonna be interesting okay so the guys. There s gonna be a last quiz.

Three pokemon two quizzes. I here we go since we re i guess intense where s my it s not here alright too bad alright. Let s do it first one. It s got to be squirtle.

See i hope they didn t just regurgitate a whole bunch of these got it alright here. We go next one it s a starfish starfish. What s a starfish. It s not a comedy star u.

Star. He s not a fish starfish what s the starfish pokemon all right well i m gonna star you then okay star you guess wrong star me oh no it s none of those what has a star on it that is a fish goldie. I can t think of a fish type poke. One who s got me good you sure it s not star you 100.

I don t know what generations this is there are 13 threats its first generation can t be lapras. It wasn t star you golden can t be horsey could be seeking what how d you come is it magical. Oh maybe the could be magical it was magical i don t know how that s magical. What s the star gonna do oh he s kinda has a crown on his hip all right i ll pay it okay next up let me show you a pikachu no yeah.

Cuz the cat. Why is there two of the wise are two heads. It s like cat cat radek. Eight rattata.

A small ratchet ah. I don t understand why there s two heads. I ve said every mouse or no it s a cat well it s a cat pork one wears me out that s a rat. So this there s only meows.

I give up wow because there was two of them it s meow. But it s mewtwo. I thought was about the time me i was about to get triggered. But i now am equally is triggered its its mewtwo bellsprout alright.

That s actually really cool. I like that one that s actually cool all right next up oh. He s got the key alright. It s a man with a key.

He s a man with the keys a man with a key. What is a key you gonna do with any i don t understand where the keys got to do with anything human key um. Mr. Mime pops.

The head. What is this these are seriously. Hot. I think i have to give up on this one too.

I have no idea what it is it s a man key that s incredible okay..

I love the creativity in this one alright alright next one next one next one ah. This one s seahorse. I see. A horsey.

Yeah. Okay. Seahorse. Horsey.

That one s easy. Okay. Ah. Look at um.

Going. With here. Look at tongue. All right number eight.

All right i didn t think i said the bumps a lot of these it s a tent and there was a guy with the glasses on ten tentacruel tentacruel tend to cool cuz. He s cool ah. Damn all right all right i see you i see you i see okay um crying bell. Weeping bell.

I got him all right and i think weeping bells actually good yeah there we go all right number ten. I wish i could do this all day uh. It s like a um dragon night dragon night. I see you and i love it i love these ones all right.

Eleven books four days. I feel like this is theirs how many books is there one two three four five six seven eight nine books nine tails all that s so sick oh. That s so awesome. That s such a good idea.

Damn all right number 12 mountain nose blow mountain nose blow mountain nose blow mount nose mount nose mountain nose. I don t want to i don t want to give up anymore i want to get this i want to get this i still can t believe that nine tails that was so creative all right i see kind of stuff lap rat. No it s having no reason. It s somewhere.

I m gonna say articuno. But i don t understand if it is i m gonna have to give up here. I don t know what this is i don t understand its pete got you because it s a peak and he s sneezing that s very creative all right thank your heads up to 13. Where does it go up to we got a couple more yeah goes to 13 all right ah my first initial know what is electabuzz voltorb vault or it s a balto yes.

Doughnuts once you ve aced. It sending your friends to see if they go retakes can you name them from these emoji clues. So i got two wrong. I got you two wrong.

I got manki wrong pikachu wrong. And the rest. I got right so you got three out of 13. I ll take that and i would say do the quiz for yourself.

But you just you now know what they are so sorry not sorry anyways guys. That has been who s that emoji from the pokemon hope you guys did go on to enjoy if you guys did it please never know like rating down below. If you guys want to see me take on some more emoji quizzes let me know shoot for 10000. Likes i don t try to dig up some more cool emoji stuff.

Because emojis are always fun who s like emojis aries guys. I will see you guys next time hope you have an ” ..

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