Wii U 2019 Softmod Guide – Play Games from HDD

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“Nintendo wii u. Although considered a failure by nintendo is now an amazing console to to play through all of nintendo s game library up until the switch console. Following guide will show you how to add custom firmware. Which will allow you to play wii and gamecube games from a hard drive in the wii u.

s virtual. We operating system and play wii u games from a hard drive too as always if you don t have time or the willpower to follow the guide yourself contact the penn s pc facebook page to have me do it for you or buy one directly from me also subscribe to the channel to see the latest guides when they are released. I appreciate it so much as always i go through each step with incredible detail. So you will be hard pressed to screw anything up now onto the supplies.

You will need a wii u console. It does not matter. Which version you just need to update. The firmware to five five zero five five one five five two or the latest five five three in the usa or five five four for european consoles.

Only if the firmware ever goes past five five three or five five four check. The video description to see if this guide is supported for the new firmware. You will need an external. Hard drive for wii u.

Games. And another. External hard drive for wii and gamecube games. The reasoning behind this is currently there is no way to put wii and gamecube games.

On the same hard drive. As the wii u. Games. This is due to the wii u.

Formatting. The hard drive with a proprietary file system that takes up the whole drive. If you plug in an external. Hard drive the wii u.

Will ask to format. It once formatted. Only the wii you can read the drive plugging the drive into your pc will give errors. And inform you to format.

It correctly. This is why you have to have two drives it really isn t that bad to switch i have used western digital passport western digital elements and western digital ultras which have all worked great if you have a usb powered hard drive like the ones. I mentioned you will need a dual usb type. A two micro b.

Usb. Y. Cable. The wii.

U. Doesn t give off enough power. Through the usb ports to support the hard drive plugging this cable into the back usb ports will allow the hard drive to be powered. Correctly you will need an sd card preferably.

A micro sd with an adapter for larger storage. I go under 32 gigabytes. Since you will need to place wii u. Games.

On the sd card to install to your hard. Drive. Sd cards are so cheap. I buy a hundred twenty eight gigabyte cards for 15.

All the time if your computer doesn t have an sd card. Slot you will need a usb sd card adapter preferably usb 30. For fast transfer speeds following this guide you will need to purchase an eshop game called brain age it has to be a legit purchase copy. Fortunately.

It is under 10 purchasing on the nintendo eshop is super easy you don t need to fill out all your details. Only the credit card info. Is all you can also buy eshop cards out retailers like walmart best buy or amazon. If you don t want to enter your credit card.

Now we have the supplies out of the way onto the modding process. All software you need is listed in the video. Description..


First step format your sd card in your pc to fat32. Using. The software program. Gui format.

Make sure the allocation unit size is 32 k you cannot name your sd card wii u or it will cause problems so just name it whatever you want besides wii. U. If you get an error formatting. The sd card make sure all windows are closed.

And it will work once the sd card is formatted use the link in the video description to download. All the software you will need to put on the sd card you will need. 7 zip or winrar to unzip the download package to place on the sd card just drag and drop. The files onto the sd card plug.

The sd card into the wii u. And turn the wii u. On connect to the internet make sure your firmware is any of the following update through the settings. If yours isn t listed you once this is complete launch hacks gds virtual console game on your wii u menu named hacks g the console will reboot and enable custom firmware features this will allow unsigned titles such as homebrew launcher to be launched directly from the system meaning time to install cold boot packs g.

Which changes your default system title from the system menu to your ds virtual console game this causes your wii u to launch custom firmware automatically at boot remove all usb devices from your wii you enter the homebrew launcher by holding a while launching your hax gds virtual console game launch cb hc installer select the ds game you are installing cold boot hacks g. Onto in my case. It is brain. Age press a to select.

It read the warning and press a to install once this is complete it will bring you back to the system menu you may reconnect any usb devices that were disconnected earlier reboot your wii u if the exploit was successful you will see a menu up here with various boot options hover over autoboot disabled. Then press a on it until. It says. Auto boot system menu press.

A on boot system. Move the cold boot hacks. Gds game to the very last page. So it is never deleted never uninstall reinstall move to a usb.

Delete the profile or user account the game. Is located on or format. Your device or you will break your console time to install homebrew launcher on to the wii u system menu while your wii u. Is booting hold the home button then select homebrew launcher from the list launch.

What installer gx2. If what installer crashes with the dsi exception has occurred. You should shut down the console. And try again.

Select homebrew channel press install. Then yes to confirm select nand as the destination press home. Then close the software to exit the installer once completed installing we will now block system updates. We you updates are performed automatically and cannot be disabled unless following the method go to system settings.

Then internet. Then connect to the internet. Then press x. To display your current network connections for each of the connections and all future connections that you may connect to do the following select the connection select change settings move to the second list and choose dns set the dns to don t auto.

