Why We Never Got To See I Am Legend 2

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“Am legend the 2007 blockbuster starring nwill smith and a bunch of cg zombie. Things things called dark seekers was pretty popular becoming nthe highest grossing film of the year raked in over 500 million worldwide and nwarner brothers immediately greenlit a sequel. But it never happened here s why we never got to see i am legend n2. Will smith never really seemed into it in 2012.

Will smith spoke with the bbc to npromote the upcoming men in black iii. When asked about appearing in a follow up nto. I am legend smith didn t waste his words. I m not actually working on it if it s great i m into it i don t want to be the sequel guy when you re promoting a sequel and then say nthat you don t want to be in relation to another project that s getting na.

Sequelwell that s pretty much that to his credit smith. s been pretty much true nto. His word. He s acted in over 20 movies.

And he s only nappeared in three sequels men in black ii. And iii. And bad boys ii. And that movie was nworth it just for this and let s not forget.

He declined to come back nto the independence day sequel in 2016 and not even the lovely margot robbie could convince nhim otherwise. I m not don t get that don t get that look non. If he can say no to her. He is definitely nnot the sequel guy prequel plans still even without smith doing a follow up nto.

I am legend might ve been tough as you may recall smith s character robert nneville. Died at the end of the original film. Which makes it kind of difficult to pick up nthe story. Where it left off then again that didn t stop terminator.

3. Anyway that s why warner bros started pursuing na prequel. Which according to a 2008 article in variety would ve shown virus caused a plague that left smith s character nthe. Lone survivor among a mutated mob in the city that sounds kind of cool.

Except the first nmovie already used flashbacks to show the military quarantine of the city neville valiantly. Decided to stay behind nand. Then helplessly watched as his wife and daughter die in a helicopter crash. During nthe evacuation that kind of covers the dramatic beats leading nup to his solitary existence in the original.

Film sonope rather a reboot roughly four years after the prequel plans nhit. A dead end warner bros announced yet another plan to develop the franchise. According to deadline in 2012 by 2014 and with will smith having famously ndeclared himself project took yet another turn this time..


According to another deadline. Article nas. A that s right the searchers. The john wayne nwestern from 1956.

That follows a posse of cowboys on a mission to get revenge and retrieve na kidnapped girl but probably in this case the kidnapped girl nis like a zombie or something one producer said it ll never happen i am legend scribe and blockbuster generator nakiva goldsman had been the go to guy for the sequel plans from the beginning. But even nhe apparently had his doubts about a new installment ever happening he laid it all out to io9 in fact. If you re available you could be in nthe next movie it will never happen. But we really enjoyed ntrying to make it happen.

Zombie fatigue. Maybe the biggest problem with the i am legend nsequel is coming up with an idea that seems well fresh our research reveals that since 28 days later nreignited. The genre. In 2002.

The number of zombie related projects has climbed to approximately na gazillion. Sure. I am legend was one of the most successful nzombie flicks out of a solid group that includes dawn of the dead zombieland and world war nz. But that was mostly due to its early position in the new zombie wave.

As well as will smith s nstar power. Both of which have significantly faded in recent years. The walking dead still draws solid ratings nbut on the big screen. It s a different story for proof.

See pride and prejudice and zombies or don t no one else did warner bros would be smart just to let this none go after all does anything really good ever ncome from resurrecting. The dead thanks for watching subscribe to our youtube channel to watch. Nmore videos like the one you just saw and leave us a comment to let us know what nyou would ve liked to have seen in i am legend bout we don t have time for it things are going straight to hell outside to explain what s been going on well. The scout started a coup d.

etat and all the other regiments have taken their side. Everyone found out that old king. Fritz was a fake and now his whole council has been arrested yep. It s been a royal show matter of time till.

They show up here. So you d best get a move on all right. Then i will now take the anti personnel control squad and defend the entrance at all costs. I already told you that the ceremony.

Can t be done in the presence of you or your crew. Oh. Where s the trust your majesty..


Did i make you mad fine sorry. I m just so worried about you i trust you it s because of that trust that you re here now go i feel the same your grace from now on whenever you eat you ll be digesting your meals from the bottom up as always you ll wear the finest of clothes. But only from your feet to your knees and so you don t get lonely. I ll take you out once a week to be paraded to the public.

It s so beautiful this may well be the finest work of art man has ever conceived all those decades of planning. It have finally paid off just wait art must be completed by its audience. You must be seen by the people. The same ones you tyrannize.

And that will be my masterpiece. Zachary yo phase. With this tent fold the blood of slaves run through your veins and nothing will change that you will never be the equal of a devil like me soon enough you ll forget any of this handle. And i ll let you even forget out it s just as long as we re on the subject.

Why don t you tell me if you know bosz really do gold. I m sorry what was that your mouthful this could end badly. All the members of the kings council are telling us the same thing. It s just as your late father speculated.

