WHY ROBLOX IS NOT ON PS4 – Will it Release and Come To PS4?

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” ve talked about it being on the switch. It s it that s the only only console. We ve talked about this is already on the xbox. I was like to start yelling all of the videos.

We ve talked about roblox coming too. But we ve only done one so i i don t know roblox where are you you re not on the ps4 yet guys we re gonna talk about that in the possibility of roblox getting onto the ps4. Let s let s get into it real quick. First and foremost.

Thank you to all of our new subscribers. We gained like a thousand in the last week of you roblox fans so here we are making another roblox video. Everyone else who might be watching this and doesn t like roblox um. We got a few roblox videos coming up and then and then we re back to our normal discussion.

It s honestly kind of boggles..

My mind that roblox isn t on the ps4. But then at the same time roblox kind of doesn t need to be on the ps4. It s this weird gray area right so if you didn t know this already roblox came to the xbox one a couple of years ago. Now and it s just been kind of chilling on there i actually tried it out not too long ago to see what it s like on the xbox compared to the pc.

And i ll be honest. If you re a ps4 player. And you re wondering where roblox is because the exit xbox has it yeah you re not missing much seriously. Honestly roblox on the xbox is not a good user interface there s no chat enabled at all you are restricted to what games you can play until you play enough.

And then you have to find the games. The whole thing just looks weird you don t have access to the regular stores. It s it s really just poorly made so like it s it takes almost all the fun out of roblox and then just kind of gives you the leftovers. The ideal way to play roblox is definitely playing on a pc or on a tablet or android device depending on the game you re playing probably pc or tablet is the best way to play roblox.

But dang is it bad on the xbox..

So a lot of people are probably asking why roblox isn t on the ps4. Yet. There s probably two possibilities here the first possibility is that when roblox made a deal with xbox they sign an exclusivity deal. Which essentially means that robox agrees to take a certain of money to not put roblox on the playstation for businesses.

Do that all the time it s a it s how we get first person first party exclusive games on platforms. It s it s not that uncommon that s one possibility the other possibility is that playstation doesn t want roblox on their platform. Which if that s the case that s pretty dumb actually because for the most part roblox is an extremely popular game there s millions of people playing it so it would make sense to have people filter that onto the playstation. 4.

Could have also very possibly be that the playstation doesn t want to have a reputation of having a watered down version of a good game on their console. Xbox doesn t seem to care. They got player unknowns battlegrounds on there and that just doesn t run well and then they got roblox. Which is not that great on the xbox.

Either if i m missing something on the xbox leave a comment down below..

I m curious i just there s it s very watered down compared to the pc version will roblox ever come to the ps4 yeah. I think so i think it s very possible that s either the exclusivity deal with xbox will expire. They usually don t sign computer. Games.

On for as long as an exclusive deal they ve done that with tomb raider. It was out on the xbox for a year and then it came over to the playstation. 4. I wouldn t be surprised if roblox comes to the ps4 unless once again ps4 just has this banned hammer on roblox for some reason.

They re just like no we don t want roblox on the console. That s kind of the two of the two options we have here so if you re wondering why roblox wasn t on ps4 that s most likely little reason here everything else you might read online about rumors or whatever at the time of me filming this video are most likely fake. I ve read a lot of people being like i called sony s support and they said that it couldn t be on there because of some bugs that s not true like if there were bugs on the game. They would just patch the bugs and put it on there to make the money so it s it s not the case.

There there s there s one of those two options is why why the playstation does not have roblox..

But would you play roblox on the ps4 do you think it just matters. It s a game that plays better on the pc and tablet. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below. Thank you all again all the subscribers for sticking around and we ll see you soon with a few more roblox videos.

And then we kind of will fade back into regular general video game stuff. Which is pretty cool too maybe you ll see a new game. That you might want to play. Besides roblox.

Maybe you ll see a game that gets ripped off and put on roblox who knows we ll see you guys next time ” ..

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