Obtain set. The dns server ips to the following. Servers. 168.

235. 92. 108. Oh.

80. 100. For. 127.

Oh. Oh. Select confirm. Them press.

B. To save. These..


Servers will block your device from being updated. If you ever need to access the eshop go to the homebrew launcher. Which is now accessible on the home menu and run an end you patcher. Which is a temporary patch that will allow access to the eshop your wii u is now modded with custom firmware if you want to see how to install wii u.

Games. And don t care about we gank you and emulators and skip ahead to 2750 in the video. If you want to modify your virtual weed to play from a hard drive keep watching launch. The homebrew launcher from the wii u menu.

Launch wap hacks press. A to back up your mii channel and inject the hackmii installer. You will be returned to the homebrew launcher or main system. In you go to the wii u.

Menu and launch. The virtual week. You must use a wii. Controller to perform.

These actions launch the virtual. We me channel. If the exploit was successful you will have entered the hackmii installer wait 30 seconds and press 1 when prompted go through the props on the screen to install the homebrew channel to the virtual weak go through the prompts to get back to virtual weed. If successful you will see the homebrew launcher on the virtual weed main menu turn off your wii u power back on and launch homebrew launcher from your wii u main menu launch what packs press b when prompted to restore the mii channel go through the prompts to get back to v.

We launched. The homebrew channel on v. We launched d2x cios and stalin set. The options on the top of the screen to match the following d2x v10.

Beta 52 b. We for the cios. The cios base will be 56. And the cios slot will be 249 press.

A to install wait for it to complete then press a to continue set the next options on the top of the screen to match the following d2x v10 beta. 52 and v. We the cios base will be 57. The cios slot will be 250 press a to install wait for the install to complete.

Then press a to continue set the next options on the top of the screen to match the following d2x v10. Beta 52. B. We.

See ios base is 58. Cios. Slot. Is 251 press.

A to install wait for the install to complete then press b to exit from the homebrew channel on v. We launched patched ios 80 installer for the virtual. We d read the warning then wait 30 seconds for it to allow you to continue press a to install this should be very quick when it has completed press any button to return to the homebrew channel. Your ve is now fully modded.

Some warnings to get out of the way ensure any lad files channels. Forwarders games. Etc. You install are formatted to work properly with the virtual.

We first if you install a lad formatted for a regular week console you will brick your virtual weave. Which will require a v. We nand backup to restore installing custom themes on b. We will break your v.

We removing lad files manually without knowing what you are doing will brick your v. We or virtual week. Installing preloader will brick your v. We now those warnings are out of the way let s set up your virtual week to play wii and gamecube games.

Plus emulators and your virtual. We homebrew launcher loaded. Yet another lad manager press. A to continue do you want to load another ios select.

No go down to the lads folder. Select usb loader gx press. A on install then go through the rest of the list and install the other wod files..


The same exact way now going back to the main virtual. We menu you can access usb loader. Gx and emulators from the menu. You will need to put the emulator rom files in the rom folders on your sd card to play the retro games.

Usb loader is the front end for choosing wii and gamecube games. I will now show you how to set up your hard drive for wii and gamecube games to be used in usb loader. If you already made a wii and gamecube hard drive following my wii tutorial then you don t need to do this again. It is plug and play from the previous.

We tutorial. Only problem is the wii u. Will ask you to format it every time it is plugged in so you have to plug it in while inside the virtual wii console. I show a trick to get the wii u to stop trying to format.

The drive coming up. Though to access usb loader. Gx. For your wii and gamecube games.

Directly. In the wii u. Menu. Instead of having to load into the virtual weed to access.

It we will go into homebrew channel on the wii u. Main menu then launch web installer gx to choose u lg. X. Launcher and installed make sure to choose nand for where to install once finished usb loader gx is accessible from the main wii u.

Menu. Now time to set up your hard drive for wii and gamecube games. Now we need to do the same thing to your external hard drive. I plug in the external hard drive.

I look and make sure what it is it is labeled h. So here. I have h and then i m going to label it 2 terabytes underscore we you can label it whatever you want i make sure that this window is closed. So it won t give me any errors hit ok finished.

I m gonna check the properties and make sure it s fat32 and fat32 now to give you some info on wii game files. There are two types iso and wb fs in every instance you should go with wb fs as it will save you time and space on your hard drive here s an example. I have two files of the exact same game in iso and w. Bfs format.

The iso is four point three seven gigabytes and wb fs is only 54 megabytes. This is a huge difference in space the program to manage your wii game files as we backup manager so download it from the link in the video description then extract the folder anywhere and launch the application 64. Bit preferably here. I am checking to see what letter.