The rice family has the power to alter people s memories as it suits them from what i ve been told aside from those of a few noble bloodlines that are immune whole cities could be affected at once so they could still in the event that lord rice is able to obtain aaron scream. This uprising of ours will amount to absolutely nothing if you ask me that s why. The council members have been so cooperative. They don t think it s worth getting beaten right because of this ability should come into play.

We ll forget everything they told us. Although i d imagine that they d prefer whatever torture we could throw at them if they knew what would await them once they re given up zachary. I don t understand him to think that he would dedicate so much i suspected at the very least. I knew his motives were and unlike you are none too fond of gambling also unlike you i m willing to die.

If it means protecting what s left of humanity. The only reason i backed you was because i believed it to be the best choice for the human race had the government passed my little test. I was prepared to make a stand against you and zachary to think we just stood as comrades in a coup d. etat.

And i m already talking like this. I once heard in a song that someday humans would stop fighting when will that be commander wagons are ready sir troops are standing by we await your command peace between men will never be certain not until our numbers fall to one or less here. I was hoping you might have something optimistic to say your attention soldiers of the survey corps. Our mission is to recover ellen and historia.

We will now make for their location believed to be the chapel on rice s land. You should understand this is kenny the ripper if he s there he s our biggest obstacle in terms of his threat level. It s like you d be fighting me or wait with those weapons of his he ll be stronger..


And he s unbeatable at least for us maybe. We should wait and meet up with other soldiers no chance in hell right of course. Not if we wait for reinforcements then aran might get eaten. You know based on what the captain just told us.

The aughts won t be entirely in kenny s favor do you really think so yeah his squad is well trained. But we have way more combat experience. I have to ask how is it that you lived with kenny. The ripper but know next to nothing about him did the two of you never talk not much.

I. Only just learned the man s last name to know if you heard. But it s ackerman. It might be a relative of yours i remember my parents saying that my dad s side.

The ackerman s were persecuted when they lived in the cities. My mom said her ancestors were eastern her family s appearance made it difficult for them to fit in both groups were chased deep in the mountains near the edge of the walls. That s how my parents met. But my father never told me why the ackerman s were persecuted.

He looked the same as all of you so i don t think he was of a different race. Tell me this have you ever suddenly felt a power awaken inside. You i have this has happened for kenny ackerman. As well suddenly out of nowhere.

He felt an absurd amount of strength surging through him and in that moment. He knew just what he needed to do and it s happened to me too makes me wonder fess up gramps come on you re dying anyway ah kenny that taken you we re just killing more of the military police yeah if you re talking about those goons that were snooping around here they re in the ground helping the trees grow now i mean when they left cuz. They re still getting screwed with so of course. They re still poor as dirt what in the hell happened to us.

I thought that the ackerman clan used to be the king s personal bodyguards now the whole damn families on the verge of extinction. So why don t you tell me what you did to piss off the king come on won t you tell your sweet grandson. One last story what sweet grandson are you talking about surely not the infamous kenny. The ripper who s been terrorizing the capital ai.

N t that the monarchy hates us or has any costume. They re just afraid of us is all reason being we ackerman s are one of a few families. The king can t quite control what do you mean by that can t tell you the whole story cuz. I don t know it.

But it s true that our family was once honoured and trusted by the king more net from what i was told. We ackerman s were once the king s sword. The generations each king has passed the power of the titans to a successor huh power of the titans..


What s that i don t know how it works or what all else there is to it. But this power allows the king to wipe out human memory to erase the past. Only a few noble bloodlines are immune among them there were two groups that decided to turn their back on king. One of these groups was the eastern clan and the other was our own ackerman clan hence all the persecution and nothing can end it ain t the heartwarming story you want to hear on your deathbed.

But i found my little sister who hell s been working at a brothel in the underground. She got knocked up by a customer. I couldn t convince her to get rid of the thing. Oh hell who d want to be born into this piece of world anyway.

There isn t a dream you could have worth suffering through it found it a hidden door reisen errand should be inside hopefully. The layouts close to what i predicted these presents better payoff or considering the time. We spent prepping them we count at least seven enemies and you can bet. Captain levi s among them as you all know last time we caught levi by surprise and then he killed 12 of our comrades.

The government s been overthrown. Which means we are the fugitives now so i wouldn t count on getting any backup. We re in some deep in this tiny screwed up world dying is preferable to what we would get if we decided to surrender. But here s the thing.

That s what life in the walls has always been nothing s changed. We ve got a foe. We can t beat. So we stand by and wait for them to break through our walls.

And kill us. We fought to be military police and then interior police and now we re kenny s elites. We did this to find purpose in our meaningless lives in this meaningless world. I see no cause to stop believing now if kenny and his dream can t turn this game around to flip the board.

Okay we should be ready to go now all right. Then is everyone here ready cuz you re all about to dirty your hands. Yes. That s yes to save their greatest hope to preserve their dearest memories.

Many different feelings lead them straight into battle. ” ..

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