My we external hard drive is it is h so i go to the we backup manager and for disc one i choose h if there s no wb fs folder. Allow backup manager to do it for you next. I ll come over to the file and hit add to choose the game to be transferred. If you have a whole folder of games you can choose the folder to transfer.

But in this case. I m just transferring a single game and i m choosing the iso file to show you in case. You have iso files next. I ll show how to transfer wb fs.

They are both exactly the same go up to transfer after checking the box and transfer to drive one and here s the file transferred to the we external hard drive you can rename it to whatever you want just make sure that the letters and numbers and the little brackets. There stay there here. I ll show you how to transfer the wb fs once again go to file add i choose the file. I want to add for drive one.

I m gonna make that h. Because that s what my we external hard drive is yours will probably be different. I check the box. And then transfer to drive one and it was pretty much almost instant because it s only 54 megabytes now i check my external hard drive.

And there it is an unfortunate limitation to fat32 format is you can t have files larger than four gigabytes on the hard drive some wii games are larger than that here is a xenoblade chronicles at six point three gigabytes. I ll show you how to transfer games. Larger than four gigabytes right now go to options and then settings and we backup manager then fat32 slash ntfs come down to wb fs split style and put that on auto. Then hit ok.

Now add a file or a folder depending on how many games. You have pigs. Anna blake articles..


I choose that i then choose jus drive. One which is gonna be this time. I i ll go back to the file choose it and then transfer to drive one once. It is finished.

This is how the file type looks. It makes the first one dot w. Bfs. And the second one w.

Bf. Want put up your external hard drive for gamecube games. So i m going to create a new folder called games on the root of your external wheat hard drive and inside games for my example. I m going to use metroid prime.

So i m going to create another folder called metroid prime and all the game view games are in iso. Format but the. Biggest they are is like 125. Gigabytes so it s not a big deal an inside of metroid prime.

I m going to drag and drop my ax metroid prime iso file once that is in there every single gamecube game every single iso file has to be renamed game so it ll be game dot iso okay it will not work unless. It is named game though in the root. You should have games and wb fs. Here s how it should be set up with gamecube games that are two discs or more i ll choose resident evil.

0. The first disc should be named game and the second disc should be named disc 2. Once you have your hard drive setup for virtual weave we can make it invisible to your wii u. So it doesn t ask you to format the drive every time your console starts up download.

You stealth from the video description. Make sure your we hard. Drive is connected to your pc launch you stealth. Find the we drive you want to make hidden and double click.

It it is now hidden to the wii u to make it unhidden again just double click it you can now plug it in using your dual usb cable. We talked about earlier. I put the main cable in the top usb port and the attached part in the bottom usb port. So here.

I launched usb loader gx and we see warmth battle islands and metroid prime. The wii game and gamecube game. We added earlier in the tutorial xenoblade as i recorded this before i editing see no blade as you can tell there is no cover art for the games. This is a simple fix all we have to do is make sure we are connected to the internet and click on the note image.

Cover art and click ok. It will find the amount of missing images and hit yes. There will be a long pause before it starts. But it will download all the images and for some reason the wii games will disappear all you have to do is restart the wii for them to show up with the cover art time to show how to copy discs starting with wii games.

This is the metroid prime trilogy make sure usb loader gx is loaded up on the wii. And insert the disc follow the prompts on the screen to install the disc. A gamecube game is the same insert the disc follow the prompts and select main path to get the cover art. Do the same steps.

We did earlier by clicking on the no image cover art to download it once you are finished time to enjoy the wii and gamecube library all from a single hard drive with very aesthetically pleasing user interface time to show how to install wii u games to a separate hard drive starting off with wii u. Usb. Helper. If you want to download directly from a disc use the app disc 2 app to download the disc game files to your sd card and then install those files using a wap installer gx 2 disc 2 app is in the homebrew channel on your wii u download usb helper from the link in the video description install the program choose where you want to save the wii u game files.

I just chose the folder on my desktop paste a title key site link into the space link in the video description once we you usb. Helper launches. You can choose the filter to show only wii u. Games.

Now i am searching for bayonetta 2. Because i have a disk copy of the game highlight the game and choose the add button next choose the start downloading button next. We will find bayonetta. 2 folder that was downloaded drag and drop the folder into the install folder on your sd card plug your sd card back into your wii u launch whoop install our gx 2 from the homebrew channel choose the game folder and install make sure to choose usb the game is now accessible from the wii u.

Main menu you are now done you should now be able to install wii u wii and gamecube games easily along with emulators your wii u is fully modded this guy took a lot of time and effort to complete show your thanks by liking and subbing to the channel. If you are feeling extra. Generous send me a donation to my paypal link in the video description thanks for watching and stay tuned for more guides. ” .


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